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"We're the good guys, right?"
"Yeah, we're the good guys."
"Feels kind of weird, you know?"
―Luis and Ant-Man[src]

Luis is the best friend and former cellmate of Scott Lang, who assisted Lang after he became Ant-Man. By 2018, Luis and his colleagues dropped their criminal careers and started a company called X-Con Security Consultants, allowing them to have a job despite their criminal records. During that time, Luis assisted Ant-Man and the Wasp into defending Hank Pym's mobile laboratory from Ghost.


Criminal Arrest

"Damn, homie, she dumped you while you were in lock-up?"
"Yeah, I know. I thought I was gonna be with her forever, but now, I'm all alone!"
"Damn, homie, you gotta chin up. 'Cause you'll find a new partner. But you know what? I'm Luis."
―Luis and Scott Lang[src]

Luis first meeting Scott Lang in prison

Luis was arrested for stealing two Smoothie machines and was sentenced to San Quentin State Prison. When he first met his cellmate Scott Lang, Luis noticed his divorce papers and expressed in shock how Lang's wife divorced him while he was in custody. Luis continued to cheer up Lang, assuring him that he would find a new partner before introducing himself. From then on, Luis and Lang became best friends.[2] Luis was released from prison in 2014. As a goodbye ritual, an inmate named Peachy fought him; Luis became the only one to knock Peachy out.[1]

Reunion with Scott Lang

Luis is reunited with Scott Lang

"How's your girl, man?"
"Oh, she left me."
"Yeah, my mom died, too. And my dad got deported. But I got the van!"
Scott Lang and Luis[src]

By 2015, Luis' girlfriend broke up with him, his mother died, and his father was deported; though he did keep his van. Later, Luis arrived at San Quentin State Prison to pick up Scott Lang who did his time and was recently released from the prison. Luis let Lang to stay at his apartment at The Milgrom Hotel, as Lang attempted to start a new life and work at Baskin-Robbins. Luis tried to convince Lang to participate in a heist he was planning with Dave and Kurt Goreshter. From multiple sources, Luis had found out that a large safe was in the basement of an old man who would be gone for a week. Initially, Lang decided against it, but after getting fired from Baskin-Robbins and the circumstances gave - considering the tension between him and his family, he agreed to do the job.[1]

Robbing Hank Pym

Luis being inform of Scott Lang participation

"Hey, if the job goes bad, you know I got your back, right?"
"Don't worry. It's not gonna happen."
―Luis and Scott Lang[src]

With Scott Lang having been fired from a job at Baskin-Robbins, he reluctantly agreed to assist the team in the heist. They had a meeting where they discussed the details of the plan to rob Hank Pym's home as Luis had received important information about the layout of the house, including the safe which potentially housed millions of dollars.

Luis speaking with Scott Lang during the heist

The heist went underway and Luis sat in the van with Dave and Kurt Goreshter while Scott Lang broke into the Pym Residence and looked for the safe. Lang continued to update the team as he found and destroyed the safe, only to find what appeared to be a strange Motorcycle Suit inside, realizing that the plan was a failure, Luis apologized and told Lang to return to the van. Disappointed, Lang made it back to the van with the suit and Dave drove them back to Luis' apartment.[1]

Unknowing Tester

Luis going to turn on the shower valve

"Luis, Luis, down here!"
Scott Lang to Luis[src]

Luis entered the apartment of Scott Lang as he was dressing for the first time in the Ant-Man Suit in the bathroom. Lang, standing in the bathtub to see himself better in the mirror, shrank by experimenting with the buttons that he found. Luis entered the bathroom and, not seeing his shrunken friend, turned on the faucet to the tub.[1]

Recruited by Hank Pym

Luis and his crew plan the heist for Hank Pym

"Are you sure they can handle this?"
"Oh we can handle it; we're professionals."
Hope van Dyne and Luis[src]

A few days after their initial heist, Luis, Dave and Kurt Goreshter were invited back to the Pym Residence for coffee. There they learned that Scott Lang had been working with Hank Pym and his daughter Hope van Dyne with the intention of breaking into Pym Technologies and stealing the weaponized Yellowjacket Suit from the insane CEO Darren Cross. Pym discussed their professionalism and chances of succeeding in their mission. Van Dyne questioned Luis' professionalism considering his previous arrest was due to stealing two smoothie machines.

Luis witnesses Scott Lang shrinking down

Shortly after their coffee, Lang stepped back into the room wearing the Ant-Man Suit they had once stolen. Everyone was initially impressed by the look of the suit, only to be subsequently puzzled when Lang demonstrated the suit's shrinking abilities. Luis soon panicked when Lang climbed onto his shoulder. The night before the heist, Luis and the rest of the team got together to finalize the details of the plan, which would have Luis posing as a security guard at Pym Technologies, although Pym continued to question the likelihood of them succeeding.[1]

Heist at PymTech

Luis confronts a security guard during the heist

"That's what I'm talking about! That's what I'd call a... an unfortunate casualty, in a very serious operation."

During the heist, Luis disguised himself as a security guard and knocked out the head of security to turn on the water to allow Lang's access. When a fight erupted between Lang, security, and HYDRA agents, Luis assisted Lang by knocking out some guards and then escaped with Dave and Kurt Goreshter. However, he did get the incapacitated head of security out of the building before he left, sparing him from the building's explosion.

Luis and his crew avoids getting arrested

They drove to Maggie Lang's house intending to help Lang, only to find it surrounded by the police. Worried they would be arrested, they slowly drove away from the house and the concurrent duel happening there.[1]

Falcon's Offer

" tell me, to tell you 'cause I'm tight with Ant-Man, that's he's looking for him?"
"And what? What'd he say?"
"He said yes!"
―Luis and Scott Lang[src]

Luis telling Scott Lang about Sam Wilson's offer

Months later[4], Luis went to an art gallery with Ignacio and word would spread that Sam Wilson was looking for Lang. Luis called Scott Lang and asked to meet with him. Despite Lang asking him to only give the details, Luis went through his long explanations as usual. While Lang seemed to be confused, he finally learned from Luis that Wilson was looking for him.[1]

Hiding the Ant-Man Suit

In 2016, Scott Lang shrunk the Ant-Man Suit down and mailed it to Luis for safekeeping. After Lang was placed under house arrest, he and Luis co-owned a house together.[2]

X-Con Security Consultants

In 2018, Luis, Scott Lang, Dave, and Kurt Goreshter created X-Con Security Consultants. Luis worked from Lang's house while Lang was under house arrest to keep Lang involved with the job.[2]

Lang's Playdate with Cassie

Luis talks with Scott Lang about work

Three days before Scott Lang's parole, he had his daughter over for a play-date. While Lang and Cassie were playing in a cardboard maze in her room, Luis was reviewing the security layout for Karapetyan's building on his laptop when Lang signaled him to operate the makeshift ant, Anton, in the maze, before returning to work. He then interrupted their treasure game to point out to Lang the multitude of security cameras in Karapetyan's buildings and expressed concern about losing Karapetyan as X-Con's client if they would overquote him.

Luis tells Scott Lang he's leaving

Shortly after Lang and Cassie rode the makeshift slide from her room to the backyard, Luis poked his head out the window to inform Lang that he was headed to X-Con Security Consultants Office. He further apologized for his earlier distress, but insisted he had already calmed himself.[2]

Assisting Scott Lang

Luis helping Hank Pym

"Wow, Dr. Pym, like, who would have thought that, once again, in your hour of need that you would turn to us."
"Not me."
―Luis and Hank Pym[src]

The next morning, Luis woke up to find a giant ant wearing Scott Lang's ankle monitor and assumed the giant insect was Lang. Later, Luis was approached by Lang, Hank Pym, Hope van Dyne and Lang who needed a hideout after Ghost stole the Mobile Laboratory. Luis hid them at the X-Con Security Consultants office, saying that there were rumors about someone who could phase through walls, which they saw at the restaurant. He then asked Pym if he placed a LoJack in the lab, which he confirmed but sadly the thief had disabled it. Pym and van Dyne then discuss finding a way to track the lab's radiation signature and they reluctantly decide to seek out Bill Foster, whom Pym had a falling out with years ago; Luis commented that Pym tends to frequently drive people away.

Luis tells Scott Lang the trophy is gone

Luis later received a call from Lang, instructing him to retrieve the original Ant-Man Suit from the World's Greatest Grandma trophy back at their house, only to find it missing. Lang soon realized his daughter borrowed it for show-and-tell at school; meanwhile, Luis was busy trying to stop the giant ant from eating a nearby plant.[2]

Interrogated by Sonny Burch

Luis is confronted by Sonny Burch

"It's a little concoction, that he's been perfecting since his days with the SIS. It makes you suggestible, and highly responsive."
"Dude, that's truth serum!"
"No, it's not!"
Sonny Burch, Luis, and Uzman[src]

At the X-Con Security Consultants office, Luis called Lang telling him that the FBI would be at his home in the morning to check around the house. Lang told him to go to his house, but before he could leave, he was confronted by Sonny Burch and his men, who had been tipped off by an informant in the FBI that they were associated of Lang. Burch tied up Luis, Dave, and Kurt and asked them where was Lang, which Luis wouldn't tell him. This caused Burch to use "truth serum" into Luis so that he could coerce the information out of him.

Luis, Dave, and Kurt Goreshter interrogated by Sonny Burch

Once injected, Luis told Burch how he and Lang met and about Lang and van Dyne's relationship. However, Luis finally revealed that they are hidden in the forest. In the process, he revealed to Kurt and Dave that their business is in debt and is at the brink of being shut down. An annoyed Burch then interrupted their drama and ordered Luis to answer his original question. Luis then admitted that he believed it was about where Lang was emotionally, so Burch rephased that he wanted to know Lang's literal whereabouts. As Luis easily responded that Lang was in the woods, all of a sudden, Ghost appeared, spooking both X-Con and Burch and his men. Luis quickly gave up Lang's precise location at her demand. As Burch and his men were distracted chasing Ghost out of the office, Luis, Kurt, and Dave managed to get free on their own and eavesdropped on Burch, who tipped off the FBI to Lang's location, as Ghost destroyed the tires on his SUV. Luis then proceeded to call Lang and warn him of the impending FBI raids on both his house and the Mobile Laboratory.[2]

Chase for the Mobile Laboratory

Luis arrives to help Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne

Luis then pulled up in his van to assist Scott Lang, Hope van Dyne, and Hank Pym. After Pym went inside the Mobile Laboratory, Luis came inside van Dyne's van and complimented her on her Wasp suit. Van Dyne then handed the shrunken lab over to him as they waited for Pym's call. Van Dyne then had to leave their post after she noticed Sonny Burch approach in front of them with his men.

Luis shrinks for the first time

This caused van Dyne to use the van's shrinking controls to shrink the van down, causing Luis to get freaked out and afraid that he would die as they maneuvered past Burch's fleet of cars. After leading his men to Lombard Street, she was able to take out the remainder.

Luis and Hope van Dyne with Scott Lang

Lang then rejoined Luis and van Dyne inside the van, but van Dyne had to leave after more of Burch's men appeared on motorbikes, so Lang took the driver's seat. Van Dyne grabbed Luis' Hello Kitty Pez dispenser that had been given to him by Lang's daughter, and used the dispenser to defeat the last two men. Ghost then phased inside the van, kicked van Dyne out, and stole the lab from Luis. As van Dyne quickly engaged in a fight with Ghost, Lang crashed the van, and left Luis in order to help van Dyne.

Luis drives a Hot Wheels car

As Luis waited in the van, he noticed that the remote used to grow the lab was still with him. Van Dyne told him to bring them the remote as they were running out of time and to use the Hot Wheels Car Collection to get to them. Luis then grabbed a car from the collection and grew it just as Burch approached the van to retrieve the remote. Luis then made his way to the rendezvous point, but was chased by Burch's men, who he was able to defeat using the car's shrinking abilities. Lang and van Dyne then went to help Luis, with van Dyne taking out the men and Lang going for the lab.

Luis attempts to retrieve the Mobile Laboratory

Luis and van Dyne arrived at the docks, where they noticed that Lang was losing consciousness for being too big. As van Dyne left to save Lang, Luis ran over to retrieve the Mobile Laboratory but Ghost appeared and stole the remote from him. To Luis' shock, Ghost then enlarged the lab and ran inside.

Luis knocks out Sonny Burch

Luis was then approached by Burch who was about to kill him when Kurt Goreshter and Dave arrived and used their tasers to knock out Burch's men as Luis knocked out Burch. They then used Uzman's Truth Serum on the three as the cops arrived to take them away, causing them to reveal the crimes they have committed.

Luis with Scott Lang and the Pym family

Luis then rushed into the Mobile Laboratory to warn Lang, van Dyne, Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne, Bill Foster, and Ava Starr that the police were on their way. To ensure that they could escape anonymously, Lang left his Ant-Man Suit at giant size propped up against a building to distract the FBI so that they could shrink the Mobile Laboratory. Once van Dyne recovered the suit, Luis drove Lang, van Dyne, Pym, and Janet away in his van.

Business Deals

Luis receives a business offer

After Luis, Kurt Goreshter, and Dave helped the San Francisco Police Department apprehend Burch and his men, X-Con Security Consultants began receiving public attention. Soon, Luis received a business offer from Mr. Karapetyan to his, Dave, Kurt, and Scott Lang's excitement.[2]


"You put a dime in him, you gotta let the whole song play out."
"He like human jukebox."
Dave and Kurt Goreshter[src]

Luis seems to be loyal towards all his friends which includes Dave, Kurt Goreshter and Scott Lang. He also likes to support his friends, like when he supported Scott Lang to rob into Hank Pym's house, even feeling sorry for him when he failed. He is also shown to be a disobedient man such as when he was told not to whistle in Pym Technologies Headquarters, but he whistled as if nobody told him not to do it. Despite his criminal background he possesses a good moral compass, taking the time to save the life of a security guard he incapacitated when Pym Technologies was about to explode.

Despite his somewhat bumbling nature, Luis will on occasion casually mention an interest in traditionally "sophisticated" parts of society. He enjoys Belgian Waffles, claims to have attended a wine-tasting with his cousin Ernesto, and mentions that he is a "Neo-Cubism kind of guy" while discussing to Scott about how he attended an art exhibit with his other cousin Ignacio. He has a bad case of "diarrhea of the mouth", often going into long-winded explanations and forgetting to simplify to only the important facts. This is often played to humorous effect, as often his stories are presented in full live-action with Luis' voice superimposed over the characters involved.


" You know what? I'm still the only one to knock him out."
―Luis to Scott Lang[src]
  • Thief: Luis was a notorious criminal in San Francisco, with a network of contacts to plan heists. However, it was the small theft of two smoothie machines that got him arrested and sent to jail.
  • Combatant: Luis has a lot of strength in his fist, he easily knocked out many security guards and Sonny Burch with a single punch. He also claims to be the only man to knock out Peachy during San Quentin State Prison's goodbye ritual.
  • Businessman: Along with Dave and Kurt Goreshter, Luis founded X-Con Security Consultants, which was a business intended to employ former prisoners because they couldn't find work. However, despite many attempts to find business opportunities, the company was going bankrupt.
  • Bilingualism: Luis is fluent in his native Mexican-dialect Spanish, as well as English. He was able to recall exactly what his grandmother said to him in Spanish at her restaurant.


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  • Luis' Van: In 2015, Luis got ownership of his family’s van after his mother passed away and his father was deported out of the country. He then used it as his means of transportation and used it for heists with his friends Dave, Kurt Goreshter, and Scott Lang. He would often let them borrow his van. In 2018, he had the van rebranded as their company van.


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