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"Shop Look Out for the Little Guy wherever books are sold, and to my two favorite partners, Hope and Cassie, this one's for you!"
Scott Lang[src]

Look Out for the Little Guy! is a book written by Scott Lang about his journey from being a convict, becoming Ant-Man, joining the Avengers and finally culminating in the battle against Thanos.


"Dive into the pages of my new book, Look Out for the Little Guy, to read all about what it's like to be the little guy (and sometimes, the very, very big guy) overcoming all the odds to help defeat Thanos."
Scott Lang

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And in that moment, all I could think was, "How did the Hulk turn me into a baby? Will I be a baby forever? Am I the Hulk's baby?" But I was ready for anything. Steve and I grew close over that. A little after that, a raccoon from space showed up. I don't think he knew my name. I was just happy to meet a raccoon who could talk.
My life doesn’t really make sense. I used to ask myself a lot of questions about that. "Scott, you're a divorced ex-con. How are you an Avenger? Why are you time traveling with Captain America? That doesn't make sense." A lot has changed about my life. But everywhere I go, people ask me the same thing. "Scott, what about now? What’s next? Where does the ride take you?" If I knew that, it wouldn't be a ride. It's been a crazy few years. For everyone. So, let's make time for the stuff that really matters. Like friends. Friends you didn't even know you had. Remember the people who got you here. You couldn't have done it without them. Hey, I'm just a guy who got fired from Baskin-Robbins. Sometimes you just get lucky. I'm lucky I met Hope van Dyne. I think you know who she is. She's taken back her dad's company. Now she's using the Pym Particle for global change. A lot of people say they want to save the world, but Hope, she saves it every day. Reforestation. Affordable housing. Food production. She's not wasting a second. I still can't believe it. None of this should have happened. But it did. It's a pretty good world. I'm glad we saved it. Do I miss the action? Sometimes. Will I be there when the Avengers need me? Absolutely. I'd never turn my back on them. But right now, the only job I want is being a dad. I love you, Cassie. Thanks for being my hero. And I'm sorry I missed some birthdays. And for the rest of you kids out there, word of advice. Look out for the little guy. Make mistakes. Take chances. Because if there's one thing life’s taught me, there's always room to grow.