"How you people managed to make it to the Moon on a machine like this is beyond me."
"Why? How did you guys get here?"
"My sister's teleporting dog."
Medusa and Louise Fisher[src]

Lockjaw is Crystal's companion as well as the "family dog" and teleporter of the Inhuman Royal Family. When Maximus tried to seize the throne of Attilan, Lockjaw helped the rest of the Royal Family escape to Earth. Although he was hurt upon arriving on Earth, he helped the Royal Family to reunite before transporting them back to the Moon so they could try to save Attilan.


Royal Family Dog


Lockjaw as the Inhuman Royal Family pet

After going through the process of Terrigenesis, Lockjaw was adopted by the Inhuman Royal Family where he served as their means for transportation, as well as their pet. Over the years of serving the family, Crystal, adopted him, taking full care of him, and the two became companions. With the new outbreak of Inhumans, Black Bolt sent down Triton to retrieve a new Inhuman. Lockjaw transported Triton down to Hawaii, but never returned to retrieve him, due to his possible demise down on Earth.


Lockjaw transports Crystal to a Terrigenesis ceremony

The next day, Lockjaw was playing in a forecourt on Attilan, when he was called by Crystal who asked him to transport her to a Terrigenesis ceremony that she was late to. Lockjaw transported her to the ceremony and then left the ceremony. Lockjaw was then called back when Gorgon was sent on a mission to rescue Triton.[4]

Uprising in Attilan

Exfiltration of the Royal Family

Better Lockjaw photo

Lockjaw brings Black Bolt to Hawaii

"Lockjaw, where did you leave me?"

Lockjaw was with Crystal in her apartments when Maximus initiated his coup d'état. Karnak came to warn Crystal about the situation and told her to teleport to Earth and find Gorgon, but Crystal ordered Lockjaw to take Karnak instead and then return to Attilan. Once it was done, they went to find Medusa, who had been depowered by the Attilan Royal Guard. Lockjaw took her to Oahu as well before coming back one more time. He teleported to the Quiet Room, enabling Black Bolt to escape and arrive in downtown Honolulu.[4]

Afraid by the cars honking, Lockjaw tried to return to Attilan one last time to take Crystal, who had been locked in the Quiet Room. However, Lockjaw was rendered unconscious by one of the rebellious Inhumans and left anesthetized in the Quiet Room while Crystal was locked in her apartments.[5] However, after Crystal publicly disavowed Maximus in front of the Genetic Council, she locked herself in the Quiet Room and used her powers to bring Lockjaw back to consciousness. They teleported on Oahu, only for Lockjaw to be hit and hurt by Dave's quad.[6]



Lockjaw is examined by Audrey

"We need to find our family now. You ready?"
"No, he's healing, but he's not ready to be running around anywhere."
"That's okay. We'll just transport."
Crystal and Audrey[src]

Following the accident, Dave took Lockjaw and Crystal to his barn and called his former girlfriend Audrey, a vet, to examine Lockjaw. Despite being amazed by Lockjaw's size, Audrey agreed to help him recover and declared that his wounds were not too severe and would heal with a lot of rest.[7]. Audrey visited Lockjaw one more time and noticed that he was feeling better, prompting Crystal to have him transport her to her family. Despite Audrey advising them against it, Lockjaw teleported Crystal and Dave to a beach. Unfortunately, no one from the Royal Family as there, but this getaway enabled Crystal and Dave to begin bonding.[8]

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 15.04.22 16.53.01

Lockjaw and the Inhuman Royal Family mourn Gorgon

Afterwards, they returned to Dave's barn and Audrey declared that the trip had exhausted Lockjaw, who needed rest more than ever. Crystal decided to follow Audrey's instructions and resolved to find another way to find her family. After being reunited with Medusa and Black Bolt, they went back to the barn to pick Lockjaw. However, Audrey had called the Honolulu Police Department to report Lockjaw and Crystal to the authorities, prompting Lockjaw to quickly teleport the Royal Family away without Crystal being able to say goodbye to Dave. He brought them to the Declan Research Facility Lab, where Karnak informed his family of Gorgon's death.[9]

Return to Attilan

Attilan Parley

Lockjaw brings the Royal Family to the parley

"Maximus has set up something that can destroy the dome. It's too much for Lockjaw. Too many people."
Crystal to Eldrac[src]

When the Inhuman Royal Family decide to meet Maximus for a parley, Lockjaw teleported to Attilan in order to return Auran and her team of Inhumans to Maximus. He then transported back to Earth and Black Bolt had Lockjaw take the Royal Family to a beach, where they were reunited with Triton. Afterwards, Lockjaw brought all of them, along with Evan Declan to the Royal Bunker. At midday, Lockjaw also teleported the Royal Family and Declan for the parley. When Maximus rejected Black Bolt's and Medusa's terms for peace, Lockjaw brought back the Royal Family to the Royal Bunker.[10]

Lockjaw Callisto

Lockjaw transports to the Callisto Aerospace Control Center

After capturing Maximus, the Royal Family learned that he had designed a system which would cause the destruction of Attilan should Maximus not prevent it. Fearing that Attilan's demise was imminent, Medusa ordered Lockjaw to bring her to Louise Fisher's apartment so that they could arrange the evacuation of Attilan. In the meantime, Lockjaw returned to Attilan, but came back with Crystal in the Callisto Aerospace Control Center to convince George Ashland that the Moon Inhumans were a real thing. Lockjaw transported back to Attilan one last time and, after all the Royal Family but Black Bolt was gathered, he took them to Earth.[11]

New Life on Earth

...And Finally Black Bolt photo

Lockjaw and the Royal Family living on Earth

Once on Earth, Lockjaw and his masters were greeted by Louise Fisher. Once Black Bolt joined them, Lockjaw stood beside Crystal while Medusa delivered a speech to the population of Attilan, stating that they had finally returned home and that a new chapter of the history of Attilan was opening. Lockjaw could go on live in the new Inhuman settlement with the rest of Attilan.[11]

Powers and Abilities


Lockjaw is an Inhuman dog who achieved his genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis.


Lockjaw teleporting Black Bolt to Earth

  • Teleportation: Lockjaw is able to transport himself and anyone making physical contact with him to any location. He primarily uses his abilities to assist the Inhuman Royal Family, such as transporting them to Hawaii. According to Gorgon, teleporting wears Lockjaw out, and when he gets tired, he gets sloppy and that was why he transported every member of the Royal Family to different places in Hawaii.
  • Enhanced Durability: Lockjaw is able to withstand being hit by Dave’s quad bike going high speed, without sustaining any major and visible injuries.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Compared to other members of his species he has a cognitive and intellectual equivalent to the more sensitive species in the galaxy which allows him to understand English and perform complex tasks.


  • Sign Language: Lockjaw understands sign language as Black Bolt was able to communicate with him.





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Behind the Scenes

  • Roel Reiné stated that "nobody has done a full CG character on a TV series before. So Lockjaw is the first. It's a big responsibility for all of us."[12]
  • Anson Mount called Lockjaw the "goofy sidekick", but felt that he had been integrated into the plot rather than just used as comic relief.[13]


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