"It's in the basement of a restaurant. Linello's in Little Italy."
Lance to Frank Castle[src]

Linello's is a Italian American restaurant in Little Italy owned by Gnucci Crime Family.


Tony Gnucci, Moose, and their associates in the Gnucci Crime Family were having a private poker session in the basement of Linello’s. As the mobsters were playing their game, Lance, Leo, Paulie, and Donny Chavez in masks and with handguns entered restaurant and knocked a waiting man upon entrance. While the men stood with guns aimed at the mobsters, Chavez circled collected the money. He clumsily dropped his wallet, revealing his driver's license, and Gnucci learned his name.


Gnucci along side their accomplices to find and kill robbers. Before they could head out, the power in restaurant immediately shut off. Before any of them could do something, the rest of the members was massacred by Punisher and he finishing it off by shooting Tony in the head. Moments after Castle left, the police arrived to find the dead bodies.[2]