"If something goes missing, I have to find it."

Locus was an Inhuman of Attilan and a member of the Royal Guard. Following the escape of Gorgon on Oahu, she was recruited a part of a task force to apprehend her former trainer. She was captured by Black Bolt and Medusa and fatally shot during a gunfight with Tua's traffickers.


Early Life

"Finding is Locus' one true path in our society."
Before undergoing Terrigenesis, Locus intended to become a healer. However, the rigid caste system of Attilan appointed the Inhumans to tasks that best matched their powers and Locus, having been granted with an echolocation ability, was put in charge of finding lost objects and people. Being kept from pursuing her dream became a source of resentment towards the Inhuman Royal Family.[1]

Hunting Royals

Rise of Maximus

"Maximus cares enough about us to want to change things."
Dissatisfied with Attilan's caste system, Locus was convinced by Maximus' claims that he would change it should he rise to the throne of Attilan, and therefore she supported the revolutionary prince against the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family.[1]

Ambush in Oahu

"Hey, Locus, you can stop your annoying echolocation sound. It's an island. The Royal Family isn't going anywhere."
Mordis to Locus[src]
Team on earth

Reinforcement arrives on Earth

After the Inhuman Royal Family was exiled to Earth following Maximus' coup d'état and Auran failed to apprehend Medusa, Maximus sent Locus to Earth to assist Auran with a group of Inhumans comprising of Flora, Pulsus, Sakas and Mordis. Together, they went in pursuit of Gorgon, who had challenged Maximus to come and fight him. Before the fight, Auran ordered Mordis to keep Locus safe, although Mordis claimed that he was not the best suited for this task. However, Gorgon managed to escape.[2] The group changed their target and intended to capture Black Bolt. Therefore, they went to the Declan Research Facility Lab where he was supposed to be. They found him, but so did Medusa and Louise Fisher, who knocked down Mordis, triggering an explosion which left Locus and her associates unconscious. Afterwards, Locus was taken by Black Bolt and Medusa, who intended to use her ability to find the rest of their family.[3]

Death of A Revolutionary

"Remember, you can change. Please, be the King we deserve."
―Locus' last words to Black Bolt[src]
Something Inhuman This Way Comes... 3

Locus helps Black Bolt, Medusa, and Louise Fisher to find Karnak

Locus was put in Louise Fisher's trunk until she regained consciousness. When she was finally pulled out of the car, she informed Black Bolt and Medusa that Karnak was somewhere nearby. Before going to find him, Locus voiced her criticism of the Inhuman Royal Family and the rigid ruling system of Attilan, stating that it had kept her from pursuing her dreams and she believed in Maximus' promise to change it. However, Medusa and Black Bolt remained quite insensitive to her critics.

Locus death

Locus telling Medusa, that Crystal is on Earth, before her death

Locus and the rest of the group found the camp where Karnak had been staying for few days. The place was overrun by Tua's traffickers. Although Medusa and Black Bolt managed to defeat them, Locus was fatally shot during the fight. Before dying, Locus begged Black Bolt to change Attilan's political system and revealed that Crystal was present on Oahu as well.[1]

Powers and Abilities


"So you feel this Karnak guy's... what, his location, his distance from you?"
"Yes, to all of that."
Louise Fisher and Locus[src]
Locus was an Inhuman who obtained superhuman abilities after undergoing Terrigenesis and unlocking her genetic potential.[2]
Locus forest

Locus trying to find Gorgon and his team on Earth

  • Echolocation: By emitting a high pitched scream Locus was able to determine the location of a person, group and other various objects in her environment by using the reflected sound waves caused by her vocal screeches. With this ability, she was able to use her outcry's made by her enhanced vocal cords to listen to the echoes of the resonant sounds that returned to her from the various objects and beings they bounced off of in the thick Hawaiian forest, and then use these echoes heard and interpreted by her to locate, identify and track Gorgon and his Makapu'u Surfer associates.





  • Locus' name is directly related to her powers as "locus" is the Latin word for "location" and is found as such in several European languages.



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