"Some are harder to forgive than others."
―Louise Hastings to Gabriella Rosetti[src]

Doctor Louise Hastings, Phd., is a psychologist and the head of Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health. She had watched over the Helstrom family for years.


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Early Life

Leaving the Church

"They had this saying when I was a novitiate: 'Our faith is...
"Our strength.'"
―Louise Hastings and Gabriella Rosetti[src]

Louise Hastings was training to be a nun, where she was taught that strength comes from faith. She spent her time working with young children and eventually began work at Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health She was introduced to Caretaker, and the two became acquainted. When he felt she was ready, Caretaker showed Hastings the Blood and their hotel, where she was appalled by their practices of putting possessed people into comas for the rest of their lives. However, the Vatican proved complicit in letting it happen, so Hastings and the church split ways, although she remained a nun.[1]

Meeting the Helstroms

Victoria Helstrom, who had been possessed by Kthara, was committed to the Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health by the Behavior Health Department, where Hastings began treating her. Daimon and Ana Helstrom were then committed to the same hospital temporarily, where Daimon exhibited night terrors and Ana became so strong with her powers that they caused a nurse to pass out, feeling like she was dying. She was also told by Ana's psychologist that she exhibited very little empathy. She met with Caretaker to discuss a course of action, and he explained that his group would be hunting the children, like they were their father. This upset Hastings, so Caretaker explained that they might be able to prevent that by separating the children and keeping them out of sight. Hastings asked Caretaker to handle Ana, and he explained that she would be in foster care and that he would occasionally check in on her. Hastings told Caretaker that she could handle Daimon, and Caretaker told her that the children's lives depended on it. Ana then broke the glass separating her room from the room Hastings and Caretaker were in, startling Hastings. Archbishop Terrazi warned Hastings against raising Daimon, although she ignored the warning.[3]

Hastings discovered that Daimon Helstrom also had powers after an incident in several children were making fun of him and he accidentally pushed the boys and several objects across the room, setting a backpack on fire. He broke down crying while Hastings comforted him. He called himself a monster, although Hastings assured him that there was no such thing and hugged him.[4] Helstrom eventually figured out that Victoria could temporarily regain control of her body temporarily by telling her about a happy memory from his childhood, and he told Hastings about it.[5]

At Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, Hastings treated a patient named Jane along with Dr. J. Lewis. She worked on exorcisms with Daimon Helstrom, whose demonic abilities allowed him to exorcise demons.[6] However, as she got older, Hastings discovered that she had lung cancer. She asked the church for recommendations for a replacement, and they recommended Gabriella Rosetti with high praise. Hastings hired her and began training Rosetti to replace her,[7] including going to exorcisms with Helstrom, despite his objections.[6]

Helstrom Reunion

Escape from Saint Teresa's

Hastings sent Gabriella Rosetti and Daimon Helstrom to help with a requested exorcism. began writing a note about her patient, Jane. However, she stopped when she noticed a candle get blown out and the door to her office open, despite nobody being present. Her computer began typing the words "NO MERCY" over and over again, and the glass cabinet behind her broke, startling Hastings. As the computer continued typing, Hastings rushed out of her office.

A security guard informed Hastings that two patients had escaped, and Hastings found a third security guard who had been killed. She figure out that the demon she knew as Mother was responsible for the escape. She received a phone call from Daimon Helstrom, complaining that she sent Rosetti the nun-in-training to help with the exorcism. However, she did not answer.[6]

Visiting Daimon Helstrom

Hastings went to Gateway University, where she found Daimon Helstrom. After Helstrom's class, the two discussed Gabriella Rosetti, and Helstrom complained about her lack of training. Hastings defended her, saying that the Vatican highly recommended Rosetti. She suggested telling Rosetti the truth about demons, although Helstrom refused. Hastings then told Rosetti about Kthara's actions the previous night, Helstrom offered to pay anonymously for Steven's funeral and walked away.

Hastings talks about Gabriella Rosetti's work

The next day, Hastings had Ellis show Daimon Helstrom and Gabriella Rosetti the footage that did exist of Keith Spivey before he cut the security cameras. Helstrom then visited his mother, and Hastings watched him refuse to allow Rosetti to join. When he returned, he explained that Kthara had drawn a symbol on the wall of her room, prompting further questions from Rosetti, which annoyed Helstrom. Rosetti offended Helstrom when she asked to see his mother alone to ensure her possession was not theater. Hastings confirmed that Kthara was dangerous, although Helstrom continued to be sarcastic as Rosetti left to write a report for the Vatican. As Rosetti left, Hastings scolded Helstrom for his treatment of the nun-in-training and listed her merits. Helstrom continued to refuse to accept Rosetti, eventually explaining his feeling of helplessness with his inability to help his sister, who had declared her intention to never return to Portland. Hastings said that it might be better that way, and Helstrom left, upset.[6]

Telling the Truth

Hastings speaks with Gabriella Rosetti

The next day, Hastings saw Gabriella Rosetti packing her car and asked Rosetti to try and forgive Daimon Helstrom. Rosetti explained that the Vatican had concerns regarding Helstrom's qualification to perform exorcisms and the nature of his abilities. She demanded to see Victoria Helstrom, so Hastings instead gave her her ID badge, telling her to look through the files that Hastings had on Daimon, his sister, and their serial killer father, sarcastically telling her that she was free to show them to the Vatican. Hastings gave Rosetti time to read through the diary and then entered, confirming what Rosetti had surmised about their father. Hastings explained that Victoria was cursed and that Daimon's sister had not returned from San Francisco for years. She explained that Daimon had to live with his father's evil daily. Rosetti asked why Daimon could not exorcise his mother, although Hastings explained that they did not know. Hastings' cancer began acting up, and she coughed up blood, having to excuse herself.

Hastings discovered this theft and had Ellis show her security footage of Rosetti entering Victoria Helstrom's room. She and Daimon Helstrom rushed in and found Kthara attempting to kill Rosetti. While Hastings kept Rosetti safe, Helstrom attempted to exorcise Kthara using his demonic abilities, although it did not work. However, Victoria Helstrom managed to regain control of her body long enough to warn the others to run. Hastings stopped Daimon from reuniting with mother as the three left.

Hastings poured Rosetti a drink while she and Helstrom explained demons to her. Hastings asked Helstrom how he knew to come to the hospital, and Helstrom explained that he had figured out that Kthara's symbol on her hospital room meant "consumption." Rosetti, still shocked, commented on Kthara's nature, and Helstrom reminded Rosetti that she is the one who wanted to know about demons. He then left Hastings and Rosetti alone.[6]

Ana Helstrom's Visit

Hastings received a call from Daimon Helstrom, asking her to grant Ana Helstrom permission to visit their mother alone. Hastings advised Daimon against it, although Ana Helstrom arrived at Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health anyway. The two briefly reconnected and Helstrom demanded to see her mother. Hastings refused to allow it, and Helstrom threatened the woman's life, although Hastings acknowledged that Helstrom would not use her powers in such an open space. She again insisted that she accompanied Helstrom in her visit. The two entered Kthara's room, and Helstrom tried unsuccessfully to wake her mother. Hastings explained that her brother coaxes her out by talking about a pleasant childhood memory, but Helstrom instead described an unpleasant one.

The two left, and Daimon Helstrom returned to scold his sister for her recklessness. As they argued, Hastings noticed their powers shaking a coffee mug, so she defused the argument before the hospital could get destroyed. Gabriella Rosetti arrived and told the others about a possession that needed Daimon's help, so Daimon asked Hastings to keep his mother sedated and left with Rosetti. Hastings found Ana Helstrom trying to visit her mother again, and Hastings refused to allow it. Helstrom referred to her mother as weak, and Hastings insisted that she was wrong. Hastings left, having to down rounds, but Helstrom stopped her and said that she understood why Hastings raised her brother but not her, believing herself to be too hurt for Hastings to handle, threatening to tell Daimon about her conclusion. Hastings explained that there was more than Helstrom knew, and that Kthara would hurt her, and Helstrom declared her intention to see her try.

Helstrom convinced Hastings to allow her another visit, when she suddenly started having another coughing fit. Hastings insisted that what she was doing was not working, so Helstrom recounted a story of her mother refusing to allow her to accept a gift from her father. Hastings' coughing fit got worse, forcing her to step outside while Helstrom and Kthara remained alone. When Helstrom left the room later, Hastings asked what happened, although Helstrom ignored her and left.[5]

Victoria's Return

Ana Helstrom's encounter caused Victoria Helstrom to momentarily regain control of her body, so Helstrom and Daimon Helstrom visited again, learning that their father had returned to deal with unfinished business, which Hastings and Gabriella Rosetti concluded was referring to Zoe Richards, a young girl who managed to escape their father, despite Ana refusing to believe the story. However, they decided to warn Richards anyway, although Helstrom suggested using her to draw their father out.[7]

Reunion with Caretaker

Hastings went out to buy medicine for her cancer, returning to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health and finding Caretaker in her office. Caretaker asked whether Hastings was hiding something from him, and Hastings promised to call him more. Hastings then said she needed to see Kthara, and Caretaker asked to see her as well. He tried to convince her, but Hastings continued to refuse. Caretaker reminded Hastings that if people found out about Daimon and Ana Helstrom reuniting, there would be violence, and Hastings allowed Caretaker to see Kthara, who quickly shut the door panel on him.

Caretaker later asked Hastings how long it would be before the Helstrom siblings returned, and Hastings told him that she did not know. Caretaker asked whether that were another thing she was hiding from him, and Hastings responded by saying that she was going to get lunch. Caretaker decided to go with her, and she mentioned having heard about a taco truck she had been hearing about. The fire alarms went off and Hastings went to check on security while Caretaker went to leave. However, she found Caretaker being attacked by Tooms and went to stop him, although Tooms kicked her to the ground. Caretaker got his attacker off of him and helped Hastings up. Caretaker picked up Hastings' medicine bottle for her, realizing that it was medicine. Hastings took it back before he could ask questions about it.

Back in Hastings' office, she explained to Caretaker that Tooms was not usually violent, and Caretaker said that he understood that it came from Kthara's manipulation. Caretaker explained that the two of them needed to be on the same page, and revealed that he had figured out that she had cancer. She told him that Gabriella Rosetti had been hired as her replacement, who came strongly recommended from the Vatican. Caretaker embraced Hastings, who told him that she was refusing chemotherapy. She asked Caretaker to get tacos with her, and he agreed.

They went to El Cartel Food Truck and ordered, discussing Gabriella Rosetti's fitness to replace him. Hastings explained that she was tired and needed to stop, but Caretaker said that she was irreplaceable and offered to help her get through her challenging times, since their job was not done. He explained that danger was coming since Daimon and Ana Helstrom had reunited. He explained that there were other forces at play, and that danger would come if the Helstrom family reunited.[7]

Planning to Stop Marduk Helstrom

The next day, Hastings tried to open her medicine bottle, but found that she couldn't, she she threw the bottle at the mirror in frustration. She arrived at Daimon Helstrom's house shortly after Gabriella Rosetti, with the intention of helping Ana Helstrom after she was attacked by her father. Caretaker arrived soon, and Hastings introduced him to Rosetti. Daimon told the group about his father's supposed return, and Caretaker explained that the only way to contain a demon was with another demon, such as the Keeper demon. Ana and Daimon left to get the Keeper's Skull from San Francisco.

Rosetti explained that it should be impossible to capture somebody's soul, and Caretaker said that both his and Hastings' experiences proved otherwise, although Hastings told Caretaker that she could speak for her own experiences. Rosetti continued to argue that it was immoral to do so, and Hastings agreed. Caretaker explained that unlike other demons, the Helstroms' father was pure evil, and Rosetti posed the question of what that meant for his children.[1]

Talking to Kthara

Later in the day, at Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, Hastings passed Ellis, who told her that everything had been running smoothly for the day, and that even Kthara was quiet. Suspicious, Hastings opened the panel to see into Kthara's room, and found her deteriorating. She had Ellis get a wheelchair and tell the guard that she would be taking Kthara for fresh air, and then looked into the room again. While outside, Kthara and Hastings talked, and Kthara reminisced about feeling the sun and wind, saying it had been a long time since she had felt it. She talked about her children, and how much she loved them before they were taking, describing the memory as too painful. Hastings asked why she was acting differently, Kthara explained that she was appreciating life. Hastings asked who she was, so Kthara told her her name and compared herself to Hastings, saying that they were both women betrayed by that which they loved.

As Kthara was being returned to her room, she suddenly stopped her wheelchair and demanded to know what changed about her room. Kthara confessed to being responsible for the attempt to kill Caretaker the previous day, and Hastings told the security guards present to return her to her room, despite Kthara's continued panic. Kthara told Hastings that she was in fact responsible for Hastings' lung cancer, offering to remove it if Hastings removed whatever difference she was sensing in the room. Hastings told the two guards present to bring her into her room, so they picked up her wheelchair and brought her in. Hastings watched as Kthara screamed in pain while being brought into her room, upset by the revelation.

Hastings met with a patient, although found herself struggling to take notes, so she dismissed him. Gabriella Rosetti then entered, demanding to know about the Blood's hotel. Hastings told her that the Blood's actions were out of their control and that the Vatican already knew, explaining that their allowing the Blood to continue was one of many reasons they separated. She went on to explain that the situation was not simple, and that she and Rosetti did not have to use the Blood's methods, reminding her that demons were the enemy, not the Blood, despite methodological differences.[1]

Helping Victoria Helstrom Return

The next day, Hastings went to check on Kthara, finding her unconscious. She entered the room and found her scratching at the floor, trying to get to something underneath, and otherwise unconscious. She told the orderly that was with her to get help, and he rushed out. She determined that Kthara had gone into a coma and contacted Daimon Helstrom. Helstrom and Ana Helstrom arrived and sense the Keeper's Skull's presence, realizing that Chris Yen had brought it to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health. Despite Hastings' suspicions that Yen had never been in the hospital, they checked the security footage while Caretaker checked the building, and nobody found anything. Ana told the group that the skull was likely influencing Yen, and Caretaker realized that it was attracted to Kthara due to the lineage of possession and the Keeper's blood oath. While Daimon and Ana became increasingly motivated to find Yen since Caretaker explained that Victoria Helstrom could be in danger, Hastings realized that the skull was likely beneath the floor, where Kthara was digging, so Caretaker and the Helstrom siblings went looking for him. Meanwhile, Hastings checked on Kthara, whose eyes fluttered open and closed. She watched Helstrom's entire body jolt and wondered allowed what she was experiencing. Helstrom's vitals spiked again later, which Hastings noted to the other employee present. Helstrom went into cardiac arrest, and Hastings asked her to stay with her. A group of nurses came in as Hastings watched Kthara flatline, when she suddenly sat up and told her son, who was down the hall, not to destroy the Keeper's Skull.

Yen was hospitalized due to his obsession with the skull, and she took Ana Helstrom and Caretaker to see him. He pressed himself against the window and begged for the skull. Hastings assured Helstrom that staying at Saint Teresa's was the best thing for him, while Caretaker explained that his addiction should subside. Helstrom expressed how disappointed she was that her best friend had been hurt, despite everyone else's joy about the victory for her mother.[8] Hastings was contacted by Daimon Helstrom, who told her that all of the patients at the Blood Hotel had been taken and the coworkers were killed. She tried to contact Caretaker, who was not answering his phone. She told Helstrom that he was not answering.

Hastings then approached Ana Helstrom in the hospital cafeteria and told her about what happened. Helstrom asked where Caretaker was, and Hastings explained that he was not answering his phone. Hastings asked Helstrom to take care of her mother while Hastings did her rounds, and Helstrom was upset by the request, wanting to go after her father. However, Hastings convinced her to do it, reminding her as she left not to mentioned the freed patients and the kill Blood members.

Daimon Helstrom then called Hastings again, and she told him that Caretaker had not yet answered her calls. She asked where Helstrom was, so he told her that he and Gabriella Rosetti had a flat tire, and that they were getting it fixed. Helstorm asked who was with his mother, and Hastings told her that his sister was. Although Helstrom believed this to be a bad idea, Hastings said that the two were making progress and defended the decision. The two then hung up.[9]

Escape from Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health

Hastings heard from the nurses at Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health that one of Dr. Lawrence's patients had been acting up, so she went to ask him about it, instead finding Ellis' dead body. She had a security guard put the hospital on lockdown and found Ana and Victoria Helstrom, telling them about Ellis and that somebody had come inside and was still there. Hastings objected when Ana freed her mother from her wheelchair, saying that she deserved a fighting chance if Ana got hurt, when a security guard came and told Hastings that everybody there was locked in the hospital. The power then went out as the emergency power turned on.

Hastings, Ana, and Victoria went to Hastings' office as Ana took a phone call from Daimon Helstrom, warning her about the demons attacking. The three arrived at Hastings' office where they found Magoth, possessing Lawrence. Magoth stole the Keeper's Skull and ran off with it, as Helstrom began to run after her, telling Hastings to watch her mother. Hastings stopped Helstrom, insisting that she wait for her brother, when the alarms went off, signaling that all of the patients had been freed.

Hastings and Ana Helstrom went into the common area for patients, where Hastings found Tanya and asked her to return to her room and put on socks. She then saw Jeff and Manny fighting, so Helstrom helped her tranquilize Jeff and she told Manny to return to his room. Helstrom went after Magoth and Hastings went to follow, but Helstrom insisted that she stay with her mother. Hastings apologized to Helstrom for not taking her in, saying that she was too scared. Helstrom told her to try not to get killed and went into the basement.

Hastings followed Helstrom into the basement and found her getting attacked, so she stepped in and briefly fought one of the demons attacking her, until she got pushed to the ground. The other demon then went after Helstrom, who grabbed them both in a chokehold, scaring Hastings. She threw them both to the ground and Hastings asked if they were dead, and Helstrom assured her that they were not, as the two continued to look for Magoth. They instead found Chris Yen with the skull, having killed Lawrence. Hastings watched as Helstrom convinced him to give her the skull, and the three ran off together.

They caught up with Daimon Helstrom, Victoria Helstrom, and Gabriella Rosetti, and Hastings watched the Helstrom siblings argue about whether to use the skull against their father. Victoria then weighed in, opting to sacrifice herself, when Basar suddenly attacked. Hastings watched the attacked as he took Victoria into the elevator and escaped with her, and Ana and Daimon rushed down the stairs to stop him.[9]

Helstrom Family Quarrels

The next day, Hastings met with Gabriella Rosetti outside of Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health and asked how she had slept. When she commented that she only got a few hours, Hastings became worried and started to say that she should slow down if the job was too much for her, but Rosetti cut her off and told her to worry about Daimon Helstrom, who was injured and tired. Hastings said that she appreciated that Rosetti had grown to like Helstrom, and went inside to check on him and Ana Helstrom. She found them arguing and attempted to diffuse the situation, prompting aggression from Ana. Daimon stood up for him, saying that Hastings was his family and demanding that she respect her. This prompted Ana to leave while Daimon yelled at her.

Gabriella Rosetti brought Jolene Spivey to Hastings, and she cared for the woman's wounds after Daimon Helstrom healed her mark. Hastings told Spivey that the healing, and assured her that she would be alright. Spivey told Hastings that she did not believe that the man that attacked her was her man, and Hastings said that she believed her. She went outside to Rosetti and Helstrom, and told them that she did not know why she was attacked, calling her lucky. Helstorm told her that they probably wanted her to be a host for Kthara, and Helstrom suggested they question Loman, one of the demons involved in the escape. However, Rosetti and Hastings told him to rest, and Hastings said that she would try to contact Caretaker, even though he had not been answering. Helstrom dismissed this, saying that he could take care of himself.[3]

Searching for Caretaker

Caretaker again did not answer Hastings' call, so she reached out to Archbishop Terrazi, who met with her in person. He asked why she would come to him for help looking for him, and she told him that he worked for the Blood, who might know his location. She asked him to contact them, although Terrazi put up a facade of not being familiar with them. Hastings lost patience and asked him to contact them, and Terrazi responded by reminding her that he had warned her against raising Daimon Helstrom due to a darkness that would surround him and the people around him. Frustrated, Hastings asked Terrazi to at least warn the Blood that a monster was looking for a new host, and Terrazi said that he could make that call. Hastings went to walk away, and Terrazi stopped her, asking her to pass on advice to Gabriella Rosetti. He told her to ask Rosetti to choose a different path offered by the church, as the current one would not guarantee her safety. Terrazi walked away, leaving Hastings alone.

Hastings returned to her office, where Daimon Helstrom revealed that he knew that she and Caretaker made the decision to separate him and Ana Helstrom. Hastings tried to explain that it was the only way to keep them safe, and took responsibility in saying that she could have refused to go along with the plan, but felt it would be best to keep them separate since Ana was still showing signs of violence while Daimon was finally showing improvements after his mother was committed. Helstrom took this to mean Hastings was saying them being separated was his fault, and Hastings said that she was not sure how to apologize. Daimon asked Hastings if she had ever considered his feelings about losing his sister, and Hastings confessed that she chose to watch him because she was afraid of her.[3]

Deciding to Kill Kthara

Hastings went into her office the next day and found Gabriella Rosetti leaving something for her, startling her. Rosetti showed her that she had the Helstrom's father's dagger, which the Blood had attacked her and Daimon Helstrom with the previous night. Hastings told Rosetti that Terrazi had warned her about the possibility of Rosetti getting hurt.

She put the dagger in her safe when Ana Helstrom stormed into her office, having returned from San Francisco. She demanded to see the knife, and Hastings hesitantly took it back out of the safe. She unfolded it from the cloth, and Helstrom warned her not to near it, as it was toxic. Hastings at first dismissed her as superstitious, but she then started coughing violently, coughing up blood. Hastings explained to Helstrom that the coughing was the result of lung cancer, asking her not to tell Daimon Helstrom. She told her that Caretaker also knew and that she has not seen him since he offered to take care of her, and Helstrom began complaining about how he never stayed with her as a child. Hastings explained that he was always torn between Helstrom and the Blood, and that he would only tell them the dagger's location if he though they would use it to hurt Kthara.

Hastings received a call from Father Joshua Crow, who she knew was possessed, requesting her exorcist, Daimon Helstrom, at Portland Harbor. Suspecting they were setting a trap for Helstrom, she found Ana Helstrom in Victoria Helstrom's old hospital room and told her about it. Helstrom said that she would go with the dagger to kill her, and Hastings tried to talk her out of it. Helstrom convinced Hastings that her brother was too hopeful to kill Kthara, and Hastings agreed, so Helstrom asked her to to be the one to use the dagger against Kthara, since wielding it would bring back too much pain for her. Hastings adamantly refused, saying that it would haunt her for the rest of her life. Realizing that she would be dying soon either way, she decided to help anyway.

The two arrived at the Garibaldi II in Portland Harbor, and revealed that she had the dagger, scaring Kthara. The demon threw several items at the pair, and Helstrom went to restrain Kthara while Hastings tried to stab her. However, Kthara used her telekinetic ability to stop Hastings, making her stab Helstrom. Watching Helstrom in an increasing amount of pain, she ripped the dagger out of her leg. Victoria Helstrom resumed control of her body, and Ana found herself unable to kill her mother. She caused the dagger to fly away from Hastings as she began suffocating her mother, intending to revive her so that she could be free from Kthara's control. Helstrom convinced Hastings to go along with the plan when her mother eventually died. She told Helstrom to call an ambulance and began performing chest compressions on her mother.

When it began to appear as though Victoria would not return, Ana Helstrom began panicking. Hastings explained that there was nothing more to do other than let Victoria come back, and she eventually did as the three women happily reunited. They brought Victoria back to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health and had her put in a gurney. While Ana called Daimon Helstrom to tell him the good news, Hastings asked a doctor to revisit her treatment options for her lung cancer.[4]

Caretaker's Return

Hastings went to a restaurant to eat breakfast, when Caretaker returned, having escaped from getting kidnapped. Relieved, Hastings embraced her friend as he offered to explain. He told her what happened to him, and that he tried to stop the Blood from attacking Daimon Helstrom, and that they refused to listen. Hastings asked how he got away, and he told her that he had broken free of his cuffs and they simply let him go, then confessing to lying. Caretaker assured her that the Helstrom family was safe and armed with Marduk Helstrom's Dagger, so the Blood could not hurt them. Caretaker asked to go on a trip with Hastings, to a restaurant in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, to get a fresh start for the two of them. Hastings told him that she could not yet since she had started getting treated for her cancer, having decided to undergo chemotherapy and surgery. Caretaker took Hastings' hand and promised to support her through the process.[10]

Daimon Helstrom Possessed

Hastings and Caretaker returned to Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, where they saw Ana Helstrom drop a chandelier on Basar, who had possessed Daimon Helstrom. Unaware of the possession, Hastings scolded Helstrom, and they took Basar to a hospital room. Hastings closed the door to the room and Helstrom told them that her brother was possessed, although none of them believed it to be possible. They watched Daimon fight against Basar, when he suddenly woke up and told them that it was too late to save him. Hastings demanded to know where Gabriella Rosetti was, and Basar told them that she was dead.

Hastings, Helstrom, and Caretaker returned to Hastings' office, when Hastings pointed out that their situation was similar to the one they were in when Kthara had possessed Victoria Helstrom. Helstrom realized that it was their fault for saving Victoria, despite Hastings' attempt to say that it was not. Caretaker left to find Rosetti, and he told Helstrom and Hastings that the only thing that might be able to help Helstrom's brother was her father's dagger, and he left to find Rosetti. Hastings took Victoria to talk to Basar alone. As the conversation progressed, Basar began manipulating the lights in the hospital and cracking the viewing panel in the door, so Hastings ended the conversation and dragged her away, taking her to Daimon's house. She told Ana that being at Saint Teresa's was too harmful for Victoria.

She made tea for Victoria Helstrom, who thanked her for taking care of her son while she was at Saint Teresa's. Hastings explained that she did it because it was the right thing to do, and expressed regret that she did not do the same thing for her daughter. There was a loud knock on the door which Hastings answered, and found Gabriella Rosetti, who told her that demons had kept her for months, even though Hastings said it had only been a day. Rosetti saw Helstorm and began panicking, although Hastings told her it was not Kthara. Rosetti passed out, so Hastings and Helstrom brought her to the couch. Helstrom asked how what happened to Rosetti was possible, and Hastings said that it was not. Rosetti then asked them to find Daimon Helstrom.

Helstrom called her daughter, who came up with a plan involving Daimon Helstrom, although Helstrom did not like it. She expressed this to Hastings, saying that Kthara would be too strong if the plan failed. She suggested aborting the child, when Hastings told her that it was not their decision to make. Just then, Rosetti entered the kitchen and told them that Raum and Magoth had arrived. She told Helstrom and Rosetti to protect themselves, although only Rosetti went as Helstrom would not leave her defenseless.

Magoth entered the house and found Helstrom and Hastings, who worked together to knock him out. Hastings then asked where Raum was. They rushed downstairs and found Raum about to attack Rosetti, so the two knocked him out. Hastings gave Rosetti her key and told her to run, while the two planned to tie Raum up. Magoth demanded to know from them where Rosetti was, but Caretaker arrived and stabbed Magoth with Helstrom's husband's dagger, upsetting Magoth. Magoth then tried to stab Caretaker with a fire poker, getting hit herself.[10] They called for help and she was taken away in an ambulance.[11]

A Life-Saving Surgery

"What'd they do?"
"They patched up your liver, and the took out one of your kidneys, and they cut out part of your lung. The bad one."
―Louise Hastings and Caretaker[src]

Hastings was brought to the hospital in the ambulance, joined by Caretaker. She was put into surgery, where she had to be revived twice. She survived and rested, although her body soon started falling again. When she woke up, Caretaker was next to her, and he asked how she felt. Hastings said that she was hungry and asked what the doctors did to save her life. Caretaker told her that they fixed her liver, took out a kidney, and removed the cancer cells in her lung. Hastings was relieved to hear this, and asked about everyone else. Caretaker told her that they were alive, but not doing well. Gabriella Rosetti had come to regret working at Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, so Hastings tried to contact her to no avail.[11]

Helstrom Family United

Caretaker took Hastings to a family dinner at Daimon Helstrom's house, and Helstrom embraced her when they entered. She and Helstrom talked, and Hastings told him that she could not contact Gabriella Rosetti. Helstrom asked why Hastings never told her about her lung cancer, and Helstrom explained that she did not want him to have to fight that battle with her. As Victoria and Ana Helstrom brought food out, Ana sat next to her. Hastings asked whether Chris Yen would be able to join, and Ana told her that he was flying to San Francisco to try to get back together with Derrick Jackson. As everyone sat down for dinner, Victoria made a toast to her children and the people who raised them, and they all ate together as a blended family.[11]


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  • Helstrom Case Files: Hastings keeps articles and documentation about the Helstrom family. She has collected this information over the years.


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  • In the comics, Louise Hastings spent her career fighting the demonic forces, usually alongside Ghost Rider and the Midnight Sons.


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