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"I'm sorry, Kevin. I am so sorry. I'm so sorry. [...] You're our responsibility. We have got to stop you."
―Louise Thompson to Kilgrave[src]

Louise Thompson was a scientist who experimented on her son Kevin along with her husband Albert in order to save him from his degenerative brain disease. After going into hiding from their son for decades, the Thompsons were reunited with their son, who soon murdered his own mother in revenge for years of torture.


Raising a Child

"Kevin, please, we need to see if your fine motor skills have improved."
―Louise Thompson to Kevin Thompson[src]

Louise Thompson and her husband Albert had a son named Kevin Thompson. Instead of raising their child, they instead focused their efforts on experimenting on him, performing experiments which included Neurological exams, fluoroscopy, brain biopsies, and cerebral spinal fluid extractions. The experiments gave Kevin the power to control people's will and so he put his parents under his control. When Kevin forced Louise to burn her face with an iron, she and her husband escaped and left their son alone, allowing him to grow up to be a cruel and selfish man with the new name Kilgrave.[1]

Kilgrave Victim Support Group

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Reunion with Kilgrave

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