The Lindworm-5 Motorbike[1] was a unique concept motorcycle used by HYDRA soldiers during World War II.


Designed by HYDRA scientists, these motorcycles were the HYDRA organization's personal variation of the motorcycles being used during this time period. These motorcycles would be used to patrol the perimeter around various HYDRA bases where they could quickly travel on paths near the bases and quickly take out any approaching enemies. During Steve Rogers' raid on HYDRA Headquarters he took out a battalion of HYDRA soldiers on HYDRA motorcycles using his own modified motorcycle.[2]


The Lindworm-5 Motorbike was a special model of motorcycle built by HYDRA scientists during World War II. It had a very sleek metal design with all of the internal components of the motorcycle concealed and protected by an outer metal shell.

Its most prominent feature is a pair of Tesseract energy based blasters mounted to the front that allowed it to disintegrate enemies and easily destroy any structures in its path. They also typically carried a stock of six pipe bomb-like grenades that the HYDRA soldiers could also use to attack their enemies.[2]


  • The Lindworm-5 Motorbike is loosely inspired by a number of German military motorcycles, most notably the BMW R75 and Zündapp KS 750.



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