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  • Pop refers to Cage with many nicknames, including "Power Man". In the comics, this was the superhero alias of Cage for many years.
  • When Pop asked Cage where he came from, Cage first answer was Chicago, before he admitted that he was from Savannah. In the comics, Cage moved to Chicago for a while to escape from his past criminal records.
  • In Moment of Truth, Cage says that he doesn't curse and he has no needs of Pop's Swear Jar. Cage has also the habit of not using profanities in the comics, usually replacing them with nonsensical words like "Sweet Christmas" or "Fiddle-Faddle".
  • In Moment of Truth, Cage helps Candace Miller carrying a bottle of Ace of Spades to Cottonmouth in Harlem's Paradise. In the comics, "Ace of Spades" was one of the many aliases of Cage.

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  • In the series, Shades birth name is "Hernan Alvarez". While his comic-book counterpart didn't have any official name revealed, he had a son named Victor Hernan Alvarez from a woman he married before he was sent to Seagate Prison.


  • The Hammer Industries Power Suit worn by Stryker by the end of Soliloquy of Chaos closely resemble his common outfit in the comics.
  • While in the comics Diamondback uses a set of explosive knives to kill his adversaries, these are replaced in the series by the Judas Bullets.


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