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"I'm sorry I tried to rule Earth."
"They'd be lucky to have you!"
"I'm sorry about the thing, with the Tesseract."
―Loki Actor and Thor Actor[src]

An Asgardian Actor portrayed Loki in The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard. In 2018, he was one of the victims of the Snap, although he was resurrected by Hulk in 2023.


Asgardian Actor

The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard

"You are the savior of Asgard."
"Tell my story. Build a statue for me."
"We'll build a big statue for you."
"With my helmet on, with the big bendy horns!"
"I will tell father what you did here today."
"I didn't do it... for him."
Thor Actor and Loki Actor[src]

In the play, Loki shares a final conversation with Thor as he lies dying after the Second Battle of Svartalfheim. He apologizes for all that he has done, including his attempted conquest of Earth and his theft of the Tesseract. They happily recall Loki's mischievous antics, such as turning Thor into a frog. Thor declares Loki the savior of Asgard and Loki requests that Thor tell his story and build a statue of him. Thor promises to tell Odin of Loki's heroic sacrifice, and Loki replies that he did not do it for their father. He then dies and Thor cries out in anguish. Odin appears and tells of how Loki sacrificed himself to save Asgard from the Dark Elves and bring peace to the realm. An apparition of Loki as a child then appears and Odin recounts having his heart melted by him when he found him as an infant after the Battle of Jotunheim.[1]

Final Days of Asgard

The actor was present during Thor's return to Asgard and witnessed him forcing "Odin" to reveal that he was in fact Loki in disguise. Sometime later, when Ragnarök came to happen, as with most Asgardians including Thor and Loki, the actor survived Asgard's destruction and Hela's defeat at the hands of Surtur.[1] Led by Thor aboard the Statesman, the actor and the other Asgardians followed their leader to search a new home on the Earth.[2]

Infinity War

Unfortunately, the Statesman came to be attacked by Thanos and the Black Order. Together with Valkyrie and other Asgardians, the actor was able to escape in an escape pod. Shortly after, the actor fell victim to the Snap.[3][4], but as a result of the Blip, was restored to life five years later.[5]


  • Asgardian Physiology: As an Asgardian, the actor has superhuman abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all Asgardians, the actor is superhumanly strong and possessed greater physical strength than the average human.
    • Superhuman Durability: The actor's body is more resistant to physical harm than that of a human being.
    • Superhuman Speed: To be added
    • Superhuman Agility: To be added
    • Superhuman Stamina: To be added
    • Superhuman Reflexes: To be added
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his durability, the actor can be injured. However, his metabolism allows him to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with greater speed and efficiency than that of a human being.
    • Longevity: Like all Asgardians, the actor ages far slower than humans and has lived for thousands of years.




Behind the Scenes

  • In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi explained the reason for casting Matt Damon in the role: "Well Matt and Chris are very good friends. We were looking for someone to play Loki and it felt like if Loki was going to write a play about his death he’d want the star of the Asgard theater scene to be in the play."[6] Kevin Feige revealed in an interview with Collider that Chris Hemsworth suggested casting Damon and Feige assumed that he was joking: "There was a fun idea of “Let's get Luke Hemsworth to play Thor,” Taika had worked with Sam Neill in Hunt for the Wilderpeople. He was willing to come in and do Odin. So who could be Loki? Who could be Loki? Who could be Loki? We didn't have any brilliant ideas. At one point, off handedly, Mr. Hemsworth goes, “Well what if I ask my friend Matt?” I said, “Matt who?” He said, “My friend, Matt Damon.” “Okay. Sure. Sure Chris, ask your friend Matt Damon. He’s not doing this. Oh he’s gonna do it. He's flying down.” The next thing I know, Matt Damon is on set in a full Loki costume, full Loki wig. We have pictures that maybe we’ll share some day of Tom Hiddleston in a full Loki outfit standing next to Matt Damon in full Loki outfit. It is very surreal and very amazing.".[7]


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