"Meet me here tomorrow night. Or else I'm in the wind, and you'll never hear from me again. Lola's Roadhouse. Come alone. I'll find you."
Amy Bendix to Sergei Konchevsky[src]

The Lola's Roadhouse is the road bar located in the state of Michigan, outside Detroit.


Traveling across the United States of America, Frank Castle made a stop in Michigan and decided to attend Lola's Roadhouse where Shooter Jennings was performing. Ordering a beer from Beth Quinn, Castle spotted Amy Bendix who said him to stop hitting on her when she caught him staring for too long, though Castle assured her he had made no attempt to do so.

Frank and Beth

Frank Castle talks with Beth Quinn

Shortly after, Castle saw Johnny who harassed Quinn what made him protect her. Johnny goaded him into attacking, to the point of threatening him with a broken beer bottle, until Ringo broke up the fight kicking Johnny out of the bar. Impressed Quinn then went to talk with Castle, inviting him back to her apartment once her shift ended. Though hesitant at first, Castle accepted, despite planning to leave first thing in the morning.

Meanwhile, Bendix found a more or less quiet corner with the phone and attempted to call Sergei Konchevsky. Konchevsky responded and Bendix informed him that Fiona and all her crew is dead but she had photographs that Konchevsky ordered. Unaware that Konchevsky was captured by John Pilgrim who was listening to their talk, Bendix told him that she resides in Lola's Roadhouse and said to come alone and paid her for photographs.

The Punisher Promo S2 9

Amy Bendix is waiting for Sergei Konchevsky

At the next night, Castle decided to attend Lola's Roadhouse once again. Returning to the bar, Castle ordered another drink and Quinn thanked him for changing his mind. Suddenly, Castle noticed Bendix he had been running into, along with several suspicious looking individuals pursuing her. Bendix who spotted them too attempted to escape through the window in the women's bathroom, however, she was attacked by Marlena Olin and her mercenaries.

They were soon confronted by Castle who heard Bendix's scream. He quickly subdued two of mercenaries why Olin was knocked out by Bendix. She refused to explain why they pursued her but Castle nevertheless offered to escort her out of the bar. Castle then decided to get her out of the bar and escorted her through the crowd. They then separated and Bendix was grabbed by mercenary and Castle used his opportunity and confronted him. Thinking about it as another bar fight, Quinn asked Ringo to deal with it. While Ringo dealt with more mercenaries went to help their partner, Quinn attempted to call the police but changed her mind when she saw that mercenaries were fighting against Castle.

The Punisher Promo S2 22

Frank Castle fights against mercenaries

Castle and Ringo took down several hostiles before Ringo was shot by one of the mercenaries. Quinn then charged her shotgun and attempted to help Castle but one of the mercenaries shot her in the shoulder. Mercenaries opened fire on Castle and Bendix forcing them to cover behind the bar counter. Arming himself with Quinn's shotgun, Castle managed to kill remained hostiles. Seeing wounded Quinn, Castle took her and Bendix to his van and drove away from the bar.

Soon after the incident, Pilgrim arrived at the Lola's Roadhouse where he saw multiple dead bodies and found Castle's wedding ring. Pilgrim then ordered Ferrara to cover the shootout as another turf war and find Bendix. Olin then found Bendix's backpack with her laptop that she dropped outside of the bar. Hacker hired by Pilgrim connected with cameras in the bar and showed Pilgrim and Olin footage with Castle taking down all enemies in front of him.[1]


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