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"Leave or we'll make you."
"You don't wanna do this."
"So, so badly, I do."
―Liu and Danny Rand[src]

Liu was a member of the Yangsi Gonshi, and Sherry Yang's security chief, who had always remained loyal to her following Hai-Qing Yang's stroke. As the Triad War came to it's violent conclusion due to the sudden actions of Davos slaughtering the Triad members, Liu then assisted Yang while they brought together the Yangsi Gonshi and Golden Tigers to fight back against Davos. However, when Davos had then unexpectedly discovered their location, Liu chose to sacrifice his own life to protect Yang during his brief showdown against Davos.


Yangsi Gonshi

Protecting the Yangs

"You got some balls showing up here. So this is the face behind the mask, huh? The protector of Chinatown."
"I'm sorry, but I didn't catch your name."
"This isn't a friendly introduction, you clown."
―Liu and Danny Rand[src]

Liu guarding the Yangs with his team of men

In the wake of Hai-Qing Yang's sudden stroke, Liu was then tasked with keeping guard at the Yang Mansion to assure no further harm came to Hai-Qing. While doing this, Liu came across Danny Rand and Colleen Wing, as Liu then commented that the pair had considerable balls to show up there following their involvement with the disastrous Battle at Golden Tigers' Hideout, as Liu had then commented on finally seeing what Rand looked like under his mask, mockingly commenting on how Rand was known as the protector of Chinatown, while Rand questioned who Liu was, although Liu refused to answer him.

Liu getting directly into Danny Rand's face

Calling Rand a clown, the tensions between Liu and Rand had then quickly escalated, while Wing calmly explained that they had come to speak to Sherry Yang. Liu however refused to let them near the Yang, as he revealed his pair of Twin Hatchets and once again demanded that they leave, promising that if they did not, then he and the other members of the Yangsi Gonshi would force them to leave. However, before a fight could break out, Sherry revealed herself and told Liu to stand down, commenting that Rand and Wing would not be in there without her permission, telling Liu to focus on his other duties.

Liu demanding that Danny Rand leave now

While Liu and all his men continued standing guard, they were soon alerted to the fact that Rand was now speaking with Hai-Qing in his hospital bed, causing Hai-Qing's heart-rate to become dangerously fast. As Sherry then demanded that Rand and Wing leave, Rand still questioned what Hancock 212 could mean, as Liu had then instead aggressively grabbed Rand's jacket and had demanded that he leave immediately. While Rand almost started a fight, Wing pushed him out the door while Rand still claimed that he knew who was responsible for Hai-Qing's sudden stroke, as Liu watched them both leave.[1]

Davos' Attack

Liu hiding out inside of James Wong's home

"Coward. Grab a weapon. Stand beside me. Let him come."
"You don't stand a chance!"
―Liu and Danny Rand[src]

In the wake of Davos finally gaining the power of the Iron Fist as he had then gone on a brutal murder spree, killing several key members of the Yangsi Gonshi and Golden Tigers, Liu had been instructed to personally ensure the safety of Sherry Yang by doing whatever he could to keep her out of sight of Davos who wanted to kill the leader of the Yangsi Gonshi, bringing her to James Wong's home where he believed they would not be found.

Liu is met by Danny Rand and Colleen Wing

While guarding Yang, Liu heard a knock on their door and carefully answered, finding Danny Rand and Colleen Wing there, as Liu had then insisted that they could not be there and Yang expressed her surprise at seeing them both there. As Wing looked out the window to overlook the area, she had commented that Davos was on his way there to assassinate Yang and they needed to escape as soon as possible. While Wong expressed his great fear of Davos, Liu instead insisted that they should grab their weapons and fight back against Davos, although Rand claimed Liu would not stand a chance.

Liu and Colleen Wing encounter Chen Wu

Seeing that his priority had to be keeping Yang safe, Liu relented and took the group to the backdoor in order to escape, leaving their still hot tea behind in the kitchen. As they made their way downstairs, Liu and the others overheard Davos using the Iron Fist to smash down the doorway while searching for them, as they continued running for their lives while Liu led them to his car. Once outside, they were then confronted by Chen Wu, who Liu recognized as Ho's man, as Wing fought against Wu long enough for Liu to get his car and drive them all to safety, getting away before Davos had seen them.[2]

Truce with the Tigers

Liu assists with Sherry Yang in the conflict

"All that was needed was a common enemy."
"You're planning to retaliate against Davos. He'll slaughter you. All of you."
"Not if we slaughter him first."
―Liu and Danny Rand[src]

With few options still remaining, Liu took Sherry Yang to the safety of the Bayard Community Center, where they were then put under the careful protection of Sam Chung, who reluctantly gave them space to meet and recover as they kept themselves hidden. While hiding out at Bayard, Liu assisted Yang with bringing the remaining members of the Yangsi Gonshi with the Golden Tigers in order to continued the peace talks in the wake of Davos' campaign of violence against them, as Liu had personally agreed to retaliate against Davos.

Liu meets Danny Rand and Colleen Wing

The meeting with the Tigers was then interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Danny Rand and Colleen Wing, as Liu had responded to the interruption by placing his hands on his twin hatchets underneath his jacket, ready to get involved with a fight if one had broken out. While Wing claiming that they needed to talk, Yang had commented that the Yangsi Gonshi and Golden Tigers had finally come to peace like they had wanted, although Rand noted that they were heavily armed considering they were talking about peace, as Liu noted that all they had needed was to find a common enemy with Davos.

Liu assist on killing Davos with Sherry Yang

As Rand warned that if they attempted to fight against Davos, they would be slaughtered, Liu remained confident that they would be able to kill him first. Yang expressed her gratitude to Rand and Wing for rescuing her, but she noted that Davos had taken too many lives within the Yangsi Gonshi and Golden Tigers for them not to retaliate. Although Wing promised that they had a plan to take down Davos, Liu noted that they were all ready to take him down now. Yang then noted how Davos had killed Hai-Qing Yang and expressed her desire to get her revenge against Davos for this and the other deaths.[2]

Showdown with Davos

Liu informs Sherry Yang on fighting Davos

"We have weapons. We have men."
"Any way you slice this, it's a bloodbath."
"Not if we take him down first."
―Liu and Colleen Wing[src]

During another meeting at Bayard Community Center, Liu had calmly informed Sherry Yang of their remaining resources ready to then go up against Davos in a final battle, commenting that they only had ten other soldiers with the Yangsi Gonshi, who he noted were not their finest warriors but were still loyal, as well as at least seven members of the Golden Tigers. While Yang expressed her fear that this would not be enough, Liu had assured her they would not need more to bring down Davos.

Liu listens to the news about Davos' arrival

Once Yang told Liu that they would move against Davos in just two hours, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing entered and claimed that they would not allow this, which Liu insisted was not their call to make. However Wing and Sam Chung explained that there were women and children upstairs who would then be put in harms way by their actions, although Liu claimed that the families would be safer with the Triads in the same building. Yang questioned Wing and Rand's plan to avenge Hai-Qing Yang as she noted how Henry Yip had also been killed by Davos while they had simply been hiding.

Liu is frustrated with their plan on running

Liu then stood by and listened while Wing explained that any minute, a New York City Police Department would be ambushing Davos, and claiming that if they attacked now then they would also have to fight against the police force as well as Davos. They then complimented Yang and Liu on bringing both the Yangsi Gonshi and Golden Tigers together, suggesting that they use this as their opportunity to finally end the fighting. Liu then saw BB interrupt as he showed Rand and Wing the Tibetan Singing Bowl which he had just stolen from Davos, as Rand and Wing had then left to discuss this further with BB.

Liu following Sherry Yang to escape Davos

When the Community Center was surrounded by Ryhno's Gang, Liu became frustrated as he claimed that Rand and Wing wanted them to run away from teenagers armed with bike chains, however Wing then revealed that Ryhno's Gang had been working with Davos and that he was likely on his way there too. They discussed what to do, as Liu insisted that they should fight, although Wing warned that too many people would die as the result of personally confronting Davos. Eventually, Yang agreed with Rand and Wing as Liu then assisted in taking the civilians out of harms way before Davos could arrive.

Liu prepares himself to fight against Davos

As Liu and Yang led the civilians out of the building to get them all to safety, they made it downstairs to the kitchen, only to witness Davos stepping out of the shadows, his fists now covered with dried blood and looking to slaughter them all. Seeking to protect Yang and all the innocent lives he had been charged with, Liu stepped in front of Yang and told her to take the people back upstairs, as Yang softly touched his should while Liu insisted that she get them to safety now. Liu then stepped inside the kitchen and had prepared to personally challenge Davos in order to keep him distracted for as long as possible.

Liu furiously trying to fight against Davos

Removing his jacket, Liu stood across the room from Davos as he drew his pair of Twin Hatchets while Davos stood armed only with his fists. Following a brief standoff, Liu then charged at Davos, furiously swinging his pair of twin hatchets at his enemy, however Davos had proved himself a formidable enemy as he was able to easily avoid all of Liu strikes, blocking the blows and causing Liu to slam on of the hatchets onto the kitchen counter before pushing Liu away from him. Taking a brief moment to pause, Liu had charged at Davos again and tried to land a hit on his stomach, which Davos easily avoided.

Liu defeated and then beheaded by Davos

Proving himself as the superior warrior, Davos then disarmed Liu by throwing one hatchet across the room and snatching the other from his hand. Davos then kicked him across the room, slamming him into the kitchen counter, before Davos took one of the hatchets and threw it at Liu, embedding it into Liu's chest and mortally wounding him. As Liu fell to his knees from the deadly blow, Davos calmly walked over to an enemy he respected, before Davos then lit up the Iron Fist. With Liu unable to defend himself, he looked Davos directly into the eyes before receiving a deadly punch to the head, decapitating him.[3]


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Liu drawing his own pair of Twin Hatchets

  • Twin Hatchets: As a member of the Yangsi Gonshi, Liu had constantly carried the traditional twin hatchets as his primary weapons, which gave the Yangsi Gonshi their nick name of the hatchets. Having always been prepared to use them in order to defend Sherry Yang, Liu drew the weapons when Davos had cornered him and Yang. During their brief clash, Liu was soon disarmed by Davos, who impaled Liu in the chest with his own hatchet, before using the Iron Fist to decapitate Liu.


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  • Bayard Community Center: As a member of the Yangsi Gonshi, Liu had visited the Bayard Community Center for Sherry Yang and been called for meetings of any type of situation that get in the organization's way. After Davos arrived at the community center, Liu attempted to kill him but was eventually killed, with his body now on the floor in a room.





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