"Pray their Terrigenesis turns out better than our own."
―Loyolis to Paripan[src]

Loyolis is an lower-caste Inhuman of Attilan, who works in the mines of the city because of his genetic heritage. He is the husband of Paripan and the father of Iridia and Bronaja.


Early Life

Like all the Inhumans in Attilan, Loyolis underwent Terrigenesis, gaining reptilian hands. Since it was seen as a low-class ability, he was sent to work in the mines of Attilan. Eventually, he would marry Paripan and father two children, Iridia and Bronaja[1]

Children's Terrigenesis

Iridia's family

Loyolis and Paripan before their children's Terrigenesis

Along with his wife, Loyolis attended his children's Terrigenesis ceremony, hoping that they would turn out better than their parents. Iridia's gained beautiful butterfly-like wings but Bronaja did not appear changed whatsoever until Maximus touched him and Bronaja had a brief seizure, worrying Loyolis. However, Bronaja quickly recovered and Loyolis then left the royal palace with his family.

Loyolis was with his children when they were asked by the population what powers they had get and listened to Maximus' speech advocating for a return to Earth.[1]

Uprising in Attilan

A New King

Listening to Maximus

Loyolis and his wife are listening to Maximus with the other lower cast Inhumans

Following Maximus' coup in Attilan, Loyolis kept working at the mines. However, he and his son were visited by the new self-proclaimed King, who told them that he would put an end to the rigid caste system of Attilan. Later, Loyolis listened to Maximus as he was delivering a speech stating that he would one day lead the Inhumans to Earth.[2]

Recruited by Maximus

"I had no idea."
"Yeah, grass is green, the flowers are bright, the birds sing so pretty. You're soldiers, not tourists!"
"We're proud to be of service."
―Loyolis and Auran[src]
Loyolis holo

Maximus and Tibor discusses sending Loyolis to Earth

Loyolis, along with several other Inhumans, was sent to Earth by Maximus in order to assist Auran in her chase of the Inhuman Royal Family. He was teleported on Earth, at the Declan Research Facility Lab. After being harshly welcomed by Auran, Loyolis and the others were tasked with patrolling the area, waiting for the Royal Family to come to rescue Evan Declan and Sammy. During the ensuing battle, Loyolis stumbled upon Karnak, who quickly rendered him unconscious without Loyolis being able to react.[3]

Back To Attilan

Loyolis and the other Inhumans were sent back to Attilan by the Inhuman Royal Family as an act of good faith and a prelude to a parley between them and Maximus.[4]

Later, Loyolis and a group of Inhumans loyal to Maximus stumbled on Black Bolt and Maximus, who had been captured by the Royal Family. After a moment of astonishment, Loyolis helped Maximus escape.[5]

New Life on Earth


Loyolis and the rest of the Inhumans on Earth

Loyolis, along with Paripan, Iridia and Bronaja, was teleported to Earth with the rest of Attilan's population. After the arrival of the Royal Family, Black Bolt and Medusa delivered a speech to the Inhumans telling them that Earth was once again their home. The Inhumans would then go on to live in the settlement set up for them whichever would go unnoticed to the public world.[5]


"You should be proud of your father. His loyalty is unshakeable. He is an example for all of us."
Maximus to Bronaja[src]

Loyolis can be seen as a kind and caring person towards his family, hoping his children would have a better Terrigenesis than his wife and he. He is also fiercely loyal to Maximus cause, considering it to be an honor despite the fact that the Inhuman Royal Family were his targets.

Powers and Abilities



Loyolis digging with his reptilian hands

Loyolis is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.

  • Reptilian Hands: Loyolis' hands are clawed and his forearms are covered with scales. He uses them to dig in the mines instead of using a tool.
  • Enhanced Strength: According to Tibor, Loyolis is a "level 8" in strength. He was capable of tearing away at the rocks in the mines without major effort.






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