For a variety of reasons, scenes are deleted from movies and TV series. Whatever that reason, the scene was good enough to advance from the writers to the actors to the cameras. At many times, these scenes give a more detailed exposition of a plot point, or just add an "easter egg" to be enjoyed. Since they provide additional plot points or exposition, deleted scenes are considered canon, unless they are contradicted in the published scenes of a movie or episode.

The following is a list of the deleted scenes from various movies and television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:


Iron Man


Tony Stark in Afghanistan

  • An extended version of the ambush at the beginning of the film.
  • An extended version of the Caesars Palace scenes where Tony Stark loses 3 million dollars playing roulette.
  • An extended version of the flight to Bagram Air Base.
  • James Rhodes talks to General William Gabriel about his desire to return to Afghanistan to search for Tony Stark.
  • Tony Stark and Ho Yinsen play a board game. Abu Bakaar comes in and demands to know when he will be finished. He is referring to his laundry, not the Jericho. Bakaar talks about the game with Stark and Yinsen and appears to bond with them. Raza enters and shoots Bakaar dead, and tells Stark that he has until tomorrow to finish the missile. This deleted scene cannot be considered canon as Bakaar is still alive after this point in the film.
  • Stark returns home after being abducted and speaks to J.A.R.V.I.S.
  • Stark begins construction on the Mark II armor.
  • Stark and Pepper Potts throw a party in Dubai in his mansion there. Before Stark can have sex with three of the women there, he leaves in the Mark II. The morning after the party, Pepper finds Stark drinking in his Iron Man armor.
  • When Obadiah Stane visits the scientists creating his Iron Monger Armor, he gives them a speech about what is at stake.
  • While Obadiah Stane repeatedly kicks Stark during their battle, James Rhodes arrives and rams him with a car.
Tony Stark saves Obadiah Stane

Iron Man attempts to save Obadiah Stane

  • Instead of immediately falling into the unstable Arc Reactor at the end of the fight, Stane hangs on and Stark grabs him. Stane tries to pull him in, but Stark releases his grip and Stane falls to his death.

The Incredible Hulk

Hulk suicide

Bruce's failed suicide attempt

  • In an alternate opening, a depressed Bruce Banner arrives at the Arctic to shoot himself, but transforms into Hulk before he can do so. This scene is canon, as a version of this scene is referenced in The Avengers.
    • Within this same scene, Captain America can be seen in the glacier, albeit very briefly.
  • Extended footage of Banner in Brazil exercising, meditating, working at the soda factory and building a centrifuge.
  • General Thaddeus Ross discovers that Banner is attempting to cure himself. Ross and Blonsky inform General Joe Greller of Banner's condition.
  • An extended version of Ross informing Emil Blonsky of the Super Soldier Serum.
  • Banner delivers pizza on the Culver University campus. A group of sorority girls refuse to pay him, and he tries to intimidate them by telling them they won't like him when he's angry. They merely call him a pervert.
  • An extended scene between Banner and Betty Ross after she reunites with him and brings him to her home, where they discuss General Ross and Samuel Sterns.

Leonard Samson and Bruce Banner

  • A dinner scene between Betty, Leonard Samson, and Banner.
  • Banner and Samson discuss Betty. Samson probes Banner about his mysterious anger problem.
  • An extended scene between Banner and Betty before the military attacks.
  • Samson calls Betty and gives an emotional apology for ratting Banner out to the military. She forgives him but states that she does not want to come home yet.
  • After finding Bruce and Betty in New York City, General Ross tells Kathleen Sparr to interrogate Sterns, after which there is an extended version of Betty talking to Ross.

Iron Man 2

  • In an alternate opening, Tony Stark vomits uncontrollably due to his Palladium poisoning. He tries to get out of doing the air jump for the opening of the Stark Expo, but Pepper Potts convinces him. She kisses his helmet and throws it out of the plane.
  • During Justin Hammer's testimony at the Senate committee, Pepper sees Phil Coulson in attendance and speaks with him.
  • After the Senate committee, Stark and James Rhodes argue about Rhodes' appearance before the panel. Stark and Pepper argue about his birthday plans.
  • Stark and Pepper argue in his workshop.
Natalie and Tony

Natalie Rushman and Tony Stark

  • At Stark's birthday party, Stark holds Natalie Rushman (Natasha Romanoff) close as he shows her how to fire a repulsor beam from his armored glove.
  • Rhodey tries to get a drunk Stark to stop showing off his suit during his birthday party. Meanwhile, Rebeca ("with one c.") hovers above Stark with the repulsors.
  • Rhodey shows the Mark II armor to soldiers, one of whom gets electrocuted when he touches it.
  • Stark's analysis of the 1974 Stark Expo Model is extended.
  • Stark uses a holographic readout of the periodic table to test various elements to cure his poisoning and power his suit.

Pepper Potts is held hostage


  • Thor and Loki share a friendly moment before Thor's coronation.
  • An extended scene introducing Sif and the Warriors Three before the coronation.
  • Frigga also speaks with Thor before his coronation.
  • An extended scene of Thor, Loki, Sif and the Warriors Three deciding to go to Jotunheim. After agreeing to go, Loki orders a guard to inform Odin of their trip.
  • Frigga, angered by his decision to banish Thor from Asgard, confronts Odin and even raises her voice to the All-Father.

Admittance Nurse

  • When Thor is taken to the hospital, Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Erik Selvig deal with an inept admittance nurse, while Thor struggles with doctors and hospital security before being tranquilized.
  • The name Doctor Hank Pym is mentioned as Erik Selvig's colleague who had previous experiences with S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Frigga tries to reassure her adopted child that he is loved and an integral part of the family, even going as far as making Loki king in his father's sleep and brother's absence.
  • An extended scene of Thor and Erik Selvig having fun drinking together.
Isabel Alvarez

Isabel Alvarez

  • Thor makes breakfast for his human friends; meanwhile, Agents Cale and Garrett watch from a distance and report the occurrence. Then Thor takes one of Foster's coffee mugs to Isabel Alvarez to replace the one he broke. Sif and the Warriors Three arrive on Earth and head to Puente Antiguo. Volstagg knocks out Agents Cale and Garrett.
  • An extended scene of the townspeople evacuating.
  • While the Warriors Three and Sif battle the Destroyer in Puente Antiguo, Selvig is mortally injured. Thor has to heal him so that he can escape together with Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis. This act proved his worthiness for Mjølnir.
  • In an alternate deleted ending, while Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis send a beacon of light into the sky for Thor, Erik Selvig works with a team of scientists hoping to create a Wormhole. He tells his team to coordinate S.H.I.E.L.D. data with data from S.W.O.R.D.

Captain America: The First Avenger


Bucky in Azzano

The Avengers


Maria Hill

Stan Lee Avengers Cameo2

The diner patron

  • Steve Rogers watches a World War II documentary on a laptop. He then looks at a file that includes the status of Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos. In that file, Bucky Barnes is listed as "Missing in Action." Peggy's address and telephone number are on the file, but Rogers decides not to make the call. He later walks through the city, bewildered by this new modern world that he is now in, and eats at a diner and speaks to a waitress, Beth. A patron urges him to ask her out. Later, Rogers takes a monorail train to the gym and starts beating up punching bags in his frustration.
  • An extended conversation between Loki and The Other regarding the Chitauri.
  • Natasha Romanoff hides from Hulk as he rampages.
  • An extended scene between Bruce Banner and the security guard.
  • Thor attacks the Tesseract portal to try and close it but fails.
  • Rogers saves a family trapped in their car from Chitauri forces.
  • A pair of police officers attempt to use Chitauri Guns to fend off the aliens, but are overwhelmed and killed.
  • After Rogers is knocked out the window by a Chitauri Bomb, Beth is among the civilians rescued. She and Rogers briefly make eye contact.
  • Loki speaks to the Other during the Battle of New York. Loki says the Chitauri lack finesse, and the Other tells him to use the Scepter. Loki realizes he left it behind on Stark Tower.

Iron Man 3



  • Tony Stark encounters Harley Keener's bully, E.J.
  • While running from Eric Savin during the Battle of Rose Hill, Stark sees E.J. on his all-terrain vehicle. Stark tries to warn him about the water tower collapsing, but he does not listen and gets caught in the wave. Keener pulls E.J. from the water, and sees that he is not breathing. Stark uses his Arc Reactor to get E.J. breathing again, nearly killing himself in the process until Keener replaces the Arc Reactor.
  • Many takes of Gary meeting Stark.
  • During the Beauty Pageant, Miss Elk Ridge is asked what she would want most of all for Christmas. She says that she just wants everyone to love each other, starting to tear up in the middle of her saying it, as the rest of the auditorium starts tearing up. It is revealed that Tony Stark released tear gas from outside the auditorium, as he is shown talking in a fake western accent on a pay phone, explaining to the authorities what has happened, hiding the tear gas canister behind the door as everyone runs out away from it.
  • After Aldrich Killian shoots Maya Hansen and leaves, Hansen crawls over to a flower that is about to explode from Extremis. She uses a computer to transfer all Extremis data to Stark so he can use it. The flower explodes and incinerates Hansen.
  • Onboard Air Force One, Savin, in the Iron Patriot Armor, is annoyed by a passenger. He says "Hey, is that Thor?", then knocks the man out when he is distracted.
  • Stark and James Rhodes use Trevor Slattery's acting skills to fool a guard. This scene includes several alternate takes where Rhodey asks Slattery to perform different accents.
Wu Jiaqi

Wu Jiaqi

  • In the Chinese version of the movie, Dr. Wu is assisted by Wu Jiaqi in removing shrapnel from Stark's chest.
  • The Chinese version included longer dialogue between Dr. Wu, Tony Stark and Ho Yinsen and an alternate take when Tony Stark leaves.
  • The Chinese version also includes a new scene where Jarvis and Dr. Wu talk on the phone about Tony Stark.

Thor: The Dark World

  • Fandral and Hogun fight in the battle at Vanaheim.
  • Extended dialogue during Jane's date with Richard. She talks about her relationship with Thor and he talks about his break up with his cheating girlfriend.

    Loki's fantasy

  • Loki fantasizes of being crowned and ruling Asgard while holding Mjølnir, even casting an illusion of him doing just that, but his mother interrupts him telling him that he could not distinguish between reality and illusion.
  • Thor walks in on Frigga using her illusory skills to talk to Loki in prison. He discusses Loki with her.
  • Volstagg brags about his exploits during a dinner party.
  • Malekith learns that the Aether is been taken into Asgard. He informs Algrim to prepare for battle.
  • Foster wakes up in Asgard and talks with Thor. She sees children playing with a Magnetic-Propulsion Ball, and takes it, but ultimately returns it.
  • Foster learns about the Aether. She talks with Thor about his mother's death until they are interrupted by Tyr.
  • Odin shows Jane and Thor the book about the dark elves, including Asgardians scientists working.
  • In an alternate version of Frigga's death scene, Odin allows Malekith to kill Frigga as he is unwilling to give up the Aether. Frigga begs Odin to kill Malekith and his army, knowing he has the power to do so but he chooses otherwise and she is killed.
  • Thor fights a group of Asgardian guards, but refuses to kill any of them.
  • A news presenter gives a report in the weird happenings in London, including flocks of birds going missing only to reappear somewhere else.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cap List Full

Steve Rogers' To-Do List

  • Depending on the viewer's country, the To-Do List Steve Rogers creates to research what he missed as he slept changes (e.g., the Australian list is different from the American list).
  • An extended television interview with Peggy Carter. The interviewer asks her about Project Rebirth, and her own personal relationship with Captain America. About the latter, she remarks that “he treated me like a person, which I very much appreciated,” and that she was the last person to speak to him before his plane went down — which ends with her in tears.
  • Black Widow and Nick Fury discuss that Fury did not let her know that he faked his death. Fury gives Romanoff the Photostatic Veil calibrated by Maria Hill to Councilwoman Hawley's appearance.

Maria Hill receiving her orders

  • Jasper Sitwell gives orders from Alexander Pierce to Maria Hill to go to New York after Nick Fury's funeral, saying Pierce thinks that Hill's connection to Captain Rogers is a liability.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. agent tells Pierce that they found Rogers at an indoor basketball court. A group of armed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents rush in to find a bag containing Captain America's Uniform.
  • As Pierce is held at gunpoint, he asks Black Widow is she ready for her past to be exposed like she was doing to HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D. He mentioned Budapest, Osaka, and the Children's Ward, to which she flinches, before continuing the upload.
  • At the end of the movie, Sam Wilson asks Steve Rogers, "When do we start?" Rogers replies, "We just did." The finished film cuts to credits before Rogers' response. (NOTE: This deleted scene was only shown in the trailers for the movie and not released among the deleted scenes.)

Guardians of the Galaxy

Stan Lee Collector Standin

A Stan Lee stand-in


Ronan dancing

Avengers: Age of Ultron


James Rhodes updating Natasha Romanoff

  • James Rhodes contacted Black Widow and Stark about Ultron hacking into nuclear weapons programs around the world. He is being deployed to the Middle East to help keep the peace. Stark sends him a patch to keep Ultron from hacking into the War Machine Armor. Thor attempts to contact Heimdall but gets no response.
  • A bustling African village is torn apart by Hulk while he is on his Wanda Maximoff-fueled rampage. A little girl is trying to recover her ball and stumbles across him.
  • An extended scene of Banner and Romanoff's conversation at Clint Barton's Homestead.
  • An extended scene of the birth of the Vision, including the eye-opening scene seen in trailers. In this alternate version, Vision has an extended fight scene with Thor and the other Avengers.
Avengers age-of-ultron screen18

A Norn

  • Thor and Erik Selvig go to the Water of Sights; they are greeted by a Norn who possesses Thor and answers Selvig's questions through him. The Norn tells Selvig that Ultron has the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones.
  • Tom Hiddleston shot a cameo as Loki in Thor's dream sequence. Whedon revealed, "We even had a little reference to the fact that he’s taken the throne, which was Tom doing his Anthony Hopkins impression when Thor says, 'Oh, what would father say?' Then Tom does his Hopkins impression, and Thor’s like, 'That is uncanny!' It’s sort of like his subconscious is telling him that Loki was imitating his father. But he would never make that connection."[1]
Fasista - Sokovian Graffiti

Sokovian graffiti


Ant-Man 10 Rings 2


  • Prior to presenting the Yellowjacket Suit to potential buyers, Darren Cross shows them shrunken-down structures such as a cube of shipping containers and a waste dump, as well as a biotech-generated eye. One of the buyers is shown to be a member of the Ten Rings, their emblem tattooed on his neck.
  • Darren Cross says that he is the future of war during his presentation of the Yellowjacket Suit.
  • At Cassie Lang's birthday party, Scott Lang visits her on the couch. She asks if he could visit her more, and he says that it is complicated. They both say that they will miss each other and Scott says "I Love You" in the voice of the toy rabbit that he gave her. She laughs and he tells her that she is not supposed to laugh; Jim Paxton comes in, coughing a signal for him to leave.
Screenshot 7502

Hank acting old and feeble in order to trick Scott

Captain America: Civil War


T'Challa speaking with Natasha Romanoff

Doctor Strange

DS First Ritual 4

Kaecilius gains some power from Dormammu

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  • Drax hugging Star-Lord despite Star-Lord refusing.
  • Nebula calls Gamora a "Garden of the Galaxy".
  • Ego explains why he didn't pick up Peter Quill himself while camping with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Quill mentions the Sovereign among the ones who want to kill the Guardians while discussing with Gamora if Ego is saying the truth.
  • Quill tells Drax that he has clones of his mixtape while leaving Berhert.
  • Star-Lord finds adolescent Groot playing video games, tells him to wash the dishes and clean his room while simultaneously telling him that he is not boring for many reasons.
  • Ego shows the Guardians and Mantis a monument of Peter Quill single-handedly saving the universe during the Battle of Xandar. Peter loves it, saying that's exactly how it happened much to Gamora's annoyance. Rocket/Groot is shown to be nothing more than a blob with a face (with the other being absent) while Drax is depicted as a small chimp-like creature (causing Drax to assume he actually looked like that at the time and cannot work out how he didn't notice).
  • After Star-Lord states the he will create some "weird shit", Ego says that he wants to see that "weird shit", only to realize that it was disgusting saying that.
  • Rocket Raccoon asks Yondu if he had ever heard of floss.
  • The Watcher Informant talks to the Watchers about when he was a World War II veteran.
Kraglin Quill Zune deleted scene

Quill and his new Zune

  • Kraglin Obfonteri helps Star-Lord figure out how to work his new Zune.
  • Mantis and Drax continue to bond after she becomes proud of being ugly. Mantis states sympathy for the fact that Gamora cannot trust anyone. Mantis uses her powers on Drax so that she may feel his sadness, but she also experiences the love and care he feels for his team.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Extended footage of Peter Parker's blog during his trip to Berlin, including scenes of him bringing his homework to Berlin, discovering he has a television in his bathroom, and also one where he, as Spider-Man, goes to a Berlin nightclub and hangs out with the other party-goers, allowing a few of the girls an opportunity to be swung from his webs. He also inadvertently ends up saving the chancellor and is dubbed as "Der Erstaunliche Klebrige Junge"[3] by the German media.
  • Peter explains to the other debate club meetings that he has no choice but to drop out of the Academic Decathlon, citing that Flash Thompson would be a suitable replacement. The other students heckle Peter by throwing food at him, and Peter has a conversation with Liz.
  • After having his backpack and his clothes stolen, Spider-Man runs home with the cover of darkness. At the same time, the man that Peter thought was a carjacker is still stuck to his car, struggling to be freed, and his neighbor informs him that the fire department have dealt with Spider-Man's webs before, and that their advice is to let it dissolve with time.
Ned, Michelle & Peter (Deleted Scene)

Peter Parker, Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds look at the Triskelion

  • After speaking with Happy Hogan on the phone during his trip to Washington, D.C., Peter and Ned react to the Department of Damage Control's presence surrounding the Triskelion. Michelle answers Ned's questions of curiosity by stating that Damage Control is cleaning up after Captain America destroyed the Helicarriers. Ned replies that Captain America did it to save the people from tyranny, although Michelle responds that that is what they want the public to think.
  • Adrian Toomes is shown in his warehouse, sulking over his inability to gather new materials as Spider-Man has interfered with his business. Liz gives him a phone call to ask about the noise the water heater is making, and Toomes assures her that he will fix it when he comes home. After ending the phone call, Toomes throws down a shelf on the floor in frustration.
  • Aaron Davis is still stuck to his car in the parking garage, unable to free himself. He drops his car keys to the ground and is unable to pick them up, or convince a bystander to help him. After a while, he calls his nephew, Miles Morales, and apologizes for not being able to make it to a prior engagement.
  • Peter tells Ned that he has to continue stopping Vulture even without Stark's Spider-Man Suit, adding that he has been practicing with his homemade variation. Ned offers to help, but Peter rebukes him, stating that the "guy in the chair" position is not a real thing. Peter and Ned then do their secret handshake while Ned offers Peter the best of luck on his mission, with Peter returning the sentiment towards Ned and his upcoming quiz.
  • After loading the Stark Cargo Plane, Happy Hogan calls his mother to gloat that he finally pulled off something for Tony Stark without a hitch. However, he notices the cargo plane smoking and plummeting in the distance, and tells his mother that he will call her back later. After ending the call with her, he calls Stark Industries and asks to speak with Tony.
  • After the Ambush on Peter Parker, Betty Brant and Jason Ionello, the two anchors of Midtown School of Science and Technology's news team, report that Herman Schultz was found webbed to a school bus by students after the homecoming dance had ended, with various students taking selfies and images with the assailant. Morita, the principal, makes a special announcement where he warns the students to delete the images from all of their social media accounts, lest they be wary of the consequences. It is also revealed that Shocker's Gauntlet was retrieved by Tiny McKeever, who is seen wearing it during the news footage.
  • Along with other school topics, Betty and Jason do a segment on who Spider-Man might be under his mask, and interview Roger Harrington, Ned and Michelle. Harrington is unaware, Michelle states that she isn't sure but she has her suspicions, and Ned states that the identity of Spider-Man is a mystery no one will ever know.
  • A segment called "Mr. Harrington In Love" is shown, with Harrington speaking with the students on the bus, Andre Wilson, as well as the tour guide at the Washington Monument, about his ex-wife, Tabitha.

Thor: Ragnarok

  • The scene when Odin dies and Hela destroys Mjølnir originally takes place in New York City. According to dialogue in a later deleted scene, Hela was originally supposed to kill Odin herself.
Thor Ragnarok BTS 22

A behind the scenes photo of a homeless Odin

  • An alternate scene, After the meeting of Doctor Strange and Thor, Thor looks for Loki, and goes with a key, that Dr. Strange gave him, Thor goes near some portable toilets, when he goes to one, a construction worker comes out of a toilet portable, and Thor sees the toilet button, which transforms into a lock, and Thor uses the key to open the door, and when he opens it, Loki appears, and then asks him "Took you long enough", and Thor responds. "I had to pick up the key", and Loki says him "No one else needed a key", and Thor laughs.
  • The Grandmaster speaks to a captured Thor who is trying to remove his Obedience Disk. Suddenly, a bat-like creature arrives in the room, and passes close to the Grandmaster. As more of the creatures appear, he sends his Guards to catch them.
  • Guards escort Valkyrie to Hulk's quarters.
  • While chasing Thor in order to stop him from leaving Sakaar, Hulk is cheered on by many Sakaarans, despite the fact he destroys parts of the Sakaaran market.
  • While hiding on Sakaar, Banner and Thor have a talk about the Hulk, during which Banner says alternative versions of what Hulk said to Thor and quotes a few things that Thor said to Hulk.
  • When Grandmaster sends Loki and Valkyrie to find Thor and Hulk, he makes a sign with his hands signalling for them to leave. When the gesture is not understood, he discusses universal gestures with Topaz and he becomes frustrated when she doesn't understand his gestures either.
  • While traveling to Asgard, Thor and Bruce Banner talk about their fathers' deaths and how Thor needs his hammer, causing Banner to compare Thor with the fictional elephant, Dumbo, who thought he needed a feather to fly.
  • Hela curses upon watching Loki and the Statesman in Asgard.
  • An alternate scene, when Skurge was about to cut off the head of an Asgardian, Yondu Udonta appears, sees the place, and asks if any of those who knew where Kevin and Lou's office was.

Black Panther

BP - Young T'Chaka (Catacombs)

A younger T'Chaka speaks with his son

  • In a flashback, while playing in the Catacombs, young T'Challa and Nakia find T'Chaka mourning over a difficult choice he had to make. The king and prince discuss the responsibilities and the burden of being a king.
  • T'Challa remembers when T'Chaka gave him the mantle of Black Panther, while remaining the king. Zuri remembers that T'Chaka complained about getting too fat for the suit.

Ross meets with T'Challa

  • Right before his speech to the UN, King T'Challa meets Everett Ross. Ross tries to dissuade him from revealing Wakanda's wealth and power to the world, but T'Challa tells him he won't rule by fear anymore. Then Ross tries to wish the king luck in Xhosa, but ends up saying "Good luck and many shoelaces" instead.

Avengers: Infinity War

Ant-Man and the Wasp

  • An extended scene of the opening flashback, showing a younger Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne in the 1980s. The deleted scene shows Pym in the Ant-Man Suit punching a soldier, then Van Dyne in her Wasp Suit regrowing mid-flight and knocking the soldier down to the ground.

Sonny Burch investigating Hank Pym's plans

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel EW 04

A behind the scenes photo showing Ronan meeting with Yon-Rogg

  • One of the first promotional images revealed was one depicting Yon-Rogg and Ronan the Accuser together in the same location. In the finished film, they only communicate via hologram.
  • In the film's second trailer, the Supreme Intelligence assures Carol Danvers that they "made her one of them so she could live longer, stronger, superior". This phrase is never heard in the actual film.
  • Before Yon-Rogg is sent to search for Captain Marvel and the Tesseract, he has an encounter with the Supreme Intelligence who takes the form of Yon-Rogg himself. The Supreme Intelligence then questions his leadership skills.
  • Yon-Rogg lectures a roomful of Kree students on their mission to defend all nations from the scourge of the Skrulls, leading Carol Danvers to tell them how the Supreme Intelligence rescued her.
  • Vers and her fellow Starforce members banter as they are preparing for their rescue mission to save Soh-Larr from the Skrulls on Torfa.
  • In an alternate version of a scene from the movie, Vers can be seen consulting a map when she receives a dubious offer of assistance from a biker. She reacts more aggressively than in the final version.
  • Talos, disguised as Director Keller, tries to track down Vers and Nick Fury after their escape in a Quadjet from the Joint NASA USAF Facility. After arguing with Whitcher, Talos finds Maria Rambeau's S.H.I.E.L.D. file, giving him the location of her countryside ranch.
  • Phil Coulson, then a novice S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, offers Nick Fury his help after the Chase of the Skrulls. Later, he opens the office door for "Keller" and leaves. It is then revealed that the real Keller was unconscious in the office, and had been secretly replaced by Talos.

Avengers: Endgame

  • There was a version of Vormir in which Thanos' troops were involved and Black Widow had to run with the Gauntlet and be shot while running to jump over the cliff. Joe Russo said it seemed a distraction from the most powerful part of the scene: two friends, one of whom has to die, fighting each other to be the one who dies.
    • Additionally, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel shot a scene in Vormir, where she was fighting, which could mean that she was somehow involved in the scene.
  • Thanos grabs Captain America by his neck and chokes him.
  • Upon snapping his fingers with the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out Thanos and his forces, Tony Stark visits the Soulworld and meets an older version of Morgan Stark, his little daughter (portrayed by Katherine Langford rather than Lexi Rabe). The scene was taken out following a test screening of the film which confused audiences and didn't resonate them emotionally.
  • After Tony Stark sacrifices himself, Pepper Potts kisses him on the cheek as he dies, and every hero present takes a knee to honor Stark, except Gamora, who quietly leaves the battlefield.
  • When Thor appoints Valkyrie as new ruler of New Asgard before departing with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Valkyrie puts her arm on his shoulder and Thor leans in as if they were about to kiss. This was improvised by both Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man's Webs

Spider-Man apprehending the bank robbers

  • The trailer for the film showed a scene where Peter Parker, in the Iron Spider Armor, apprehending a group of bank robbers in the middle of a heist before telling the police he was leaving on vacation. This scene is used in a short film titled Peter's To-Do List.
  • Peter wears his regular Spider-Man Suit during the scenes at the charity benefit in the trailer but wears the Iron Spider Armor in the movie.
  • A short scene which appeared in the trailer had Peter shoot a sarcastic thumbs up in response to Flash Thompson insulting him (ironically, just after he had been praising Spider-Man).
  • Peter Parker sells all his toys, including a Star Wars one, to buy Michelle Jones a present. According to Tom Holland, the Star Wars reference was selected by Kevin Feige, but he isn't sure which character was. This scene was also used in Peter's To-Do List.

Quentin Beck sends out another energy pulse

  • Quentin Beck briefs his team on their plan, before sending out another energy pulse, acting as the arrival of the Elemental Fusion. Beck is contacted by Nick Fury and claims to be on his way to fight the Elemental, before breaking character and smiling to his crew.
  • In the plane back to the United States of America, Peter Parker and Michelle Jones are sleeping next to each other, with Peter's head on Jones' shoulder. They briefly wake up and smile at each other before going back to sleep.
  • After his aunt May welcomes him at the airport, Peter Parker puts on Tony Stark's Glasses and asks about her opinion on how it looks.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.



Providence 6

Mehta and Raina

Bakshi Tortures Turgeon
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