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The Los Angeles Bus Depot is a bus station based in Los Angeles.


Having traveled to Los Angeles, Destiny Gonzalez arrived at the Los Angeles Bus Depot.[1] Later, Gonzalez went to the bus depot as she intended to return home to see her baby daughter. However, she was found by Leslie Dean, who had welcomed her into the Church of Gibborim. Although Gonzalez initially insisted on leaving her, Dean told her that she was ready to become an Ultra member of the Church and convinced Gonzalez to postpone her departure. Gonzalez and Dean thus left the bus depot.[2]

When the Runaways decided to leave Los Angeles after the first confrontation with their parents, they went to the depot to catch a bus. Chase Stein suggested to take the bus to Phoenix, while Karolina Dean suggested to pick whatever was leaving soonest - the bus to New York City. Howewer, they watch a WHiH World News report blaming them for the murder of Gonzalez, forcing them to run away from the bus depot.[3]