"You could at least furnish me with a weapon. My dagger, something."
Loki to Thor[src]

Loki's Blades were the weapons of choice which were used by Loki. He obtained different weapons over the years, of both Asgardian and Sakaaran origin.


Attack on Jotunheim

Loki took his knives when he went to Jotunheim with Thor as he intended to attack the Frost Giants. During the ensuing fight, Loki threw a dagger at one of a Frost Giant, instantly killing him. He then stabbed another enemy with a knife, but this enabled the Frost Giant to grab his arm, causing Loki to begin to understand his true nature as a Frost Giant himself as he was unaffected by this.

Loki later discarded the use of his blades when he seized the throne of Asgard after Thor was exiled and Odin fell into the Odinsleep, rather wielding Gungnir as a sign of his new status.[1]

Chitauri Invasion

The knife Loki had used to stab Thor

Loki used a small knife during his duel against Thor in the Battle of New York, stabbing his adoptive brother while pretending to be sensitive to his request that Loki should stop the Chitauri army. The blade, however, was far too small and thin to seriously injure Thor, who removed it from his body without suffering from significant pain.[2]

Battle of Svartalfheim

Loki facing the Dark Elves with his knife

Loki was given a dagger by Thor after he was released from the Asgardian Dungeons, despite Thor's reluctance to entrust his brother with a weapon. As they prepared to confront Malekith on Svartalfheim, Loki feigned to betray Thor and to stab him with the knife, later creating an illusion as if Loki amputated Thor of his hand and forearm. Loki later used his dagger to take down an entire group of Dark Elves in the ensuing confrontation and failed attempt to reclaim the Aether.[3]


Loki threatens Doctor Strange with his blades

Loki threatened Doctor Strange with a pair of daggers after he was released from a dimension of void in which he had been falling for thrity minutes while Doctor Strange met with Thor. However, Loki was forcibly transported to Norway before he could attack Doctor Strange.

Upon meeting Hela and witnessing her considerable powers, Loki attempted to flee back to Asgard. However, Hela followed them into the Bifrost Bridge, prompting Loki to throw a dagger at her in an attempt to stop her. Hela caught the knife and promptly threw it back at Loki, causing him to be ejected from the Bifrost, eventually landing on Sakaar.

Loki duels against Valkyrie

Loki used a pair of dual blades against Valkyrie as they had both been tasked by the Grandmaster with finding Thor. Using his weapons, Loki was able to block Valkyrie's arm, thus revealing her tattoo signaling her former allegiance, and even managed to disarm her. However, this was not enough to prevent Valkyrie from overpowering him in the end.

Later, during the Battle of the Rainbow Bridge, Loki wielded a pair of dual blades he used with proficiency in combination with his helmet to take down several Berserkers.[4]

Attack on the Statesman

Loki fails to stab Thanos through the neck

"Mighty Thanos, I, Loki, Prince of Asgard, Odinson, the Rightful King of Jotunheim, God of Mischief, do hereby pledge to you, my undying fidelity."
"Undying? You should choose your words more wisely."
Loki and Thanos[src]

Confronting Thanos and the Black Order who had slaughtered half of the population of the Statesman, Loki approached the Mad Titan, pretending to be ready to join him. He then stealthily took a knife and concealed it in his hand before trying to stab Thanos in the throat. However, Thanos saw through Loki's scheme and blocked the strike using the Infinity Gauntlet, disarming Loki and eventually killing him by choking him to death.[5]


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