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"He's been hiding in Wilder this whole time."
Chase Stein

Lord of Lies is the third episode of the third season of the television series Runaways.


The Runaways become suspicious of one another with a traitor among them. Catherine takes responsibility for her past. Leslie seeks help protecting the child growing inside her.


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In a flashback, the members of PRIDE and the future members of the Runaways attend a memorial held after the death of Amy Minoru, with only Alex Wilder being absent. Catherine Wilder is convinced that Amy was murdered by Jonah and considers leaving PRIDE to protect Alex, although Geoffrey Wilder advises against it. Catherine then meets Alex out of the memorial, and tries to comfort her son, who blames himself since he thinks that Amy committed suicide and he believes that he should have seen it coming. In the present, Catherine, now serving a jail sentence, is visited by Geoffrey, and ask him to give their son a message so she can see him as well.

The Runaways are under the shock that Nico Minoru may be the host of the Magistrate's Son, but suspicions also arise towards Alex, who cannot find the X-Ray Specs the Runaways wanted to use to identify the host, and Leslie Dean, who mysteriously left the Hostel. As tensions grow, Molly Hernandez suggests that everybody should rest so that they can face the problem clear-headed in the next day. Gert Yorkes expresses her condolences to Chase Stein for the loss of his mother Janet, but insists she had not forgiven him. In their bedroom, Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean make out, but the excitement causes Minoru to begin losing control. She thus takes the remnants of the Staff of One out of the Hostel and burns it after another vision of Morgan le Fay offering to tutor her.

Leslie asks Vaughn Kaye to arrange a meeting with her mother, Susan Ellerh. She asks her to be provided shelter at the Crater, but Susan refuses, arguing that this would endanger the Church of Gibborim parishioners at the facility. Instead, Susan gives Leslie an old journal from her husband, David Ellerh, and encourages Leslie to read it. Leslie then returns to the Hostel, with the X-Ray Specs she claims to have found on the ground, which raises suspicion. Alex suggests reclaiming some material from the Inhibitor Pods at the Minoru Mansion to trigger a reaction on whoever is controlled by the Son.

Before they depart, Alex is called by Geoffrey who conveys Catherine's message, urging Alex to go and visit her in prison. Chase sets up some cameras in the Hostel to monitor the mansion in their absence should Leslie be the host. The Runaways go to the Minoru Mansion and find what they came for. Upon leaving, Minoru sees a photo displaying her mother Tina with Morgan le Fay. She then encounters her father Robert (actually an illusion generated by le Fay) and apologizes for his injuries before telling him that she destroyed the Staff of One. The Runaways try out the inhibitors in a park, and no one adversely reacts.

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Alex meets with Catherine, who explains that she is trying to make up for her mistakes and that she does not want him to follow her path. Alex refuses her apologies and angrily leaves. Back to her cell, Catherine is ambushed by a group of inmates paid off by Tamar, who murder Catherine. Back at the Hostel, Alex is informed of his mother's demise by Geoffrey. The emotional distress felt by Alex is so great that the Magistrate's Son, who is actually controlling him, finally emerges. When the Runaways return home, they find the Hostel empty: the Son tricked Leslie into coming with him, taking Leslie's baby's safety as an excuse.


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