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"I've never seen a dive bar this clean. Because you care about it. More than anything. Maybe anyone. There's history here. Memories. Something personal, but private."
Jessica Jones to Luke Cage[src]

Luke's was a bar owned by Luke Cage in New York City.


A Married Lover

One evening Luke Cage left his bar with Gina, a married woman he had been seeing.[1]

Ladies Night

Luke Cage invites Jessica Jones in for a drink

As Luke Cage took the trash out one night, he came across Jessica Jones looking through the bar's window and invited her inside, claiming he would make it ladies night if she agreed. Jones came inside and drank until all the guests and Roy Healy had left; Cage and Jones both avoided questions about their personal lives, although Cage learned that Jones was a private investigator. They both flirted with each other and Jones worked out that the bar was special to Cage.

When Cage asked Jones what she wanted, it did not take long until they were both upstairs in his apartment having sex. Due to his great strength, Cage felt the need to apologize when he feared he had hurt Jones, but she pushed him to continue. Once they were finished, they both lay silently on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. Jones got up and went into Cage's bathroom for a while; when she returned, she hastily put on her clothes and left while Cage sat on the edge of the bed, only telling him that she was sorry without explaining why.[1]

Exposing Lies

Two police officers came into Luke's to speak to Luke Cage; they revealed photographs taken by Jessica Jones and asked him about her, as she was being investigated about a homicide case. Once they had gone, Jones arrived and tried to explain herself to the angered Cage, claiming she had been hired by the suspicious husband of Gina. Jones admitted that she should not have slept with him and Cage told her to leave.[2]

Luke Cage speaks to and breaks up with Gina

Cage was later visited by Gina who tried to flirt and have sex with him once again, but Cage refused as he did not wish to get involved with liars. She argued that she had never had a chance to lie to him but Cage explained he did not get involved with married women either. Gina claimed that her husband did not care and their marriage was basically over, but Cage informed her that her husband had hired Jones to investigate her affair. Although Gina claimed she did not believe him Cage told her to go home and ask her husband herself, which she did as she left Luke's in a hurry to return home.

Luke Cage is attacked by Andre

Gina's husband Andre came into Luke's that night to confront Cage, bringing a group from his rugby teammates to attack him. While Cage fought them off, he was joined by Jessica Jones who had come to help. Cage witnessed Jones throw men twice her size across the bar with ease, while Cage soon knocked out all the men. When Andre tried to stab Cage in the neck, his unbreakable skin saved him and he ordered Andre to return home.

Jessica Jones asks Luke Cage about drugs

While cleaning up Luke's, Cage was visited by Jessica Jones who apologized for leaving the night before, although Cage admitted he perhaps should not have mentioned his dead wife. Jones asked if Cage knew any drug dealers and he jokingly asked that as he owned a bar in Hell's Kitchen what did she think, Jones revealed that she needed a specific drug used to knock people out for surgery which she needed for questionable reasons, but Cage admitted that he could not help there.[2]

Under Control of Kilgrave

Luke Cage followed Jessica Jones to a restaurant. However, to his shock, instead of seeing Jones leaving, he spotted Kilgrave running out with Albert Thompson. Enraged at seeing the man who had ordered his wife's murder, Cage charged at Kilgrave intending to beat him to death. Kilgrave, however, spotted him just in time to order him to stop before asking who he was; Cage revealed his name and that he had come to kill him, confusing Kilgrave.

Kilgrave ordered Cage into his car where he tried to convince Cage that he was not the one to blame for Reva Connors' death, arguing that he could not allow her to go free after learning his origins and getting the video footage from her. When Kilgrave asked how Cage knew Jones, he admitted they had been lovers; Kilgrave rudely compared it to a pity shag, but Cage made it clear they had had something special. Kilgrave demanded to know if Cage was responsible for ruining his chances of having a relationship with Jones, but Cage insisted that it was Kilgrave's fault alone that Jones now despised him.[3]

The Destruction

Luke Cage forced by Kilgrave to destroy Luke's

In an attempt to horrify Jessica Jones, Kilgrave ordered Luke Cage to return to Luke's and blow it up as soon as Jones arrived. Cage did as instructed; despite desiring to stop, he was unable to break free of Kilgrave's power. As soon as Jones came into view, Cage set the gasoline alight and his bar exploded. However, due to his unbreakable skin, he was able to walk out safely, despite much of his body being aflame. Jones ran to his aid and managed to put the flames out. When the police arrived, the pair hid and Jones asked exactly what Kilgrave had told him to do. Cage informed her what had happened and confirmed he had not been ordered to die.[3]


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Behind the Scenes

  • The scenes set in Luke's were filmed in "Vazac's," also known as the "Horseshoe Bar," a bar in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.


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