"Relax. This is not on you. It's on our little spider friend. I've got some boys on the outside who would love to meet him."
―Mac Gargan to Adrian Toomes[src]

MacDonald "Mac" Gargan is a professional criminal and one of Adrian Toomes' potential buyers. In the wake of an encounter with Spider-Man, Gargan was arrested by the FBI and vowed revenge, seeking out new allies to help him kill Spider-Man.


Buying Weapons

Deal with Aaron Davis

"Yeah, this crazy dude I used to work with, he's supposed to be doing a deal with him."
Aaron Davis to Spider-Man[src]

During his criminal lifestyle, Gargan came into conflict with the CIA and NSA and piled up an extensive criminal record, which included homicide. During this period, Gargan briefly worked along with Aaron Davis, although Davis claimed that Gargan was crazy and had ceased working with him sometime before 2016. However, Davis still kept tabs onto Gargan, as he knew that Gargan would be entering a new deal with Vulture on the Staten Island Ferry to buy their new Chitauri and Ultron based weapons from some of the Vulture's crew in secret.[1]

Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry

"Who's the guy on the left?"
"Mac Gargan, extensive criminal record, including homicide. Would you like me to activate instant kill?"
Spider-Man and Karen[src]

Gargan makes a new deal with the Shocker

Gargan met Herman Schultz onboard the Staten Island Ferry in order to purchase alien technology from Adrian Toomes' Crew which he would then use for his own criminal plans. While Gargan was given information from Schultz about where to collect the weapons, he was unknowingly scanned by the Spider-Drone which then relayed all the information on Gargan's history to Spider-Man who was watching the entire transaction from the rooftop of the ferry.

SMH EW Scorpion

Gargan is knocked overboard by Spider-Man

While Gargan sent one of his own men to meet with Randy Vale and check over the Chitauri and Ultron-based weapons, Schultz handed over the keys to the van for Gargan to take it away. However before Gargan could take the keys, Spider-Man used his Web-Shooters to snatch them away. Spider-Man attacked all the criminals while the surprised Gargan put up a fight, but was knocked off the edge of the ferry by Spider-Man who then used his webs to catch him mid-air and leave him just barely holding onto the ferry's edge.


Gargan is knocked overboard by the Vulture

While the Shocker was also webbed up, Spider-Man so subdued all of Gargan's allies. Despite holding on for dear life, Gargan has later knocked off the ferry when Adrian Toomes attacked while wearing his Exo-Suit and smashed into a car that lurched forwards into him, plunging Gargan into the water. He soon recovered, albeit earning several scars on the left side of his face, and arrested by the FBI who had set up a sting operation on the ferry.[1]

Revenge on Spider-Man

SMH Mac Gargan in prison

Gargan is reunited with Adrian Toomes

"I've heard a rumor... you know who he is."
"If I knew who he was, he'd already be dead."
―Mac Gargan and Adrian Toomes[src]

Having been successfully apprehended by the FBI in the aftermath of the Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry, Gargan was then taken to jail. While walking along the corridors of the prison, Gargan smiled as he approached Adrian Toomes, who was also recently defeated by Spider-Man. Noting his surprise over being imprisoned together, Gargan assured Toomes that the result of their fight with Spider-Man was not his fault.

Mac Gargan damaged face

Gargan asks about Spider-Man's true identity

Gargan informed Toomes that he blamed Spider-Man for his injuries and that he had some friends on the outside who had come across Spider-Man and wanted their revenge. Gargan said that he heard a rumor Toomes knows who Spider-Man is. Toomes lied to Gargan saying if he knew who Spider-Man is, he would already be dead. A disappointed Gargan seemed to accept this before leaving Toomes to talk to his wife and daughter, as Gargan watched him leave.[2]


"Take a picture. Slice his throat. Put his head in the dryer."
―Mac Gargan to Adrian Toomes[src]

Gargan is a sadistic and dangerous criminal, having been convicted of multiple homicides. His former partner Aaron Davis described him as "crazy", which was the main reason Davis stopped working with him. Gargan is shown to hold a grudge, instantly plotting to kill Spider-Man for his involvement in his imprisonment.


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  • In the comics, Mac Gargan was a private investigator hired by J. Jonah Jameson to learn how Peter Parker managed to get such sensational photos of Spider-Man. Gargan later agreed to become the subject in an experiment which granted him superhuman powers similar to Spider-Man, although it also drove him insane, and became the criminal known as Scorpion. Gargan would later be bonded with the symbiote, becoming the third incarnation of Venom.
  • Gargan has a scorpion tattoo on his neck, referencing his comic book counterpart. This is also similar to his Ultimate Marvel counterpart who also had a scorpion tattoo on his neck to reference his mainstream counterpart.

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