"You hear about that warehouse fire a few days back?"
"That Chinese place?"
"Yeah, it turns out it was full of illegal immigrants and a shit ton of heroin."
Brett Mahoney and Foggy Nelson[src]

Madame Gao's Warehouse was the production site of the Steel Serpent Heroin in New York City, and Madame Gao's base of operations.


Heroin Production

Madame Gao returned to the warehouse that served as headquarters of her operations in New York City in order to overse the production of the Steel Serpent heroin by the blind workers he had inside. Gao went across the production area, witnessing how the heroin packagings were marked with the red symbol of the Steel Serpent.[1]

Infiltration into Madame Gao's Warehouse

Madame Gao oversaw the production of the Steel Serpent heroin as usual while her blind workers prepared packages of heroin and put them in backpacks to be distributed across the city.

Meanwhile, the guard at the gate played a video game until he heard a noise outside. He grabbed his gun and prepared, but he heard the rhythmic knocking that served as password and opened the door. Upon exiting, he was ambushed by the man in the mask, who easily knocked him out and entered inside the warehouse, locking the door behind him.

The masked man silently attacked the guards, disabling them one by one, and then wandered through the production area of the warehouse. The masked man was able to perceive multiple blind men and women working with the drugs.

Madame Gao discovered him from the upper floor, and quickly ordered the blind workers to surround the masked man. He did not attack any of them, instead trying to make them understand that he was there to help them. However, they did not listen to him, and they surrounded the masked man, overwhelming him.

Madame Gao tried to escape, guarded by two men, but she was ambushed by the masked man, who had escaped from the blind workers and easily defeated Gao's bodyguards. However, one of the bodyguards shot to a highly flammable substance, and a fire was started that quickly spread across the warehouse.

The masked man confronted Gao, accusing her of having taken the eyes of her workers, but she explained that they had blinded themselves because they have faith, in something she cryptically described as being beyond the distractions of his world and as the masked man had taken that from them, they had nothing now.

The masked man approached Gao, ordering to tell him everything she knew about Wilson Fisk, but Gao hit him with the palm of her hand, sending the masked man across the room with a single hit, and disappearing afterwards.

The warehouse began to collapse, and the blind workers did not know where to go or how to escape. The masked man restrained one of the guards and used his gun to shoot at the pipes above the warehouse, so that water could began to fall over the fires. The masked man then ordered the guard to get the workers out of the building, and he followed the order, while the man in the mask escaped and climbed to a nearby rooftop.[2]

Police Investigation

The New York City Police Department arrived to the warehouse being alerted by the fire inside. Officers proceeded to investigate inside, only to discover that it was full of illegal Chinese immigrants and heroin.[3]


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