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Lucas is a student at Atlas Academy and a player of its lacrosse team.


Attempted Rapist

"Come on, man, it was just a party. Everyone's wasted, shit happens."
―Lucas to Chase Stein[src]

Lucas was good friends with Chase Stein and Brandon, two other students of Atlas Academy. Together, they went to a party hosted by Brandon's cousin. During the party, Lucas and Brandon noticed that Karolina Dean had fainted on the ground. As she was still unconscious, they proceeded to take her upstairs in a quiet room and attempted to rape her. However, they were stopped by Stein, who beat them up and forced them to leave.[2]

Lucas and Brandon later confronted Stein about their fight, asking him to apologize so that their fight would not endanger the lacrosse team cohesion. However, Stein refused and attacked them one more time. The fight was stopped by their coach Alphona, who told Lucas, Brandon and Stein to come to his office. Lucas later listened to his coach's speech about team building.[1]


Along with his friend Brandon, Lucas was among the most popular students of Atlas Academy. He frequently went to parties and during one of them, he attempted to rape Karolina Dean, claiming that he and Brandon only did so because it happened in the course of the party. Lucas refused to acknowledge what he had tried to do, instead claiming that Dean had seduced him and Brandon and that Chase Stein was wrong for having interfered. Lucas considered that he was the one deserving an apology from Stein.




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