"I like you, Louise."
"Geez. It took you long enough."
Medusa and Louise Fisher[src]

Louise Fisher is a scientist employed by Callisto Aerospace who traveled to Oahu to investigate mysterious energy signals she had received from the Moon after the destruction of the Callisto Aerospace Rover. Once in Hawaii, Fisher tried to reach Black Bolt, who had been arrested and locked up in the Oahu County Correctional Facility, but was eventually forced to help his wife Medusa, who was also looking for her husband. Fisher and Medusa eventually befriended each other and found Black Bolt, and later the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family, who returned to the Moon despite Fisher's disappointment of not being able to go with them.

Fisher was later contacted by Medusa and helped her to organize the Evacuation of Attilan and the relocation of the Inhumans on Earth.


Early Life

"I spent my entire life trying to figure out how to get to the Moon."
―Louise Fisher[src]

While she was a child, Fisher saw her father's dreams of going into space withered when NASA elected to pick pilots instead of scientists for a mission on the Moon. This event was defining in Fisher's life and after her father died, she resolved to do her best to fulfill her father's dream. She also preciously kept a tiny toy rocket containing ashes of her father. In order to achieve her project, Fisher joined Callisto Aerospace Control Center.

Fully dedicated to her work, Fisher never got the occasion of getting married, although she claimed to have got used to celibacy.[1]

Meeting Inhumans

Loss of a Rover

Louise Leaves Office

Fisher packs her things for Oahu

"So, what you're suggesting is that our creature with the hooves and three of his buddies smashed our rover, and now they've come to visit us on Earth?"
"I don't know if they're buddies."
George Ashland and Louise Fisher[src]

While working at Callisto Aerospace, Fisher was in charge of remotely controlling a rover over the surface of the Moon. Much to her surprise, the rover was destroyed by something which looked like a hoof. Fisher was tasked by her boss George Ashland to investigate the matter.[2] She became convinced that the rover had been smashed by a living creature. Indeed, she had observed a strange energy spike on the surface of the Moon where the rover had been destroyed. The spike was directed towards the Earth, and more precisely the island of Oahu and Fisher hypothesized that four creatures had left the Moon and arrived on Earth. However, Ashland thought that Fisher was only talking nonsense and dismissed her of the Moon mission. Not much distressed, Fisher decided to fly to Oahu to investigate the matter herself.[3]

Looking for Black Bolt

Louise Threatened Medusa

Fisher is threatened by Medusa

"Look, can you just tell me, did the guy that you arrested, did he did he show any sort of, like, unusual powers?"
"I didn't see anything."
"Really? Not even that cop car flying through the air?"
―Louise Fisher and Pena[src]

Having heard the story of Black Bolt sending a police car fly by the sole power of his voice, Fisher went to Oahu County Correctional Facility where Black Bolt was imprisoned. As Captain Pena claimed to the journalists that he could not say anything about the new inmate, Fisher insisted and asked if she could meet him. However, Pena denied her request. Fisher did not give up and remained in his car right in front of the prison until Pena came to see her, threatening to have her car removed by force if necessary. Nevertheless, Fisher elected to ignore the warning and witnessed Black Bolt and Sammy escape the prison while an helicopter landed in the prison's yard. Right after that, she saw Medusa knocking a guard and decided to figure out what this was all about. As the helicopter left with Black Bolt and Sammy, Fisher asked Medusa about the situation, but the Queen of Attilan simply held her at gunpoint and ordered Fisher to follow the helicopter.[4]

The Queen

"Do you have a job on the Moon?"
"I'm their Queen."
"No wonder you're so bossy."
―Louise Fisher and Medusa[src]

While chasing the helicopter taking Black Bolt away, Fisher tried to know more about Medusa and her connection to him, but Medusa kept threatening to shoot her. She forced Fisher to accelerate and go through a red light, which caught the attention of a passing police car. As the police was chasing them, Fisher intended to stop, but Medusa told her to carry on. Fisher tried to outrun their pursuer and Medusa shot at the car with her laser gun, ditching the police car. However, they had lost the helicopter during the pursuit, much to Medusa's anger. The two women stopped nearby a beach and Fisher figured out that Medusa and Black Bolt came from the Moon. Fisher then explained that she might be able to find the helicopter.

Make Way for... Medusa 3

Fisher and Medusa try to locate Black Bolt

Fisher and Medusa rented a hotel room and Fisher used her computer to access the Callisto Aerospace satellites data to locate the helicopter. However, the police found them once again as they were forced to flee. On the way, Fisher realized that she had forgotten her toy rocket and Medusa agreed to return to pick it up. After reuniting, the two women went to a fast-food and kept looking for the helicopter, with Fisher learning more about Attilan and Medusa's position in it. After successfully pinpointing the location of Black Bolt, the two women decided to leave, but Medusa took advantage of Fisher's distraction to take her computer and leave without her. Nonetheless, Fisher found Medusa and both of them argued when Medusa mocked Fisher's toy rocket and considered that her father's behavior was as stupid as Medusa's parents'. When Fisher angrily stated that she had violated several laws only to help Medusa, the argument subsided and Medusa acknowledged that she liked Fisher.

Now fully collaborating, the two women drove to the Declan Research Facility Lab where Black Bolt was in the middle of a confrontation with Auran's squad. Fisher knocked Mordis unconscious with the car, triggering an explosion which ended the standoff and enabled Medusa and Black Bolt to be reunited. After putting Locus in the trunk, Fisher drove away from the lab to find the other members of the Inhuman Royal Family.[1]

Family Reunion

"Who's this lovely human?"

When Locus finally woke up, Fisher stopped her car and they all got down to find Karnak, who was supposed to be nearby. Before leaving, Fisher told Medusa to treat Locus with more respect, though Medusa did not really pay attention to her. Fisher and the others proceeded further through the forests of Oahu. On their way, Maximus called Locus' Com-Link which was smashed by Black Bolt, and Fisher reclaimed the broken wristband.

Something Inhuman This Way Comes... 3

Fisher discusses Attilan's caste system with Locus, Medusa and Black Bolt

Later, Fisher expressed surprise upon learning that Medusa had married the son of the people who had executed her parents, but Medusa replied that she and Black Bolt understood each other. Nevertheless, Fisher advised them to pay more attention to people like Locus who criticized the Attilan ruling system. They eventually found and fought Tua's traffickers, after which they met with Karnak, Gorgon and Jen. Following the reunion, Jen left but Locus, who had been wounded during the fight, died after revealing that Crystal was also on Earth.[5]

Finding Crystal

The Gentleman's Name is Gorgon 7

Fisher, Black Bolt and Medusa look for Crystal

"Yes, there are bad people on Earth, but I would say most are good. I mean, what if I thought that everyone on Attilan was like your Maximus?"
―Louise Fisher to Medusa and Black Bolt[src]

Auran called Locus' Com-Link reclaimed by Fisher and informed them that she held Evan Declan and Sammy hostages at the Declan Research Facility Lab. Therefore, the team decided to split up: Fisher went with Black Bolt and Medusa to find Crystal by tracking down the energy blast which had burst upon the Princess' arrival on Earth. After stopping the car to check the map, Fisher asked her Inhuman associates why Attilan was located on the hidden side of the Moon, to which Black Bolt replied that they were hiding from Humans. Fisher explained that not all Humans were bad, just like not all Inhumans were as bad as Maximus. Although Medusa agreed, she pressed Fisher upon finding her sister.

Fisher noticed several flashes of lightning seemingly occurring at the same spot and Medusa figured out that Crystal was generating them. Fisher drove there and they indeed found Crystal and her friend Dave. They returned to Dave's barn to pick Lockjaw and upon seeing the giant dog, Fisher expressed her wish to go to the Moon as well. However, they discovered that the police was there after Audrey called them. While Dave played for time, the Inhumans decided to leave with Lockjaw while Fisher remained behind. When the policemen opened the door, they only found Fisher, who pretended to be Dave's new girlfriend, convincing them that Audrey was simply jealous of her and was only talking nonsense.[6]

Evacuation of Attilan

"There isn't a friend that I trust more than you."
"She doesn't have that many friends."
"Neither do I."
Medusa, Crystal and Louise Fisher[src]

Fisher returned to her apartment, where she was visited once again by Medusa who needed her help. Before Medusa could express her wishes, Fisher insisted that she wanted to go to the Moon, but Medusa informed her that Attilan was on the verge of collapsing and that she needed Fisher's help to organize the evacuation of Attilan. To that end, Fisher contacted her superior George Ashland and met him at Callisto Aerospace Control Center. Ashland disbelieved Fisher and Medusa until Crystal teleported with Lockjaw, prompting Ashland to call his superiors and arrange the evacuation and the gathering of the Inhumans.

Before leaving back, Medusa trusted Fisher with Terrigen Crystals she had brought to Earth to ensure Maximus could not seize them, stating that Fisher was her most trusted friend. In return, Fisher gave her toy rocket containing her father's ashes to Medusa so she could take it to the Moon, finally fulfilling Fisher's father's dream. Fisher remained on Earth and welcomed the Inhuman newcomers before attending Medusa's speech in front of her people.[7]


"You were hired here because everyone thinks you're brilliant. A little nutty, maybe, but brilliant. But now it's looking like the nutty part is pushing brilliant right out of the way."
George Ashland to Louise Fisher[src]

Fisher is an enthusiastic, lively and brilliant woman who is willing to do her best to fulfill her dreams of organizing and taking part to a manned mission to the Moon. An idealistic person, she fully embraced her father's vision of the world as her own and sometimes confronted Medusa about the fact that Attilan rigid caste system was not perfect. Fisher is also very curious and excited by new things as demonstrated when she deeply investigated the cause of the destruction of Callisto Aerospace rover, not fearing to resort to extravagant alien explanations which eventually turned out to be true. She showed no hesitation to contradict and criticize Medusa's hard behavior and was keen on convincing the Queen of the Inhumans that Humans could be good and caring people. She formed a close friendship with Medusa and agreed to help her on several occasions, even if this meant violating some laws.


"I've been, uh, tinkering with it. I'm a bit of a tinkerer. It's just... It's a habit that I have."
―Louise Fisher[src]
  • Expert Scientist: Fisher works as a scientist for Callisto Aerospace and was put in charge of remotely controlling a rover on the surface of the Moon. Her superior George Ashland describes Fisher as a brilliant woman, albeit quite eccentric.
  • Engineer: Fisher displays some skills in engineering as she managed to repair Locus' Com-Link which had been crushed by Black Bolt.


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