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"The hospital was attacked by men in masks. And the one I took down had a scar like from an autopsy. Like he had died and come back to life once before. And his friends broke in and killed Louisa. The hospital wants to cover it up. They're saying that a junkie stabbed Louisa."
Claire Temple[src]

Louisa Delgado was a colleague of Claire Temple working at Metro-General Hospital. She was killed when the Hand attacked the hospital.


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  1. The Attack on the Hand cannot be much longer than a month before Christmas, December 25th, as Murdock still has cuts and bruises from the battle then, so at the earliest it is mid-November, and Delgado's death is 3 nights before that, so at the earliest it is November. However, Just to Get a Rep has to be after this event. DWYCK shows the date to be December 1st, and Just to Get a Rep is a while before that, so at the latest as well this is November.