"It's too late for me. They say when the Rider burns you, he burns your soul. And a soul can never heal."
―M. Scott to Quake[src]

M. Scott was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Having just participated in the theft of a mysterious box containing Lucy Bauer, Scott was hunted down by Ghost Rider and, having been burned during the battle, was rushed to hospital. While there he confessed his sins to Quake before he bled to death.


Burnt by Ghost Rider

"Help, he got me, he'll kill us all."
―M. Scott to Quake[src]
Aryan 2

Scott and R. Moore prepare to face Ghost Rider

Scott and his Aryan Brotherhood crew members were hired by the Watchdogs to steal a box from the Momentum Labs facility in Pasadena. Despite their racist ideology, the Brotherhood agreed to work for the Chinatown Crew in exchange for a lot of money. They stole the box and loaded it onto a large truck which they parked in a warehouse, leaving it there. However, Ghost Rider started chasing them to punish them for their crimes and eventually caught up with them.


Scott tells Quake that he is going to die

At the same time, they were also attacked by Quake who was tracing the sale of a weapon to the Watchdogs, who also hired the Aryan Brotherhood. Clearly unnerved by his situation, Scott saw some movement and began firing into a nearby shop until his machine gun ran out of ammunition. At this moment, Quake got the drop on them and defeated Scott in hand to hand combat, but to her surprise, Scott begged her to help them before collapsing from his wounds as blood poured out of his chest from his earlier wound. While his friends were murdered by the Rider, Scott was found and rushed to a hospital to recover.


Scott bleeds out from Ghost Rider's wound

Quake broke into the hospital to question the surviving gang member about what happened the previous night. He asked her to save the skinhead as the Ghost Rider hunting them had taken him hostage before Scott had been burned and D. Anderson and R. Moore had been murdered as well. He told Quake that Ghost Rider burned his soul that would never heal. With no hope of escaping the curse of Ghost Rider, the thug got out of his hospital bed, taking his life by opening the wound and bleeding to death.[1]






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