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"Who are you in this vast multiverse?"
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"I betrayed everyone who ever loved me. I betrayed my father, my brother... my home. I know what I did. And I know why I did it. And that's not who I am anymore."
―Loki to Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]

Loki Laufeyson is the adoptive brother of Thor, raised in Asgard alongside him. In his adulthood, Loki's schemes led him to form an alliance with Thanos, leading his army of the Chitauri to invade the Earth. Despite his army, Loki was subsequently defeated by the Avengers, only for him to escape, having managed to get a hold of the Tesseract and teleport away. However, Loki was immediately found and arrested by the Time Variance Authority, claiming his escape was a crime against the "Sacred Timeline". Loki became recruited by Mobius M. Mobius to hunt down another variant of himself, only for him to discover that the variant was Sylvie Laufeydottir, whom Loki soon formed a partnership with. Having learnt that the TVA were built on lies, Loki had helped Sylvie to track down the Time-Keepers, only to discover that they were fakes created by He Who Remains. Loki and Sylvie were warned by He that if he was killed, his variants would rise up, only for Sylvie to betray Loki, throwing him into another timeline and murdering He. Loki then discovered that these actions had caused Kang the Conqueror to rise up and take control of the TVA.


Early Existence

Challenging the Avengers

"It's funny. For someone 'born to rule', you sure do lose a lot. You might even say it's in your nature."
"You know, things didn't turn out so well for the last person who said that to me."
"Oh, yeah, Phil Coulson. Didn't the Avengers come together to literally avenge him by defeating you?"
Mobius M. Mobius and Loki[src]

Loki was born on Jotunheim, as the rejected son of Laufey, only for him to be found and adopted by Odin of Asgard, and raised alongside Thor. However, upon learning of his true heritage, Loki attempted to conquer Asgard, only to be defeated.[10] Loki then formed an alliance with Thanos, who gave him the Scepter and an army of the Chitauri to conquer Earth. However, Loki's mission was challenged by the Avengers in New York City, who battled against Loki and his army of the Chitauri.[11]

Time Heist

Escape from S.H.I.E.L.D.

"On my way down to coordinate search and rescue."
"'On my way down to coordinate search and rescue.' I mean, honestly, how do you keep your food down?"
Captain America and Loki[src]

Loki is apprehended by the Avengers

In an alternate 2012 timeline, Loki was defeated by the Avengers in the Battle of New York. Unaware that a different group of Avengers from the main timeline were observing the situation in order to try to obtain the two Infinity Stones used during that battle, after being gagged with an Asgardian Collar by Thor for mocking Captain America, Loki was escorted by the Avengers to the first floor of Stark Tower, where they came across Alexander Pierce, who arrived to negotiate the custody of Loki, the Tesseract, and the Scepter.[3] Loki suspected that another Tony Stark had time-traveled to the past to stop him because of Stark's cologne.[1]

Loki reacts to Tony Stark's cardiac arrest

Thor and Stark argued with Pierce, as Thor noted that Loki must be judged by Asgardians, an argument that did not convince Pierce. Suddenly, Stark fell into cardiac arrest, causing Pierce and Thor to tend to him. In the ensuing chaos, the confused Loki noticed Ant-Man kicking the briefcase with the Tesseract to the main Tony Stark, who was disguised as a S.H.I.E.L.D. guard. Stark retrieved the Tesseract, but when he began to exit, he was knocked over by Hulk while he was opening the door from the stairway.

Loki escapes with the Tesseract

Hulk's interference caused the Tesseract to slide to Loki's feet. Taking advantage of the commotion caused by the Hulk, Loki took the Tesseract and used it to open a portal and escape his confinement. After Thor managed to reboot Stark's Arc Reactor, he turned his back to see that Loki was already gone.[3] Teleporting away with the Space Stone, Loki created a branched reality in the alternate timeline.[1]

Captured by the Minutemen

Loki lands in the Gobi Desert

"It's been a very long day, and I think I've had my fill of idiots in armored suits telling me what to do, so, if you don't mind, this is actually your last chance. Now get out of my way."
―Loki to Hunter B-15[src]

Loki landed in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia after being spat out from the portal he previously created using the Tesseract. After he removed his heavily damaged collar and handcuffs, Loki attempted to appear superior to the group of Mongolian locals who found him and ran to stand above them on a rock, to establish superiority. He introduced himself as "Loki of Asgard" to them, though they couldn't understand him and questioned his sudden arrival.

Loki witnesses the arrival of the TVA

Just then, the Time Variance Authority arrived to Mongolia through a portal with several Minutemen investigating the area. Confused, Loki approached the Minutemen, telling them not to touch the Tesseract. Hunter B-15 arrived and announced that Loki created a standard sequence violation to the timeline and stating he is a Variant, confusing Loki more. Hunter B-15 declared that he was under arrest for crimes against the Sacred Timeline and told him to surrender.

Loki being slowed by Hunter B-15's weapon

Loki asked who they were again, but Hunter B-15 activated her Time Stick instead of answering. Loki then noted that it had been a very long day for him after the Battle of New York and announces that he is done having idiots in armored suits ordering him around, and warned them that this was their last chance and that they get out of his way. However, Hunter B-15 swatted Loki with her Time Stick, causing him to move at 1/16th speed, and collared him. The Minutemen then took Loki and the Tesseract away and left Mongolia, pruning the alternate timeline in the process.[1]

Arrival at the TVA

Loki enters the Time Variance Authority Office

"This is a mistake! I shouldn't be here!"
"Hey there! You're probably saying, 'This is a mistake. I shouldn't even be here'. Welcome to the Time Variance Authority. I'm Miss Minutes, and it's my job to catch you up before you stand trial for your crimes!"
―Loki and Miss Minutes[src]

Loki was then brought to the Time Variance Authority Office being escorted by Hunter B-15 while trying to get a look on his surroundings. Hunter B-15 stopped him at a reception desk being run by Casey and witnessed Martin being pushed by a Minuteman. Seizing the opportunity in front of him, Loki tried to escape, running away from incarceration, but Hunter B-15 activated her Time Twister, making him appear back next to her.

Loki pointingly threatens Hunter B-15

Loki, shocked by the ability, tried a few more attempts before Hunter B-15 force Loki to move. She approached Casey and gave him the Tesseract, telling him to log it as evidence before moving onward, but Casey questioned what it was, which Loki answered what it was and to be very careful handling it. Approaching an prosecution process chamber, Loki threatened Hunter B-15, telling her that there will be consequences for arresting him, but Hunter B-15 was not fazed and shoved Loki into the chamber and closing it behind him.

Loki is undressed by Variant Processing Robot

Now locked in the chamber, the Variant Processing Robot activated and attempted to remove Loki's regal armor, agitating him. The robot continued trying removing his clothes, however, making Loki resist, and noted that it was Asgardian leather and he will not allow it. The robot, however, told Loki to be very still, and vaporized all of his armor and clothing, leaving him without anything on. The floor then dropped beneath him, dropping into a Time Variance Authority Variant inmate jumpsuit, and another room.

Loki signs everything he has ever said

In the room, Loki was met by a TVA paperwork clerk's office, where he served Loki a pile of papers, asking for his signature on the listing for verification on everything he had ever said in his life. Loki, confused as to what that means, voiced his confusion, calling it absurded. However, the printer next to the employee published Loki's confusion, and gave the paper to him, telling him to sign that paper as well. Loki, not wanting to have to sign more papers, silently obliged, dropping him into another location when he finished.

Loki enters the Robot Detector room

Loki found himself in the next processing room, where a TVA scanner clerk told him to confirm that he was indeed not a robot and was an organic-born being to his knowledge. Loki questioned if people did not know if they were robots, but the scanner clerk simply thanked Loki for his cooperation and instructed him to pass through the Robot Detector machine. Loki hesitated, however, and asked what if he was a robot and did not know it, but the clerk irritable told him that it would melt him. After hesitating enough, Loki successfully passed through, much to his relief. The clerk urged Loki through the next door after showing him his temporal aura, walked into the waiting room.

Loki passes through the waiting hall

There, Loki met up with Martin again, who dismissed a Minuteman guard telling him to take a ticket. Loki approached the ticket vender as the guard ordered him to take a ticket, but Loki noted that it there were only two Variants here. However, the guard insisted, and Loki took a ticket before passing through the empty waiting line. Taking his time navigating through, Loki screamed aloud that he shouldn't be here, but no one acknowledged his outburst.

Loki watches Miss Minutes's advertisement

Right on que, however, Miss Minutes repeated Loki's statement on a PA system, showing herself on screen of a TV in the room and introduced the viewer to the TVA. Loki curiously watched as Miss Minutes told the story of how the Time-Keepers restored order to the Multiverse by creating a "Sacred Timeline", and about how Variants veer off the Sacred Timeline, unintentionally creating a nexus event, which were being monitored by the TVA. Miss Minutes finished by telling the viewer that they must be ready to stand trial for their crimes before the message ended.

Loki witnesses Martin being reseted

Loki, left in utter awe having watched and heard everything Miss Minutes had said, scoffed and questioned the legitimacy of the Time Keepers and the Sacred Timeline, and voices his question aloud about who actually believes in the story Miss Minutes told. Turning his attention elsewhere, Loki watched as Martin argued with a Minuteman about his ticket, with Martin lying about having asked for a ticket. When Martin continued lying about not having a ticket, the Minuteman used his baton and seemingly erased Martin from existence. Terrified, Loki frantically pulled out his ticket, ready for his check-in.[1]

Judged by Renslayer

Loki getting judged by Ravonna Renslayer

"Not supposed to happen? According to whom?"
"The Time-Keepers."
"Oh, the Time-Keepers. Right. Well, perhaps I should speak to these Time-Keepers, gods to gods."
―Loki and Ravonna Renslayer[src]

Soon after, Loki's placed in front of Ravonna Renslayer, a judge in the Time Variance Authority, who sets out his charges as a sequence violation. She proceeded to ask Loki how he pleaded to the charges, to which he responded saying that a God would not plead and asked if he could return home. Instead, Renslayer repeated the question, asking him if he was guilty or not guilty. Loki told Renslayer he was guilty of being the God of Mischief and for finding all of this unnecessary, but not for a crime against the Sacred Timeline. Renslayer then asked who they should hold accountable instead, and Loki replied saying that she should suspect the Avengers, as they went on their Time Heist allowing him to end up in this situation.

Loki suggests the Avengers be questioned

Loki had then offered to personally kill them with a taskforce, if they could provide him with one along with resources, and that he knew because that he could smell two Tony Starks. Renslayer explained that the Avengers were meant to do their Time Heist, but Loki escaping was not supposed to happen. Renslayer asked one more time if Loki was innocent or not, to which Loki replied that he was guilty, before attempting to blast all the agents in the room with his Magic. Unfortunately nothing came of it when Loki questioned why his power to not work Hunter B-15 and Renslayer explain that his powers do not work in the TVA. As Renslayer planned on punishing Loki by having him erased, Loki was enraged and said that they would not dictate how his story ended, to which Renslayer said that it never was his story. Loki stated they have no clue what he was capable of, but Agent Mobius M. Mobius intervened and suggested he would take Loki in, which Renslayer reluctantly agreed to.[1]

Seeing the Future

Loki is interrogated by Mobius M. Mobius

"If you hadn't picked up the Tesseract, you would have been taken to a cell on Asgard."
"What is this? This is nonsense, more tricks. This never even happened."
"Not to you. Not yet."
Mobius M. Mobius and Loki[src]

Taking him aside, Mobius M. Mobius had volunteered to learn more of this version of Loki, with Loki and Mobius talking about whether or not Loki enjoyed killing and hurting people. After taking Loki to a room to ask him further questions, Mobius showed Loki a tape that showcased his main self's history. Loki watched his defeat at the hands of the Avengers and then to his confusion, saw his mother's death. After Mobius is alerted by Hunter B-15 that a rogue variant has been killing all of the Minutemen, Loki was left alone in the room.[1]

Learning About the TVA

Loki questioning if the TVA is the greatest power in the universe

"Is this the greatest power in the universe?"

Loki used the opportunity to escape with the Time Twister. After spotting Casey, Loki followed him and threatened to kill him if he did not give him the Tesseract. Casey complied and handed the Tesseract over to him, however Loki noticed multiple Infinity Stones in a drawer and questioned why the TVA had them. After Casey told him that they had acquired the Stones from alternate timelines, Loki questioned if the TVA was the greatest power in the universe.

Loki watches his eventual death by Thanos

Before he could get answered, Hunter B-15 and Minutemen arrived through a elevator to apprehend him. As B-15 attempted to hit Loki with her Time Stick, Loki escaped with the Time Twister. He teleported to the room where he got interrogated by Mobius M. Mobius and placed the Time Twister on the table. He then started to scroll through his alternate self's past, seeing Odin's death in Norway, his bonding with Thor, allying with Valkyrie and Hulk, and his death on the Statesman by Thanos.

Loki uses the Time Twister

Loki reeling from the fact that the Time-Keepers decided that he dies started to laugh maniacally. Hunter B-15 then came into the room and asked what was funny to which Loki straightened himself out before saying glorious purpose. Loki then uses the Time Twister against her, teleporting her elsewhere.[1]

Deal with Mobius M. Mobius

Following this, Mobius M. Mobius returned and found Loki with the Tesseract. Loki told Mobius that he did not enjoy killing or hurting people. Upon hearing this, Mobius asks Loki to work with the TVA to defeat a threat killing all Minutemen, who turns out to be a rogue variant of himself.[1]

Investigating an Ambush

Loki and Miss Minutes

"The Time Variance Authority and the gods of Asgard, one and the same. Drunk with power, blinded to the truth. Those you underestimate will devour you. You underestimate me, just as you underestimate this lesser Loki."
―Loki to the TVA[src]

Sometime later, Loki looked at Mobius M. Mobius's jet ski magazine while answering a series of questions from Miss Minutes of the nature of the timeline and the Time Variance Authority. He asked if she was alive or a recording, and she said that she was a bit of both. Loki then used the magazine to try and squash her like a bug, forcing her to retreat into a computer. Mobius then arrived, handing him a jacket, told him to gear up, as another group of Minutemen led by Hunter C-20 had been attacked.

Loki sees different variants of himself

Loki put on the jacket and followed Mobius to a briefing with Hunter B-15 and her Minutemen, where B-15 explained that C-20 and her men went dark shortly after entering 1985, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and that it was certainly a Loki, although they were not sure what kind of Loki they were. Loki made sure to tell them that it must have been a lesser kind of Loki than himself. B-15 then asked him to show off his jacket, which said "Variant", as a way to humble him before calling him a cosmic mistake. Loki then watched as Mobius played a series of images depicting different Loki variants. When Mobius began to list Loki's various powers, Loki made sure to tell them the difference between illusion projection and duplication casting as a way of proving that he was an expert on himself. Mobius then said they would be splitting up into teams, and that Loki would travel with him.

Loki gets daggers taken away by Hunter B-15

Loki then asked for a weapon, and wondered out loud why Mobius was not concerned about him betraying him, especially since he would have his Magic back. Mobius said no, and made it clear that there was a chance Loki could receive an audience with the Time-Keepers if he did well enough. They then traveled into 1985 Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Loki then asked Mobius why they could not travel to before the attack and prevent it, but Mobius explained that the destabilization of the timeline led to time acting differently near Nexus Events. Mobius then asked if he watched any training videos, and Loki proved that he did watch some by restating the definition of reset charges verbatim, and noting that it sounded like just disintegrating everything.

Loki in 1985 Wisconsin

Inside a tent, Loki entered the crime scene where some Minutemen were killed and Hunter C-20 was taken. Loki told B-15 not to underestimate the Variant, and when B-15 told her men to fan out and search for the Variant, he told them to stop, as there was most likely an ambush outside for them. Loki then went on to fabricate a theory of how the Variant needed him to complete his master plan of ruling the TVA and used many time-wasting tricks to try to get the timeline near the red line as well as convince Mobius that he needed an urgent meeting with the Time-Keepers. Mobius did not fall for this and told everyone that Loki was lying and the timeline was reset, returning to the TVA.[4]

Confronting Mobius M. Mobius

Loki researching in the library

"I could go down to Asgard before Ragnarök causes its complete destruction and I could do anything I wanted. I could, let's say, push the Hulk off the Rainbow Bridge."
―Loki to Mobius M. Mobius[src]

Upon returning to the Time Variance Authority Office, Loki was sent to the library to look over files of where the variant could be. Later, Loki went to the librarian and asked if there were any files relating to the TVA's origins and the Time-Keepers, but she directed him to files only on his history. There he stumbled upon Ragnarök, in which there were many casualties of Asgardians.

Loki speaks with Mobius M. Mobius about his theory

After proposing a theory, Loki left the library and found Mobius M. Mobius in the TVA dining area and approached him. Ignoring Mobius's comments about him interrupting his lunch, Loki sat down at the table across from him and told him about his findings. Loki then asked to borrow Mobius's salad for a demonstration and then got up and took Casey's drink to add to the demonstration. Loki made his proposition with Mobius reluctantly agreeing to help him, and the two left to test the theory.[4]

Pompeii Incident

Loki watches the destruction of Pompeii

"Be free my horned friends, be free!"

To test out Loki's theory, Loki and Mobius M. Mobius went back in time to Pompeii, Italy in 79 AD. Loki, clearly giddy about the upcoming disaster, was attempted to be calmed down by Mobius. Loki defended himself by saying that the upcoming disaster was "cool", which Mobius countered by reminding Loki they need to keep it calm in order to successfully try Loki's theory. Loki then ran out into the Public Square of Pompeii and let loose a bunch of goats, shouting for them to be freed and then to the rest of the citizens in Latin that he was called Loki. He then warned them that they were soon going to be killed by the eruption of the volcano, and that he knew because he was from the future, before questioning Mobius if the Time Variance Authority was from the future in English since he was not sure when the TVA is. As the volcano erupted, Mobius realized that Loki was right and that there was no Nexus points emerging, thus proving Loki's theory as correct.[4]

Debating Free Will

Loki speaks with Mobius M. Mobius

Loki and Mobius M. Mobius returned via Timedoor to the Time Variance Authority Office and sat down at a table. The two then discussed free will, with Loki asking Mobius how he had gotten to the TVA, and was shocked when Mobius said he was created by the Time-Keepers. Loki pressed on asking how long Mobius wanted to continue working with the TVA, with Mobius telling him that he was until the job was done. Loki was confused by Mobius's answers and how unwilling he was to explore more about the TVA and their origins. After Mobius put the analogy of the boy he met in France together with Loki as a young child, he ran off to the library and asked Loki if Asgard had any Kablooie gum. They then discovered through the files about the hurricane that would devastate a whole town in Alabama and deduced that this was the variant was.

Chasing the Variant

Infiltration into Roxxcart Store

Loki uses his magic to dry himself

"Just what do you want from me?"
"This isn't about you."
―Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]

Loki had joined Mobius M. Mobius, Hunter B-15, and the other Minutemen transported themselves via Timedoors to the year 2050 in Haven Hills, Alabama at the Roxxcart Mall. They arrived during a hurricane and once inside the building, Loki used his magic to make himself dry. B-15 and Loki split off from the others and explored the store looking for the variant. They soon came across a man shopping for azaleas, and Loki questioned why he was casually roaming the mall amid the hurricane.

Loki and Hunter B-15 explore Roxxcart

B-15 asked Loki whether the shopper could be the variant in disguise, and Loki suggested that it was possible. As B-15 moved forward, the enthralled shopper grabbed her arm, transferring energy into her body and enthralling her. After Randy, a store employee, was also enthralled, Loki realized that he had found the variant. He then pressed to find out what the variant wanted, before getting attacked by an enthralled Alabamian man who knocked Loki around the store.

Loki confronting the Variant

Loki then held his ground and demanded to see the variant herself, and soon found himself facing her. She then detonated a mass of Reset Charges, throwing the Sacred Timeline into disarray by creating hundreds of branched alternate realities, before departing through a Timedoor. Loki then watched as Mobius and the Minutemen ran towards him, but decided to leave them and jumped into the Timedoor to chase the variant.[4]

Confrontation with the Variant

Loki finding and confronting the variant

Loki came out the other side of the Timedoor and found himself back in the Time Variance Authority Office. He then took possession of the daggers that were previously put away in a locker. He then chased after the variant and cornered her in a hall outside a golden elevator. After a brief struggle, Ravonna Renslayer and two Minutemen walked up to attack them. The variant held her sword to Loki's neck, threatening to kill him, but when Renslayer did not seem to care, Loki stole a TemPad from the variant and dropped both variants through a Timedoor to Lamentis-1 in 2077, in the midst of a devastating apocalypse.[5]

Venture to Lamentis 1

Loki hiding the TemPad from the variant

Loki and the variant landed in a shed, and with the TemPad out in the open. The variant tried to recover it, however, Loki stopped her multiple times before recovering it himself, and the variant slammed him into an ash tray. She then took the TemPad off him before trying to leave, but the TemPad had run out of charge and she could go nowhere. The variant then tried to stab Loki, but he used illusions to disappear, then reappear behind her and push her into a nearby rack. When Loki took the TemPad back, she told him to give it to her as he didn't know how to recharge it. Loki said he did, as she wasn't the only tech savvy Loki, but she took offense to being called a Loki and told him to never call her that. As she lunged for the TemPad, Loki made it disappear from his grasp.

Loki learns he's on Lamentis-1

As Loki pulled out his daggers to fight, the variant indignantly taunted him about being a magician, to which he threatened to make her "disappear". However, before another fight could break out, a purple meteor smashed through the roof and took them off guard. The variant asked where Loki sent them, and they left the shed to find they were on the planet Lamentis-1 in the year 2077, where an apocalypse was taking place in the form of a moon crashing into the surface. The variant called him an idiot for bringing them here, but Loki didn't know what she meant. Another meteor crashed down in front of them and the two ran for cover as the variant explained that this was the worst apocalypse saved in the TemPad and that no one survives. She almost was hit by a meteor, but Loki pushed her out of the way.

Loki takes cover with the variant

The two managed to take cover under a large truck, and Loki asked why she wasn't killing him, and she said that because he had hidden the TemPad, if he dies it is lost. She then pointed to a mining shack to take shelter in and the two took off, but when Loki asked if they were a team, she said no. The two were bombarded by meteors on the way over, but the two safely made it inside.

The variant tries to enchant Loki

While Loki was catching his breath, the variant approached him and touched his neck before trying to use her powers to subdue his mind, similar to how she used her powers on Hunter C-20, which failed due to Loki's strong mind. The two then drew their blades again, but Loki, growing weary of their conflict, proposed a truce which she scoffed at. She asked where the TemPad was hidden, but Loki jokingly said it was in his heart, so she threatened to cut it out. Loki told her to stop trying to kill him every 30 seconds, but the variant said that he was full of it as he needed her to figure out how to recharge it and that's why Loki saved her. The variant told him that her plan was years in the making, and that when she got the TemPad back, she go finish her plan, and then kill him.[5]

Partnering with Sylvie

Loki and Sylvie exploring

"Love is a dagger. It's a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It's beautiful. Until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it..."
"It isn't real."
―Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]

Loki accompanied the variant after she left left to find a power source to charge the TemPad. The two trekked to a nearby town, and the two argued on the way, especially how she was a variant but did not like to be called one, and also did not like to be called Loki. She then told him her name was Sylvie, and Loki told her that having an alias when not Loki-like. Sylvie then dragged Loki for working for the Time Variance Authority, and said that he did not know what he wanted. He asked what he wanted, as he was confused why Sylvie would create a power vacuum so large in the TVA without planning to fill it herself, and that he never would do that. Sylvie said that she wasn't him.

Loki and Sylvie search for a power source

When they arrived at an abandoned town, Sylvie noted that their fleeing was in vain as everyone died anyways. She then said they had about twelve hours before they would die along with them, and that it would get worse as the landscape changed and society collapsed. They then found a neon sign that was powered on, and Sylvie pretended to check the electrics before asking for the TemPad, but planned to leave and abandon Loki as soon as she took it. Loki saw through it and told her to try harder. Sylvie then told him to stop pretending to be tech savvy, as the TemPad required a large energy source to recharge, not just enough power to light up a sign.

Loki and Sylvie speak to a woman

They then continued past the town and came upon a house with inhabitants. Sylvie grabbed her sword, but Loki stopped her, telling her that his diplomacy and guile would work better than her violence. She then kicked the door down, before being blown backwards by a woman with a concussive blaster cannon pointed at her door. She got up and Loki taunted her slightly before trying his tactics, which also failed and he too got blown back. The woman taunted them calling them "devils" and then asked what they wanted with her, before Sylvie asked where everyone had went. She said they went to an evacuation vessel called the Ark, and Sylvie realized that the Ark could power the TemPad. Sylvie then learned that they could get there via train, but that there were no tickets left. She and Loki then left for the train at the edge of town, discussing how they would get on it.

Loki and Sylvie on the train

The two found the train station, which had many people waiting outside to be let on. Loki then told her that they couldn't fight their way on, and Sylvie said her plan didn't involve fighting. Her plan was to enchant a guard to lead them through the crowd, and use him to kill anyone who stood in their way, probably killing all the guards and hijacking the train, and that it wasn't violent as whether there was a fight was up to the guards. Loki told her that they'd be doing this his way, before he transformed into a guard's outfit. While they passed by, the crowd yelled about how unfair it was that only the rich received tickets to salvation. When asked to see their tickets to Shuroo, Sylvie enchanted the guard to believe that headquarters had radioed a request for Sylvie to go to Shuroo that morning. The two then boarded the train.

Loki shows Sylvie a magic trick

Loki and Sylvie sat down at a table on the train and Loki asked Sylvie about her early life, before telling her about his mother and how she'd taught him magic tricks. He then demonstrated by showing Sylvie a burst of fireworks in his palm. Sylvie then asked Loki what he thought love was and Loki didn't deny when asked about whether or not he was romantically interested in just women or men also.

Loki singing Asgardian songs

After Sylvie fell asleep, Loki took off his guard uniform and began to be friendly with the passengers, singing Asgardian songs with them, while drinking. Having drunk too many drinks, Loki became drunk and not worried about his cover getting blown.

Loki blasts a magic shot at Hicks

Loki was interrupted from his singing, when Sylvie who had woken up immediately went to him and told him that a man was staring suspiciously at him, however, Loki wasn't worried. He then told Sylvie that love was a dagger and not real, which Sylvie dismissed. When a few guards walked in, Loki and Sylvie fought them off. Loki used his magic to blast one of the guards through a window, before getting tossed outside by guards himself.

Loki finds out that the TemPad is destroyed

Loki landed roughly on the ground and Sylvie followed close behind. When she asked him about the status of the TemPad, Loki pulled it out of his pocket and found it to be destroyed. This further angered Sylvie who called him a joke for not protecting it better.

Loki consoles Sylvie

Sylvie sat down in defeat, while Loki followed suit and consoled her over his failure to protect the TemPad. Loki then suggested that they still aim to escape, which would ensure their survival. Convinced that their presence might alter the programmed timeline, Sylvie and Loki made their way to Shuroo.

Loki learns the truth about the TVA

As they were walking towards the city, Sylvie told Loki that the Minutemen at the Time Variance Authority were variants too and that she had to go back a hundred years to one of Hunter C-20's memories of when she was on Earth to get information. This revelation about the TVA surprised Loki.[5]

Infiltration into the Ark

Loki and Sylvie in Shuroo

However, upon entering Shuroo, Loki and Sylvie found it crowded and struggled to get to the front. Loki asked if all the people down below were going to be left to die, startled by that fact. The two then went around the crowds through the backway before getting attacked by some more guards.

Loki reverses the fall of a collapsing structure

They then had to take cover after asteroids began falling down over the city. As they were running, a large section of a structure almost fell on them but Loki used his telekinetic powers to keep it away from them.

Loki sees the Ark destroyed

When they reached some distance from the impact site, they observed a gigantic asteroid crashing into the Ark. Loki and Sylvie fearfully gazed at the Ark, as their only hope of survival was smashed to pieces. Upon seeing this, Sylvie walked away from Loki, having fully given up on their chances of survival, while Loki stood still in shock.[5]

Escape and Capture

Loki speaks with Sylvie

"Do you think what makes a Loki a Loki is the fact that we're destined to lose?"
"No. We may lose, sometimes painfully, but we don't die. We survive."
Sylvie Laufeydottir and Loki[src]

After the Ark was destroyed, Loki and Sylvie left Shuroo and waited on the outskirts for their impending doom. Sitting down next to each other, Loki was told by Sylvie about her past on Asgard and how she had been taken as young girl by the Time Variance Authority. Loki was then told that Sylvie escaped the TVA and ran from them her whole life, which impressed him. As meteors crashed closer to them, Loki grabbed Sylvie's hand and waited for their death, when two Timedoors appeared before them. Loki and Sylvie jumped inside, as Lamentis-1 was destroyed.[2]

Second Interrogation

Loki gets taken under TVA custody again

"So I'm just supposed to take the word of two Lokis?"
"How about the word of a friend?"
Mobius M. Mobius and Loki[src]

Loki and Sylvie were transported to the Time Variance Authority Office, where they were separated from each other. Loki was then reunited with Mobius M. Mobius. Mobius and two Minutemen took Loki to the interrogation room, where Loki told Mobius that the TVA were lying to him. However, Mobius shrugged his warning off.

Loki in the Time Cell with Sif

Mobius then opened up a Time Cell and the Minutemen pushed Loki inside. Loki appeared in a past memory of him in Asgard and found himself being confronted by Lady Sif, who slapped and hit him for cutting a piece of her hair off. After Loki was knocked to the ground, he was confronted by Sif again, realizing that he had been put in a time loop. Loki then confessed to Sif that he was a narcissist and feared being alone, which caused him to do things to get attention. Following this, Mobius appeared and brought Loki out of the Cell.

Loki exposing the TVA's secrets to Mobius M. Mobius

Loki sat down at the interrogation table with Mobius and was questioned about his relationship with Sylvie. When Mobius told Loki that Sylvie had been pruned, Loki was visibly distressed at the news. Loki was then told that Mobius was lying and had been wanting to know the seriousness of his feelings for her, and that the romantic relationship he and Sylvie formed at Lamentis-1 could break the current reality. Frustrated at Mobius's questions, Loki exclaimed that everyone in the TVA were Variants and had a life before the TVA. To Loki's exasperation, Mobius believed he was lying and ordered him sent back into the Time Cell.

Loki witnessing Mobius M. Mobius getting pruned

Loki met Sif again in the Cell, but was able to stop her from punching him again, breaking the TVA's time loop. Shortly after, Mobius arrived in the Cell and told Loki that he had been right about the TVA. Loki was then led out of the Cell by Mobius only for them to be confronted by Ravonna Renslayer and a group of Minutemen. Loki witnessed Mobius returning Renslayer's TemPad to one of the Minutemen and proclaiming that he wanted to live his life before the TVA. Then to Loki's horror, Renslayer ordered Mobius to be pruned and a Minutemen zapped Mobius, causing him to disappear.[2]

Meeting the Time-Keepers

Loki and Sylvie are taken

Loki was then taken by the Minutemen under Ravonna Renslayer's orders to meet up with Sylvie who was also in custody of some Minutemen. Upon seeing each other, Sylvie asked Loki how he was doing. Renslayer then dismissed the Minutemen telling them that she could take care of Loki and Sylvie and then led them into a golden elevator. When the elevator stopped, Loki and Sylvie found themselves in the Time-Keepers chamber.

Loki stands before the Time-Keepers

They walked up to confront the Time-Keepers, and after getting threatened by them, Loki stated that he had been killed many times so it would not matter if he was again. Loki then watched as Sylvie tried to run at them, only to be caught in Renslayer's Time Twister.

Loki fights the Minutemen Royal Guards

However, the elevator opened up behind them and Hunter B-15 walked in, unlocking Loki and Sylvie's neck collars. B-15 then provided Sylvie with a Time Stick and the two began to fight off the Minutemen Royal Guards. Loki used Sylvie's weapon to kill the last of the Guards while Sylvie knocked Renslayer out. Loki and Sylvie then confronted the Time-Keepers, but Sylvie threw her weapon at one of them, decapitating it and causing its head to roll to the ground. Loki and Sylvie then realized that the Time-Keepers were actually androids, causing Loki to wonder aloud who created the TVA.

Loki gets pruned by Ravonna Renslayer

Realizing that it was just the two of them now, Loki attempted to confess his feelings for Sylvie, telling her that he had never felt that way before. However, as he was about to profess his love for her, he was pruned by Renslayer's baton, vanishing in front of Sylvie's eyes.[2]

Trapped in the Void

Meeting Alternate Selves

Loki wakes up in an alternate dimension

"Is this... Hel? Am I dead?"
"Not yet. But you will be unless you come with us."
―Loki and Classic Loki[src]

Loki woke up in the Void and realized he had been transported to an alternate dimension. He then asked aloud if he was in Hel. To his surprise, four other alternate versions of him were looking at him and the eldest one invited him to join them in order to stay alive.[12]

Loki in the Void

Loki tried to get his bearings, but the four versions of him told him to come with them as they needed to find shelter from a creature called Alioth. Once they got away from the place Loki had been sent from, he was introduced to Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and Alligator Loki. Loki was surprised upon finding out that Alligator Loki was in fact a Loki variant also.

Loki with the other Loki variants

Loki went back with them to their hideout underground and sat down while they explained who they were to him. Classic Loki told him about his life, tricking Thanos on the Statesman, and living his life by himself secluded, until he tried to reunite with his brother and was arrested by the TVA. Kid Loki told Loki that he killed Thor when he was younger, which caused him to be arrested, while Boastful Loki said he killed two Avengers and collected all Infinity Stones, but Alligator Loki snapped at him, knowing that he might have been lying.

Loki asks for their help

Shortly, Loki got up and told them that he was going to go back out and get past Alioth so he could find a way out of the Void. He then asked them to join him as he needed all the help he could get, but they all laughed at him and stayed seated. Frustrated, Loki walked off to the ladder.[13]

Ambush at the Loki Palace

Loki meets President Loki

"Hello. Which one of us are you?"
"This is a nightmare."
President Loki and Loki[src]

When Loki opened the hatch to get out of the hideout, he was met by President Loki and several other Loki variants who looked down at him and asked which Loki was he. Exasperated at how many different Loki's he had met, Loki didn't even try to fight them off and let them come down to the hideout.

Loki becomes irritated at the alternate Loki interaction

Loki stayed off on the sidelines while Boastful Loki told Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki that he had double crossed them by leading President Loki and his army there. When President Loki found out he was too double crossed, Loki put his hand on his face in irritation. Loki then watched as Alligator Loki bit President Loki's hand off, and a fight ensued. Classic Loki created a portal for them to escape, and Loki followed behind as he, Alligator Loki, Kid Loki, and Classic Loki left the hideout.

Loki with Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki

Loki, Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki wandered throughout the Void until they saw a beam shine down from the sky and a huge warship, called the USS Eldrige, crashed down onto the ground. They then watched as Alioth arrived and

Reuniting with Mobius and Sylvie

Loki speaks with Mobius M. Mobius and Sylvie

Loki watched as a car drove up to them and saw Sylvie step out of the car, much to his excitement. He ran over to meet her and was also pleased to see Mobius M. Mobius. Sylvie told Loki that she was there because she thought he needed backup. Loki then introduced them to Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki.

Loki spends time with Sylvie

Loki sat down with Sylvie on the grassy field, while Mobius talked to the other Loki's. As they were sitting, Loki used his powers to have a blanket materialize around him, and later, around Sylvie. Sylvie asked Loki if she could trust him, and Loki assured her that she could, as he had changed for the better.

Loki says goodbye to Mobius M. Mobius

Sylvie handed Loki a TemPad, but he told her that he would stay with her as she attempted to enchant Alioth. He gave the TemPad to Mobius instead, who asked Kid and Classic Loki if they wanted to go with him, but they declined, opting to stay in the Void. As Mobius opened up a Timedoor to leave, Loki hugged him and thanked him for being his friend.

Escape from Alioth

Loki tries to distract Alioth

Loki and Sylvie waited around for sometime before Alioth returned. When he did, Loki told Sylvie he would make a distraction and ran off away from her, hoping that Alioth would follow him. However, the distraction didn't work and Alioth headed towards Sylvie instead. However, she was saved by Classic Loki, who casted an illusion of Asgard, and drew Alioth's attention to him, ultimately sacrificing his life so they could enchant him.

Loki helps enchant Alioth

Loki caught back up with Sylvie and watched as she tried to enchant Alioth. She told him to join her, and that he could do it, even though he thought he couldn't. Loki joined her and was able to use his powers to enchant Alioth, leading the two of them to be able to get past Alioth.

Loki and Sylvie see the portal

After Alioth went away, Loki and Sylvie watched as a portal opened up and in the distance, they could see a castle. Together, the two held each others hands and walked towards the portal.

Confronting He Who Remains

Loki and Sylvie at the Citadel at the End of Time

"You're a flea on the back of a dragon. In for one hell of a ride. But you did manage to hang on. I guess that counts for something."
"I'm not sure you quite understand the situation. You've lost. We found you."
He Who Remains and Loki[src]

Loki and Sylvie walked up to the Citadel at the End of Time and debated outside whether or not they would knock on the doors or not. Sylvie told Loki she wanted to have a moment to process everything, since it was personal for her to be there. However, the doors opened up on their own and Loki and Sylvie, with weapons drawn, walked inside cautiously.

Loki and Sylvie are confronted by Miss Minutes

The doors closed behind them and when they turned back around, Miss Minutes popped up in front of them, startling them. Miss Minutes told them that they had finished their long journey and that He Who Remains had proposed a deal for them to stay together on the Sacred Timeline. Miss Minutes then told them that they could have what they wanted, and Loki asked what did they want. Miss Minutes told him that he could be winning the Battle of New York, kill Thanos, take the Infinity Gauntlet, and become king of Asgard, additionally telling Sylvie she could have happy memories. However, Loki and Sylvie believed it to be fictional and Loki said that they write their own destinies, before walking away.

Loki and Sylvie see He Who Remains

After walking into another room, Loki saw several statues resembling the Time-Keepers, some were dusty and others fallen on the floor. An elevator door rung, causing Loki and Sylvie to draw their weapons in defense. The elevator then opened up revealing He Who Remains, who invited them to come up to talk with him in his office. In the elevator, Sylvie tried to kill He Who Remains, but he evaded her effortlessly.

Loki listens to He Who Remains

In He Who Remain's chamber, Loki was offered a seat and a drink. Eventually, Loki and Sylvie sat down and listened as He Who Remains told them that he had been behind their every move from Lamentis-1 to the Void. He Who Remains then told them about the Multiversal War, his variants, Alioth, and creating the Time Variance Authority to protect the Sacred Timeline. He Who Remains then offered them a deal telling them that they could take his place, as he was old and tired, or kill him and unleash his variants and another Multiversal War.[6]

Fighting Sylvie

Loki tries to stop Sylvie

"I've been where you are. I've felt what you feel. Don't ask me how I know. All I know... is I don't wanna hurt you. I don't want a throne. I just... I just want you to be okay."
―Loki to Sylvie Laufeydottir[src]

After Sylvie tried to kill He Who Remains again, Loki stopped her, leading her to believe that he couldn't be trusted and that he had lied to her. Loki tried to reason with her about the necessity to just talk about it, but Sylvie, who was full of revenge, didn't want to listen and accused Loki of wanting the throne of Asgard. Loki declined this and dueled Sylvie as she tried to get at He.

Loki pleads with Sylvie

After another almost kill, Loki intervened and told Sylvie that he had been in her place before and knew how she felt. He told her that all he wanted was for her to be okay, leading Sylvie to drop her sword.

Loki and Sylvie kiss

Sylvie then kissed Loki, expressing their feelings towards each other. At the end, however, she stepped back and told him that she was different than him. Loki watched in horror as she grabbed He Who Remains' TemPad, opened a Timedoor, and pushed him into it.[6]

Meeting Kang's TVA

Loki returns into the Time Variance Authority

"What are you talking about?"
"Who are you? What's your name?"
―Loki and Mobius M. Mobius[src]

Loki was sent back to the Time Variance Authority, leaving him shocked and saddened by Sylvie's actions. He sat down on a couch and thought about it, before getting composed and walking off.

Loki speaking with Mobius M. Mobius

Loki ran off to find Mobius M. Mobius, and found him and Hunter B-15 in the library. He rushed over to them and told them about the Citadel at the End of Time and the different variants of He Who Remains. He told them that they had unleashed them and they were coming, however, Mobius didn't recognize Loki and asked who he was and what division he was in, leading Loki to become panicked.

Loki sees Kang the Conqueror's statue

Loki looked over to where the Time-Keepers' statues were, only to find a statue of Kang the Conqueror. Loki looked in horror as he realized that Kang had already come into power and that he was in Kang's TVA.[6]


"I'm a horrible person. I get it. I really am. I cut off your hair because I thought it'd be funny. And it's not. I crave attention... because I'm... I'm a narcissist. And I suppose it's... It's because I'm scared of being alone."
―Loki to Sif[src]
This section requires expansion

The Loki Variant was similar in many ways to the Loki of the main timeline, as he possessed an incredible of amount of arrogance, ego, and deceitfulness bordering on narcissism, along with having a lot of pride in his own abilities. This is shown by how he initially wanted to conquer the TVA, despite his lack of control of things. Having not gone through the emotional growth of his main timeline counterpart, Loki was still noticeably quite selfish and self-centered.

Just like Loki's main counterpart, he still possesses love and affection for his family, noticeably erupting in anger when Mobius revealed that not only did Frigga die, but he was also indirectly responsible for her death. Out of all his family members, Loki had a great deal of respect to Frigga, due to how she always supported him whenever he needed it the most. His great regard of Frigga is seen when he is talking to Sylvie about how she taught him about sorcery and illusions, along with how he sang a song in Asgardian about how he longed for the most was for his mother to be there with him. Loki displays genuine happiness upon learning in the main timeline that he had made peace with his father, Odin and his brother Thor, ending up crying tears of joy. He also reveals to Mobius that deep down, he does not genuinely enjoy hurting people or causing death.

Throughout, his journey at the TVA, Lamentis-1, the Void, and the Citadel at the End of Time, his new experiences his character grows to be far less selfish and self-centred owing to the company of Sylvie and Mobius M. Mobius. This was seen when he him not want anything for himself at the Void, being disgusted at what the other Loki variants used to do just for the purpose of conquest, wondering if he was any different himself. Likewise, throughout his pursuit of "glorious purpose", Loki realises that he never really wanted to have the control of everything, he just wanted to be a person who could be trusted and loved, as seen by how he tells Sylvie how he never really wanted his own empire, he just wanted her to trust him, and wanted her to be alright, as she was wondering his true allegiance as he was stopping her killing He-Who-Remains.

As revealed by his brief confession to Lady Sif's memory, he does so because of his own perceived inadequacy of himself, only wanting power over others, hurting other people, and conquest just so he can have some control over his life because he is a narcissist. By the time Loki gets pruned, he realises that there is no real "glorious purpose" in mere conquest, he discovers that finds it with his love, respect, and bonding with others.

Powers and Abilities

"You have no idea what I'm capable of!"

As a Frost Giant, Loki possesses superhuman powers such as strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes. He is also very skilled in the use of Asgardian magic. As he shares the same history as the original Loki up until May 4, 2012, Loki possesses the same abilities as his original timeline counterpart up to that point.


  • Frost Giant Physiology: Loki is a Frost Giant who had been enchanted to look like an Asgardian. Due this heritage, Loki possesses the natural abilities of any Frost Giant, such as superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility and healing, the ability to manipulate ice and cold, and live for thousands of years.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all Frost Giants, Loki is superhumanly strong. This allowed him to overpower Hunter B-15 in combat. While he struggled against his variant controlling a larger body, he was easily able to contend with Lamentian guards and even launch one through a window with a single kick.
    • Superhuman Durability: Loki's body is more resistant to physical damage than the body of a normal human being. He survived falling into the Gobi Desert from a high altitude, being soundly beaten by his variant controlling a larger body and being tossed out of a moving train. He even endured the magical attacks of his variant without suffering any harm worse than being knocked to the ground.
    • Superhuman Speed: Like all of his species, Loki is naturally faster than humans. He and Sylvie managed to outrun the meteors and destruction on Lamentis-1.
    • Superhuman Agility: Loki naturally possesses greater agility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than that of a normal human being. He is agile enough to keep up with Sylvie.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Like all Frost Giants, Loki's musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than that of humans.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Loki possesses superhuman reaction time, as he telekinetically prevented a building from toppling on him and Sylvie.
    • Superhuman Senses: Loki could distinguish that there were two versions of Tony Stark present before he escaped with the Tesseract based on their pungent cologne.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his body's resistance, Loki can be injured like any other Asgardian or Frost Giant. However, his metabolism enables him to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with greater speed and efficiency than that of a human.
    • Longevity: Loki has the capacity to live for thousands of years.
    • Cold Immunity: Like all Frost Giants, Loki is immune to the otherwise cold. He only pretended to feel cold in the Void in order to get closer to Sylvie.
"Someone taught you fairly decent magic."
Sylvie Laufeydottir to Loki[src]
  • Master Sorcerer: Loki was taught Asgardian magic by Frigga while growing up in Asgard.
    • Illusion Manipulation: Loki can generate detailed images from outside himself, which are perceptible in the external world.[4] He would proceed to demonstrate his abilities to Sylvie after speaking of his mother's training by creating a small projection of fireworks from his hand in an effort to impress her.[5]
    • Duplication Casting: Loki could recreate an exact facsimile of his body, which acts as a true holographic mirror of its molecular structure in its present circumstance.[4]
    • Presence Concealment: Loki was able to render himself and others unseen and unheard to whomever he wanted. This effect could be achieved both though him creating the illusion of letting light waves pass through himself or as simply a trick of the mind, similar to hypnosis. Whilst battling Sylvie, he disappeared in a green flash, evading her sword swing, before reappearing behind her and knocking her away. This could also extend to items in his possession, such as the TemPad he made invisible after having it disappear from his grip to hide it from Sylvie, a method which unfortunately did not protect it from being destroyed when Loki was thrown from a train. Loki additionally managed to appear in front of Sylvie as she was about to attack He Who Remains, having previously been left dazed on the other side of the room.
    • Shapeshifting:

      Loki turning into Captain America

      With this, he could alter his attire, his voice and his physical appearance in order to resemble another person. Loki's shapeshifting could not free him of any restraints placed upon him, as when he transformed into Captain America to mock him, Loki's hands were still bound, although he made it appear that the restraints had vanished using illusions. After entering the Roxxcart Mall in Haven Hills, the rain soaked Loki sent a wave of green energy across his body to instantly dry himself off. After being gifted Laevateinn by Kid Loki, Loki manifested a harness to sheath the sword on his back.
    • Conjuration: Loki was able to cause objects to appear or disappear according to his will, such as instantly summoning his daggers when needed for combat. However, he must first acquire the objects before summoning them, as he needed to take the dagger from the locker confiscated by Hunter B-15 as only later could he summon them when needed. On Lamentis-1, Loki managed to make a TemPad disappear, secretly transporting it into his back pocket and using illusions to make it invisible. After being thrown from a train, he removed it from his pocket, making it visible to reveal it had been unknowingly destroyed by his fall. In addition, Loki demonstrated the ability to generate tangible items, such as a quill and parchment he was able to write on before making vanish while on a train ride with Sylvie and a green and gold blanket that he could extend to encompass his variant while the two were in the Void.
    • Telekinesis: Loki is able to influence objects and move matter with mere gestures and focus. During his duel with his variant in Roxxcart, Loki summoned a Roomba vacuum from a shelf, sending it flying straight into his grip. On Lamentis-1 he used his mind to lift a large piece of a falling building and return it upright, something that required sustained effort and all of his concentration to accomplish. He used his telekinetic abilities to pull Sylvie away from He Who Remains, dragging her a few feet backwards before she broke free and attacked him in retaliation.
    • Energy Blasts: Loki can project green energy bolts and blasts, allowing him to strike, push, or blow away his targets. The blasts are powerful enough to send an adult humanoid flying and even stun other Jotuns. During his duel with Sylvie, his energy blasts were powerful enough to stop her from going ahead and killing He Who Remains.
    • Enchantment Resistance: Loki is able to resist enchantment against his will. He claims this is because his mind is too strong.
    • Enchantment: Just like his counterpart Sylvie, Loki can enchant his victim by making physical contact and then grab hold of its mind. Loki used this power together with Sylvie to control Alioth.


"You're very clever."
"I know."
Mobius M. Mobius and Loki[src]
  • Genius-level Intellect: Loki possesses a high-level intellect, something Mobius M. Mobius was aware of when interviewing him. He quickly deduced the involvement of time travel when he realized that there were two versions of Tony Stark present before he escaped with the Tesseract. During his TVA training, he quickly understood their rules and technology. Mobius later called him "very clever," a statement with which Loki agreed.
"Let's talk about your escapes. You're really good at doing awful things, and then just getting away."
Mobius M. Mobius to Loki[src]
  • Master Tactician: Loki, as the God of Mischief, is a master strategist and escapologist, and according to Ravonna Renslayer, his file describes him as "unpredictable." He nearly succeeded in conquering Midgard while leading the Chitauri Invasion. When working at the TVA, Loki found it "adorable" that Agent Mobius could possibly manipulate him and claimed to be ten steps ahead of him, an incredibly smart person himself.
  • Expert Thief: Fitting with his mischievous nature, Loki is an adept pickpocket. He deftly stole Mobius' Time Twister when the latter helped him stand up. He also stole Sylvie's TemPad.
  • Expert Investigator: Loki's history as a trickster allowed him to understand his variant's methods. As such, he deduced she was hiding out in apocalyptic events due to their absence of variance energy.

Loki fighting against Sylvie

  • Expert Combatant: Loki is skilled in many forms of combat, going toe-to-toe with multiple Avengers before and during the Battle of New York. He was also able to reverse Hunter B-15's hold on him and subdue her. While he struggled to defend himself against Sylvie Laufeydottir controlling a larger body, he fared better against her when he was equipped with his daggers. Together, they were able to defeat multiple Lamentian guards and Minutemen. However, Ravonna Renslayer was able to get the drop on him and "prune" him by using sneak attack.
  • Knife Mastery: Daggers are Loki's preferred weapon of choice, and as such has become incredibly skilled in wielding them in combat, even able to duel one of his variants with his twin daggers and great efficiency. He can also throw his knives, although Sylvie criticized his lack of accuracy.
  • Sword Mastery: Loki was able to use one of Sylvie's swords to great effect against the Minutemen. He even able to fight equally using Kid Loki's Laevateinn against Sylvie during their confrontation on whether killing He Who Remains or not.
  • Singer: Loki is a talented singer as shown how he beautifully sings an Asgardian song about how he missed his mother.
  • Multilingualism: Loki can fluently speak Asgardian, Norwegian, English, and Latin.



Loki wielding his twin daggers

Other Equipment

  • Asgardian Armor: Loki's primary set of armor consisted of green tunic overlaid with golden metal. It occasionally came with a green cape.
  • Horned Helmet: Loki possessed a golden horned helmet as a protective headgear and to represent the Asgardian magic he wielded.
  • Asgardian Collar: Following his defeat in the Battle of New York, Thor muzzled Loki's mouth with an Asgardian collar to temporarily prevent him from speaking.
"I came into possession of the Tesseract because they traveled through time."
―Loki to Ravonna Renslayer[src]








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  • Loki is the first bisexual title character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • In a promotional file of the TVA, posted by Loki's official account, Loki is described as of fluid sex, 6'4" height, blue eye color, 525 weight, black hair, and unknown race/ethnicity, date of birthday and age. The file later appeared in the show, in the first episode and the credits sequence.[7]
    • Loki is the second character identified as genderfluid in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the first being Xavin.
    • In the file, Loki is classified in the sector '1900-2099' and his arrest ID is 'JO98235'.
  • Loki is the only individual shown physically holding the Time Stone.
  • Loki prefers to sit forward while riding a train.
  • This version of Loki is partially based on the Ikol incarnation of the character from the comics. Both are revived past versions of Loki, from prior to his heroic turn.

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