"They want a trade, Ace for his father. They've set a time and a place."
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Long Beach is a city in Southern California.


Howard Stark Memorial Parkway

A highway in Long Beach was named in memory of Howard Stark.[1]

Oakland Centipede Laboratory

Raina and Edison Po left the Centipede Project laboratory in Oakland and traveled to Long Beach, in order to monitorize the trap set to Phil Coulson and his team through the Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implants installed the Centipede Soldiers.

Raina recognized Michael Peterson as one of their earlier test subjects, being impressed that he maintained his powers without having received injections since before the explosion of their laboratory in Los Angeles. Po saw Peterson as an opportunity to obtain the information they needed for "Stage Three" of the Centipede Project.

That same night, Po informed Raina that he spoke to the Clairvoyant, and although he couldn't reveal anything about him, as the last person who asked too many questions was stabbed in the eye by Po, he told Raina that he spoke about her and her many virtues to the Clairvoyant, something that Raina glad to hear.[2]

Kidnapping of Phil Coulson

In order to gain access to the information that Phil Coulson could have about his own resurrection, Centipede Project staged a meeting kidnapping Michael Peterson's son, Ace, to force him to hand Coulson, making it appear he was going to surrender himself in exchange of his son's safety.

Raina personally visited Ace, and spoke to his father through the phone, explaining him the conditions of the exchange, and what he had to say to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Coulson and his team took positions at a bridge near the port of Long Beach, designated as the location of the exchange, with Grant Ward acting as a sniper and the rest of the team staying behind as backup, in order to track Peterson using a Tracking Scent developed by Jemma Simmons.

Despite Melinda May's insistence to escort Peterson during the exchange, Coulson went himself as Peterson requested him, and he needed May to take point of the team if things wouldn't go as planned. Simmons applied the scent on Peterson's hand as Leo Fitz explained to him how they would track him when the exchange was finished.

Raina appeared escorted by the Centipede Soldiers, hiding out of Ward's sight behind a concrete mixer truck, and greeted Peterson as if he was an old friend, and tried to introduce herself to Coulson. Raina thanked Peterson for fulfilling his end of the deal and delivering Coulson in exchange for his son.

Peterson become enraged for allowing such a reprobable act, and took Raina through her neck, threatening her to liberate his son in exchange for his life, but as her employer didn't care for her life, if she died, Ace would die too. Coulson agreed to go with Raina in exchange for Ace's freedom. Peterson apologized to Coulson, and let Raina go.


Skye and Ace Peterson at the explosion

Ace was liberated, and his father took him to Skye in order to protect him, while Coulson was sedated to be taken without resistance. May ordered Ward not to engage or they could end up killing Coulson, and she contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters to know how to proceed.

Peterson told his son to stay with Skye while he did the right thing. However, as he approached the bridge again, an explosion occurred, while Raina and the Centipede Soldiers departed with Coulson in a helicopter, attacking Ward before leaving.

Flying over the city, Raina revealed to Coulson that they wanted to know what happened after his death.[2]


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