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The M-Ships are a class of ships, most notably used by the Ravagers for their criminal activities. Being exceptionally versatile, M-ships serve as capable dogfighters and transport ships, whilst also being very maneuverable, fast, and agile despite what their sizable profile would suggest. For these reasons the M-ship is a very favored and recognizable mainstay of the Ravager fleet.


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The Intergalactic Pirates known as Ravagers used M-ships for scouting, dogfighting, light transportation, and criminal activities.

Yondu Udonta used an M-ship to abduct Peter Quill from Earth.

Peter Quill used an M-Ship called the Milano to start his career as a Ravager.

Rocket Raccoon used an M-ship called the Warbird to assist in the Battle of Xandar.[1]

Battle of Xandar

During the Battle of Xandar, Yondu's Ravager clan fought alongside the Peter Quill's group and the Nova Corps against Ronan the Accuser, using their fleet of M-ships to great effect against the numerous Necrocraft. Originally it was planned for Yondu to use his M-ship to enter through a hole to board Ronan's warship, Dark Aster, together with the Milano. However, while approaching to the Dark Aster, Yondu's ship was critically damaged by a Necrocraft, causing him to lose altitude and crash on Xandar's surface.

Meanwhile, Rocket, Kraglin Obfonteri, Horuz and other Ravager pilots used their M-ships to protect the city from dive-bombing Necrocrafts while the Nova Corps was preoccupied with preventing the Dark Aster from making landfall on the planet. Eventually a number of Necrocraft managed to overwhelm and destroy some of the defending M-ships, with Horuz and his co-pilot being killed among them.

Nebula jumped off the Dark Aster onto one of the M-ships and punched through the windshield, throwing the pilot out of the ship to escape the battle.[1]

Design and Capabilities

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Known M-Ships


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