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Liz Toomes.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spoken about Liz Toomes

"When I was a kid, I used to draw cowboys and Indians."
"Actually, um, it's Native American."
"Yeah. Tell you what, though. Not bad, is it?"
"No, yeah. Kid's got a future."
"Yeah, well... we'll see."
Adrian Toomes and Phineas Mason[src]

Spoken to Liz Toomes

"I gotta go. I'm... I'm sorry. You don't deserve this."
Peter Parker to Liz Toomes[src]

Spoken by Liz Toomes

"You know, Peter, I really hope you figure out whatever you're going through right now."
―Liz Toomes[src]


"This is really important to you."
"This is my future."
Peter Parker and Liz Toomes[src]
"I like you."
"I know."
"You do?"
"You're terrible at keeping secrets."
"You'd be surprised."
Peter Parker and Liz Toomes[src]
"Listen, I am so sorry."
"You say that a lot. What are you sorry for this time? The dance? That was a very crappy thing to do.
No, I mean, about your dad."
Peter Parker and Liz Toomes[src]
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