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"You tell any fool dumb enough to put my name on a package that I'm comin'."
Luke Cage[src]

Luke Cage is a variety of heroin that was pushed onto the streets by Arturo Rey III in order to take advantage of Luke Cage's fame.


Arturo Rey III managed to establish production of heroin in Harlem after Domingo Colon's death. Rey decided to put Luke Cage's name on new variety of heroin to take advantage of his name. Several people who used "Luke Cage" died. Cage was understandably upset at drugs being sold with his name on it, and started a personal crusade to take down the drug trade. He raided several buildings, and marked them all off on a map at Pop's Barber Shop as he tried to find the source, which he knew only as El Rey, or El Tecero.[1]


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