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"Lopes, Sugar, you're babysitting, move them up there and face them towards the wall, anybody resists blindfold 'em, too much lip, shoot 'em in the head, the rest will get the message."

Lopes is a henchman working at Harlem's Paradise who took his orders from Diamondback and Shades.


Working for Diamondback

Attack on Harlem's Paradise

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  • Heckler & Koch MP5K: Lopes carried one of these submachine guns while staying at Harlem's Paradise during a protest organized by Mariah Dillard. Once Luke Cage revealed his presence, Zip and the rest of the henchmen opened fire on Cage, hoping to harm him and kill Misty Knight, whom Cage was shielding with his body. He was disarmed twice in the same set of stairs, once when scorting Claire Temple downstairs, and the other when looking for Cage, who ambushed him and knocked the gun out of him.





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