Lucky was a former soldier who lived in Hawaii during the Inhuman Outbreak. He assisted the Inhuman Gorgon in his fight against his former subordinate Auran and the Attilan Royal Guard, but he was killed during the conflict.


Former Soldier

"Lucky and me? We did two tours in Korangal Valley."

During his time in the United States Armed Forces, Lucky went twice in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan along with his friend Holo. He later left the army and moved to Oahu.[1]

Meeting Gorgon

"Lucky didn't deserve this. I should have never let you fight with me. This is my fault."

The Inhuman Gorgon was sent to Earth in an attempt to find his cousin Triton and was forced to remain there when Maximus launched his coup d'état. Lucky met him as well as the Makapu'u Surfers and they agreed to help him in an upcoming fight against Auran. Together, they prepared an ambush for Auran and her team. Once the enemies had arrived, Lucky managed to kill Pulsus with his crossbow from the top of a tree. However, Sakas spotted him and spat a flow of corrosive venom, which caused Lucky to fall to his death.[1]

Gorgon and the Makapu'u Surfers managed to escape the fight and Gorgon reclaimed Lucky's body. He then left it to Holo, who declared that Lucky was at peace.[2]


Lucky Crossbow

Lucky using his crossbow

  • Crossbow: During the fight against Auran and her task force, Lucky used a crossbow which enabled him to kill Pulsus with a single bolt.





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