"So we're looking for an angry blonde. Have you called my house?"
Roger Dooley[src]

Loretta Dooley is the widow of late Strategic Scientific Reserve Chief Roger Dooley.


Happier Times

"That bird's not going to carve itself, Hon."
―Loretta Dooley[src]
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"I am not inadequate; a plumber with flat feet, that's inadequate."
Roger Dooley[src]

Loretta Dooley had an affair with a plumber while her husband Roger was fighting overseas during World War II.[1]

Troubled Marriage

"There's just so much water under the bridge between me and Loretta, I wouldn't know where to begin."
Roger Dooley[src]

Loretta and Roger no longer spent nights together as Roger slept in his office at the New York Bell Company. He had a razor, toothbrush, and blanket there; though Roger kept pictures of both her and the children, Loretta's picture remained face down.[1]

Final Call

"Can I come by and see you and the kids and just talk?"
Roger Dooley[src]

Loretta received a phone call from Roger, asking if he could see her after he left work. They agreed to talk when they saw each other around five o'clock.[2]





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