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"It's an ancient relic, the Macchina di Kadavus. Trapped your corrupted spell inside, and once I finish a proper ritual, it'll reverse the spell and send these guys back to their universes."
Doctor Strange[src]

The Macchina di Kadavus[2] was an ancient relic owned by the Masters of the Mystic Arts that had the power to contain spells and unleash them with the push of a button. In 2024, the Macchina di Kadavus was used by Doctor Strange to contain a corrupted Runes of Kof-Kol spell that sparked a rift in the Multiverse, unleashing several foes of Spider-Man from alternate realities. During the battle on the Statue of Liberty, the Macchina was destroyed by Green Goblin with a Pumpkin Bomb.


Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis

Containing the Spell

In November 2024, Doctor Strange placed the unstable Runes of Kof-Kol spell inside of the Macchina and stored it within the New York Sanctum.[1]

Battle for the Macchina di Kadavus

"Parker, don't you realize that in the Multiverse, there are an infinite number of people who know Peter Parker is Spider-Man? And if that spell gets loose, they're all coming here!"
"Look, I know, I get it. But we can't just send them home to die."
"It's their fate. You can't change that anymore than you can change who they are."
Doctor Strange and Spider-Man[src]
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Later, Doctor Strange came to the New York Sanctum's undercroft with the Macchina and prepared to conjure the spell again. However, Peter Parker, who had decided to help cure the universe-displaced people and prevent their death in their universe, used his Web-Shooters to take hold of the Macchina.

Doctor Strange levitating the box

Spider-Man then ran out of the Sanctum, but was stopped by Strange, who caught him using his Sling Ring to conjure Inter-Dimensional Portals. Strange then sent Spider-Man into the Astral Dimension, but his Spider-Sense prevented Strange from taking the Macchina. Strange then opened up the Mirror Dimension and sent his Cloak of Levitation to retrieve the Macchina. Spider-Man fell through the Dimension with the Macchina, landing in Central Park and when Strange opened a portal allowing a train to come through, Spider-Man was temporarily separated from the Macchina, although he managed to get it back. The Cloak grabbed the Macchina and Strange sent Spider-Man and the Cloak in endless portals, until Spider-Man caused the portals to collide, shattering the Dimension. This action transported them to the Grand Canyon and caused the Macchina to fall. Strange managed to retrieve it, only for Spider-Man to web him up, take the Macchina and Sling Ring, and leave through a portal.

Parker returned to the Sanctum's undercroft and handed Michelle Jones the Macchina to watch over. He told her if he hadn't returned at a certain time to press the button it to activate the spell.[1]


"MJ, please just take this? Please?"
"...Fine. But Peter, I swear if I don't hear from you, I'm pressing the button. Okay? And I will do it!"
"Yeah, we all believe you, Michelle."
Spider-Man, Michelle Jones and Electro[src]

Jones took the Macchina to Ned Leeds' house and set it on the kitchen table. After waiting to hear from Parker, Jones told Leeds she would go ahead and press the button. However, she opted not too, upon seeing that Leeds had conjured up magic with Strange's Sling Ring. When Leeds opened up Inter-Dimensional Portals, they were met by two Spider-Man variants. Jones told Leeds not to tell them about the Macchina.

Later, Jones brought the Macchina to Midtown School of Science and Technology. She placed it in one of the laboratory rooms as Parker and his variants concocted cures for the universe-displaced.

Battle at Liberty Island

"Okay, so, now, all we gotta do is lure these guys someplace, right? Try to cure them, while they try to... kill us, and then send them home."
"Using a magic box."
"Well, that's the plan."
Spider-Man, Spider-Man and Spider-Man[src]

When Parker and his variants arrived at the Statue of Liberty, Electro, Lizard and Sandman arrived and demanded the Macchina. Parker gave it back to Leeds and Jones, however, Leeds could not close the portal fast enough and the Lizard attacked them at Midtown for the Macchina. They were forced to come to the Statue and Jones ran with the Macchina, until Leeds opened up another portal that Strange walked through.

Macchina di Kadavus shortly before the explosion, with a pumpkin bomb planted

Strange then took possession of the Macchina. Before Strange could open the Macchina, the Green Goblin arrived and attacked them. This allowed him to steal the Macchina and place one of his Pumpkin Bombs inside of it. When Strange used an Eldritch Whip to retrieve it back, the bomb detonated and the Macchina exploded, releasing the unstable spell.[1]


The Macchina di Kadavus was able to hold many Magic spells, including the Runes of Kof-Kol, although it was constructed of a material that could not survive an explosion.[1]


  • In the comics, the Crystal of Kadavus is an enchanted skull-shaped crystal that Xandu had tried to steal from Doctor Strange via enthralled Spider-Man.


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