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"And if I were you guys, I'd put those weapons down. LAPD has a little thing about black folks waving guns around."
Alex Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

The Los Angeles Police Department, often shortened LAPD, is the primary organization responsible for law enforcement and crime investigation in Los Angeles, and it is the third largest municipal police force in the United States of America.


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The Lady in the Lake

"Two years ago, the Lady of the Lake Killer dropped two dead women in Echo Park Lake. Led a task force with manhunts, press conferences, and everything."
Andrew Henry[src]

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Cooperation with SSR

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Blockbuster Video Incident

The LAPD contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. to report about a mysterious woman who was found near a destroyed Blockbuster store. While Phil Coulson went to speak with the officer, Vers was questioned by Nick Fury. While they were talking, Vers was attacked by a Skrull Spy, so she went to follow him, as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.[1]

Most Wanted

"You two, show me your hands! Now! Get 'em up!"
Cook to Skye and Grant Ward[src]

In the early stages of the HYDRA Uprising, the LAPD received an anonymous tip about Grant Ward, wanted for multiple crimes. A group of LAPD officers went to Ruthie's Skillet, where Ward with Skye was and began evacuating the diner. They then moved towards Skye and Ward to arrest them.

However, despite being warned by Skye that Ward was armed and dangerous, he managed to briefly escape from the officers and to incapacitate several of them. Skye rushed to a couple of other officers outside, trying to get arrested to be safe away from Ward, but the officers were taken down by Ward as well, forcing Skye to attempt to flee with their car until Deathlok intervened.[2]

Assassination of Amy Minoru

"That detective is the man my parents called when Amy died. He came to the house. He said he'd handle it."
Nico Minoru to Alex Wilder[src]

Flores was called by Tina Minoru upon discovering the body of her daughter Amy, who had actually been murdered by Jonah. Flores went to the Minoru Mansion and met with Tina, declaring that he would handle the case and eventually concluding that Amy had committed suicide.[3]

Working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

"The situation is that there is an escaped fugitive on the loose, and S.H.I.E.L.D. is assisting LAPD with the hunt."
Jeffrey Mace[src]

The LAPD was mobilized when Eli Morrow, allied with the Chinatown Crew, attempted to build a giant Quantum Battery. The police, siding with S.H.I.E.L.D., surrounded the Chinatown Crew Headquarters to prevent the criminals from escaping. However, they did not actively take part in the battle against Morrow and his thugs, leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. to do the fighting as Jeffrey Mace preferred to keep the life of the police officers safe.[4]

Destiny Gonzalez

"If you know anything about Destiny Gonzalez, you are being urged to contact Detective Flores with the West Los Angeles Division."
WHiH Newscaster[src]

The LAPD investigated the case of the Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez, whose body had been found washed out on a beach in Los Angeles, as she had actually been murdered by Victor Stein to cover up her failed sacrifice. Flores was put in charge of the investigation and issued a statement in which the LAPD called for any witnesses to provide information.[5]

Kidnapping of Alex Wilder

"Flores, I need three guys in an unmarked car, now."
Geoffrey Wilder to Flores[src]

When Alex Wilder was kidnapped by Darius Davis, Flores agreed to send three LAPD officers to help Geoffrey Wilder get his son back. During the ensuing confrontation against the Crips, one officer was killed.[6]

Looking for the Runaways

Wrong Detainees

"I'm sorry. I don't know what to say. My men assured me..."
"Maybe you need more than just men handling your shit."
"Don't call till you actually have them."
Flores, Catherine Wilder and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Eventually, as he was pressured by PRIDE, Flores officially declared that the Runaways were suspected to be involved in the death of Destiny Gonzalez and that they were wanted for interrogation.[7]

When the Runaways attempted to flee from PRIDE, the LAPD was called by Geoffrey Wilder, who instructed Detective Flores to do everything to find the teenagers.[8] Flores set up a search across the whole city of Los Angeles and was later informed by his men that they had found a group of teenagers matching the Runaways' description.

Flores called PRIDE and had them come to the District 27 West Side Station so they could pick up their children. However, Flores was blamed for his men had arrested the wrong teenagers, and the LAPD was heavily criticized by Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder for this blunder.[9]

Corrupt Strike Team

"We're an organization of criminals. We always need someone on the inside. And clearly, AWOL wants the job."
Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Flores assisted Catherine Wilder to frame Darius Davis for the Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez to drop the charges against the Runaways. He arranged for her to meet Davis at the Gordon Hotel so that she could murder him. Once the crime was perpetrated, Flores and his men arrived to give the impression of an investigation. Flores prevented Davis' wife Tamar to access the crime scene[10] and later had the video security files of the hotel erased.[11]

The strike team finds the body of Jonah

The LAPD was called on the PRIDE Construction Site when Topher violently assaulted a worker to get some Gibborim Rocks.[12] PRIDE was later alerted of the event by the LAPD. The LAPD was later once again instructed to come to the PRIDE construction site in the aftermath of the battle which had happened between PRIDE, the Runaways and Jonah, and Flores and AWOL found the corpse at the place.[13]

Flores and AWOL meet with Catherine Wilder

The LAPD strike team was later informed by the District Attorney that Livvie had provided them with a video file showing Davis at her birthday, which occurred at the time of the murder of Gonzalez, thus proving Davis' innocence in this crime. Flores and AWOL showed this video to Catherine, who instructed them to make it disappear and orchestrate an attempt on Livvie's life to scare her.

AWOL shoots at Livvie

Therefore, AWOL and a couple of other corrupt officers went to a hospital where Livvie had gone to see her sister Tamar and shot at her. Later, the LAPD sent officers to conduct a so-called investigation, although they had no intent to carry a thorough search since they were responsible for the shooting.

Flores is asked to get rid of Oscar Gonzalez's body

Flores was also called by Leslie Dean to deal with the corpse of Oscar Gonzalez, who had been killed by Frank Dean. On that occasion, Leslie announced to Flores that PRIDE would no longer need the services of the strike team on their payroll as they intended to disband the organization.

The strike team captures Molly Hernandez

Despite this information, Flores and his strike team remained in search of the Runaways. They were notably alerted of the presence of the teenagers at the Gordon Hotel, where Davis had been murdered and rushed to find them. Although most of the Runaways were able to flee, Molly Hernandez was captured by the strike team and taken to the Black Box.[11] Flores intended to interrogate Hernandez, and even torture her if necessary, to know where the other Runaways were. However, he was quickly taken down by Hernandez's superhuman strength, losing his captive.

The strike team faces the Runaways

Outraged by the fact that the Runaways had powers and equipment the LAPD did not know about, Flores went to confront PRIDE at the PRIDE Headquarters, warning them that their children were coming for them. Flores was once again ordered to quickly find the teenagers. Later, the strike team was confronted by the Runaways at the Simply Blossom, as Alex Wilder wanted to strike a deal with AWOL to take down PRIDE. However, due to AWOL threatening them, the strike team was blocked by Nico Minoru using the Staff of One, enabling the Runaways to escape.

Flores is frozen to death by AWOL

AWOL was later confronted by Flores about this failure, causing dissensions in the team as AWOL accused Flores of wanting to betray PRIDE for his own personal interest while Flores threatened to remove him from the team. An encounter with Alex convinced AWOL to turn on Flores, causing AWOL to go to PRIDE and inform them that Flores had kept evidence of their past crimes. Thus, AWOL was made the new head of the strike team and murdered Flores so he would not get in his way. Afterward, reneging on his deal with Alex, AWOL had his team kidnap Livvie so she could tell them where the Runaways were hiding.[14]

The strike team soon obtained the location of the Hostel, where Livvie had been for a short time and drove there with Livvie as their hostage. However, they found nothing but a normal hill due to Minoru's use of a camouflage spell until they found a camera monitoring them, thus revealing the presence of the Runaways hidden in the Hostel. AWOL demanded that Minoru handed over the footage of the shooting of the hospital he had perpetrated in exchange for Livvie's life. The strike team then saw Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes escaping with their car, but before they could chase them, the camouflage was lifted and their attention was caught by Alex standing on top of the hill.

The strike team invades the Hostel

AWOL took his gun and prepared to shoot Alex, who jumped back into the Hostel, causing AWOL to go after him. However, as he abseiled down into the mansion, he was captured by the Runaways who locked down the whole mansion, causing the LAPD strike team to lose their leader. They attempted to ram the door but were later instructed by AWOL to stop as the Runaways threatened him. Eventually, though, the strike team was able to break in, finding AWOL gagged and strapped to a chair. They were then attacked by Alex using the Fistigons, but still managed to corner the Runaways in a room. However, as they prepared to shoot them, Minoru channeled power from the Dark Dimension, casting a spell which caused the strike team to disappear to an unknown location.[15]

Arrest of the Wilders

The LAPD arrests Catherine Wilder

"Because with a little help from Tamar and an anonymous note to a cold case detective, it's dominoes, bitch."
Alex Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

An LAPD detective received an anonymous tip, actually sent by Alex Wilder, in order to have his parents Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder arrested by framing them for an unsolved crime. Two officers arrived on site where Alex had fired with the gun used for this crime. They found the gun left in Geoffrey's car, leading to the arrest of both Geoffrey and Catherine by the LAPD while Alex managed to escape from his parents.[16]


Name Position Badge number Status
Andrew Henry Detective Deceased
Flores Detective Deceased
Hanover Officer Active
Cook Officer Active
Blum Officer Active
Hirish Officer Active
Nichols Officer Active
Anthony Wall Officer Inactive
Caprarelli Officer Active
Mitch Officer Inactive
Vic Officer Inactive
Jay Officer Inactive



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