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Lorraine was a resident of the Griffith Hotel.


Lorraine was a patron of the Griffith Hotel around the time Peggy Carter harbored Howard Stark, who had been branded a fugitive from the law.


Carrying Stark's duffle bag, Carter successfully kept Miriam Fry from catching her smuggling him into the Hotel through the dumb waiter; however, Carter did not know where Stark went. Hearing laughter, Carter pounded on Lorraine's apartment door. Lorraine wrapped her night robe around herself as she answered the door, telling Carter that her knocking awakened her. Stark then came to the door, stuffing his shirt into his pants and claiming that Carter was his cousin.

Lorraine asked how much he looked like Howard Stark; Carter said that Stark was taller. As Lorraine waved goodbye, Stark was given his duffle bag and pushed into Carter's apartment across the hall.[1]


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