"Anyone seen any ugly brown van out there?"
"Yes, but you're not gonna like where it's parked."
Captain America and Valkyrie[src]

Luis' Van was a 1972 Ford Ecoline that he uses for criminal activities. It was later outfitted with a Quantum Tunnel that allowed entry into the Quantum Realm.


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Picking Up Scott Lang

"Yeah, my mom died too. And my dad got deported. But I got the van!"
Luis to Scott Lang[src]
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Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters

While Dave and Kurt celebrated their distraction of the police, they accidentally pressed their van's "La Cucaracha" horn, which Bill Paxton recognized. While they attempted to hide so Kurt could finish his hack, they were soon pulled from the van and were nearly handcuffed. They managed to escape when explosions and gunfire were heard which distracted the police, allowing Dave and Kurt to pick up Luis and escape.

Duel at Maggie Lang's House

When they heard that Scott Lang was fighting Darren Cross at his ex-wife's home and his young daughter Cassie Lang was now in danger, Dave drove the team to the location, intending to help as best they could. When they arrived, however, they discovered the house was surrounded by police; not wishing to be arrested, Dave drove the car backwards and made an awkward retreat.[1]

Forming X-Con Security Consultants

After Scott Lang, Luis, Dave and Kurt formed X-Con Security Consultants, Luis' van was rebranded as their company car.[2]

Chase for Mobile Laboratory

In 2018, Luis drove his van to rendezvous with Ant-Man, Wasp and Hank Pym at the Mobile Laboratory. Upon meeting, Luis made an awkward greeting while in the driver's seat.[2]

Luis' van was later used to help smuggle the van Dyne family, including a successfully rescued Janet van Dyne, to safety.[2]


Months later, the back of Luis' van was used to house a Quantum Tunnel, which Lang used to travel to the Quantum Realm to collect quantum energy to cure Ghost. But before the Pym family could pull him back, they were killed off by Thanos' Decimation, leaving Lang trapped in the Quantum Realm and Luis' van unattended.[2]


"That's not our only time machine."
Five years later, the van was put into storage believing that Scott Lang was also a victim of the Decimation. One day a rat managed to get into the van and walked over the control pad for the Quantum Tunnel, activating it and freeing Lang. He later used the van to travel from San Francisco all the way to the New Avengers Facility in New York. The van was later destroyed by Thanos.



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