"There were positives. Many of the deceased were enemies of HYDRA."
―Lingenfelter to Daniel Whitehall[src]

Doctor Lingenfelter is a scientist in the employ of HYDRA under Daniel Whitehall.


HYDRA Scientist

Working for Daniel Whitehall

"We recently attempted to reverse engineer the effects of an alien artifact, using tissue samples from one of it's victims."
"Unfortunately, the results were less than we hoped for."
―Lingenfelter and Daniel Whitehall[src]
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Lingenfelter meeting with Daniel Whitehall

Lingenfelter and her team of scientists had been charged by Daniel Whitehall, the leader of a HYDRA cell, to find a way to duplicate the powers of the Obelisk. Using supplied cell samples from a victim of the Obelisk, Lingenfelter and her team believed they found a way to do so. Whitehall decided to test the method at the wedding of Pete and Mariah Leitner as many who attended were HYDRA’s enemies, as they sent in a HYDRA team disguised as waiters to poison the champaign with Lingenfelter's weapons, which had then resulted in the deaths of eight people attending the wedding.

Our founder

Lingenfelter stands alongside Daniel Whitehall

However, the results were not to Whitehall's liking, since a few of the wedding guests and United States Navy officers died from the result, whereas Whitehall had believed that the Obelisk should be capable of more devastation. Later, Whitehall gathered Lingenfelter and their top scientists to voice his displeasure over the failed demonstration, questioning their teams about where they believed Lingenfelter went wrong, which scared her. Jemma Simmons claimed that Lingenfelter did not fail, but had assured him that given more time to study it, the Obelisk could then be used as a weapon of mass destruction.[1]


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  • The lapel pin worn by Lingenfelter is similar to one worn by Arnim Zola.


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