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"What we're looking at is a design for a fast-neutron reactor. They built one like it in Los Alamos last year, which at full power could generate 25 kilowatts."
Jason Wilkes[src]

Los Alamos is a city located in the state of New Mexico.


Los Alamos was the primary location of the development of the Manhattan Project in the 1940s, where Robert Oppenheimer and his crew developed the first Atomic Bombs.

Howard Stark stated his desire to rename Project Rebirth as the "Brooklyn Project", paralleling Oppenheimer's Manhattan Project in Los Alamos.[1] Coincidentally, Stark was later involved in the Manhattan Project.[2]

In 1946, a reactor similar to a fast-neutron reactor was built in Los Alamos.[3]


  • Los Alamos translates into "The Cottonwoods" in Spanish.


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