Los Angeles Penitentiary is a prison located in Los Angeles.


"Even with your fine legal counsel, you may be incarcerated for some time. Doesn't make for a very convenient partnership."
Jonah to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Geoffrey Wilder was arrested and sent to the Los Angeles Penitentiary for the murder of Osiris. Wilder's friend, Darius Davis, was also arrested and sent to the penitentiary. During his time in jail, Wilder was legally counseled by the woman who would eventually become his wife, Catherine Henderson.

While serving his sentence and expecting his lawyer, Wilder was visited by Jonah. Jonah offered Wilder and Henderson to purchase land in Los Angeles Wilder had inherited from his uncle for a tremendous amount of money. In order to cement their partnership, Henderson assured Jonah that she would have Wilder out of jail within a month. Indeed, Wilder asked Davis to take the blame for Osiris' murder, which enabled Wilder to be soon released.

Eventually, Davis was also released out of the Los Angeles Penitentiary several years later.[1]


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