The following is a List of Fictional Cities on Earth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


City Image Description
Gulmira, Afghanistan
The village of Gulmira was created as part of the Retcon to Iron Man's origin, as the birthplace of Ho Yinsen. In the comics, Yinsen was Chinese, and Tony Stark became Iron Man during the Vietnam War; though later it was reconnected to the Gulf War. In the film Iron Man, Tony Stark's origin as Iron Man was reconnected to Afghanistan, as director Jon Favreau did not wish to make the film a period piece but instead give it a realistic contemporary look.
Puente Antiguo, New Mexico
Puente Antiguo
The city of Puente Antiguo, meaning "Ancient Bridge" in Spanish, was designed to echo the entrance of Bifrost Bridge as entrance to Asgard. The layout of the Bifrost Bridge is that it served as long bridge that culminated in the Hall of Asgard, while Puente Antiguo was designed with a long street that came from the desert and lead to Smith Motors, the building used by Jane Foster as her laboratory.
Wheaton, New Jersey
CL flag
The fictional city of Wheaton was created in the Marvel Comics as the location of Camp Lehigh, the base where the United States Army planted their operative Steven Rogers, secretly the super-soldier Captain America, when not on missions.
Rose Hill, Tennessee
Rose Hill
The scenes from Iron Man 3 set in Rose Hill, Tennessee were actually filmed in Rose Hill, North Carolina.
Zloda, Belarus
The fictional city of Zloda was shot on the Little Europe set on the back lot of Universal Studios Hollywood.
Wrigley, Pennsylvania
A camp
One of Wrigley's main settings, the barn used in the scene where Frank Whalen's body was found, is known as the "Pee-Wee Barn", as it was constructed for the comedy Big Top Pee-wee in 1985 inside Disney's Golden Oak Ranch, in Newhall, California.
Batesville, Utah
Though Batesville, Utah is a fictional town, in 1852, the settlements of Grantsville, Batesville, and Pine Canyon were established in Tooele County county, Utah.

Disney's Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall, California, served as the filming location for the streets of Batesville, in their modern Residential Street set, that features 14 homes, in different architectural styles, ranging from Southern Colonial to English Tudor.

Madripoor The fictional city of Madripoor was created in the Marvel Comics as island located in Southeast Asia and modeled on Singapore.
Laura Creek, Australia Laura Creek Laura Creek is a fictional location in Western Australia. Its main point of interest is Laura Creek Station, which serves as a back up to the relay station at Kaena Point Air Force Base in Oahu, Hawaii.
Novi Grad, Sokovia
Avengers Age of Ultron 143
Novi Grad is the capital city of Sokovia, the fictional Eastern European country where Pietro and Wanda Maximoff originate and where Ultron later settles as his base. The whole city is later lifted with an anti-gravitational device with the intent of generating an extinction-level impact event.

The main filming location for Novi Grad was Aosta, Italy. The nearby woods and castle were mostly shot in England.

Fagan Corners, Vermont
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Union City, Wyoming
Holden Radcliffe Singularity 24
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Golden City, Wakanda
Wakandan City
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River's End, New York
River's End
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Larkville, Ohio
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