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"Anyone seen an ugly brown van out there?"
"Yes, but you're not gonna like where it's parked."
Captain America and Valkyrie[src]

Luis' Van was a 1972 Ford Ecoline that he used for criminal activities. In 2018, it was outfitted with a Quantum Tunnel that allowed entry into the Quantum Realm. After the Snap, the van was brought to the Avengers Compound and was destroyed during the Battle of Earth.


Picking Up Scott Lang

"Yeah, my mom died too. And my dad got deported. But I got the van!"
Luis to Scott Lang[src]

Luis welcoming Scott Lang outside his van

In 2015, Luis arrived with his van at the San Quentin State Prison to pick up his old cellmate and friend Scott Lang, after he was released. As they drove to The Milgrom Hotel in San Francisco, Luis explained that his girlfriend dumped him, mother died, and father was deported, much to Lang's shock.[2]

Scott Lang's Visit

Scott Lang borrows Luis' van

After getting situated, Scott Lang borrowed Luis' van and went to visit his daughter at his ex-wife's house.[2]

Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters

Luis' van by Pym Technologies Headquarters

"I know that van."
Jim Paxton[src]

Dave and Kurt Goreshter waited in Luis' van outside the Pym Technologies Headquarters, with Dave in the driver's seat and Kurt hacking the system. After Dave had distracted the police, he and Kurt celebrated their distraction of the police, but accidentally pressed the van's "La Cucaracha" horn. Jim Paxton recognized the horn and he and Gale then found them. While they attempted to hide so Kurt could finish his hack, they were soon pulled from the back of the van and were nearly handcuffed. Dave and Kurt managed to escape when explosions and gunfire were heard which distracted the police, allowing them to pick up Luis and escape.[2]

Duel at Maggie Lang's House

Dave, Kurt Goreshter, and Luis in Luis' van

Dave drove Luis and Kurt Goreshter to Lang's ex-wife house, intending to help as best they could. When they arrived, however, they discovered the house was surrounded by police; not wishing to be arrested, Dave drove the van backwards and made an awkward retreat.[2]

Forming X-Con Security Consultants

In 2018, Scott Lang, Luis, Dave, and Kurt formed X-Con Security Consultants, and Luis' van was rebranded with their company logo.[3]

Chase for the Mobile Laboratory

Luis arrives to assist Ant-Man and Wasp

Luis drove his van to rendezvous with Scott Lang, Hope van Dyne, and Hank Pym at the Mobile Laboratory. Upon arriving, Luis made an awkward greeting while in the driver's seat. Also, Luis used his van to smuggle Lang and the Pym family, including a rescued Janet van Dyne, to safety.[3]


Luis' van is used to hold the Quantum Tunnel

Later, Scott Lang commandeered Luis' van and drove to a parking lot on top of a building, so the Pym family could use the back of the van to house a newer, smaller Quantum Tunnel, which Lang used to travel to the Quantum Realm to collect quantum energy. However, after the Snap, Luis' van was left unattended.[3]


Luis' van inside of the storage warehouse

"Time travel test number one. Scott, fire up the, uhh... The van thing."
Bruce Banner to Scott Lang[src]

The San Francisco authorities retrieved the van and placed it in a storage warehouse. Five years later, a rat accidentally activated the quantum tunnel's control panel, freeing Lang from the quantum realm. After Lang discovered how long he had been away and what had happened, he pulled Luis' van out of storage and drove to the Avengers Compound where he met Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff and revealed his plan to use the Quantum Tunnel as a time machine so they could find alternate versions of the Infinity Stones. The van was placed in the facility’s hangar.

Luis' van at the Avengers Compound

When Bruce Banner was recruited, he, Lang, Rogers, and Romanoff tried to use the Quantum Tunnel in the van to time travel but, rather than pushing Lang through time, they wound up pushing time through Lang, causing him to shift through various ages. The van was abandoned in the hangar once Tony Stark arrived.[1]

Battle of Earth

Ant-Man and Wasp inside of Luis' van

"We need to get them back where they came from."
"No way to get them back. Thanos destroyed the Quantum Tunnel."
"Hold on. That wasn't our only time machine."
Hulk, Iron Man and Ant-Man[src]

Following the Blip, an alternate Thanos arrived in the main universe and used the Sanctuary II to destroy the Avengers Compound. Luis' van survived the attack, but was left totaled, and on Thanos' side during the battle.

Ant-Man hotwires the Quantum Tunnel

Shrinking down, Ant-Man and Wasp entered Luis' van and jump started the Quantum Tunnel. After securing the Nano Gauntlet, Captain Marvel flew towards Luis' van, only for Thanos to throw his sword at the Quantum Tunnel at the back of the van. This caused the tunnel to explode, releasing bursts of quantum energy and destroying the van.[1]



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