Lina is a former love interest of Tony Stark.


Lina was one of Tony Stark's attempts at having a serious relationship with a woman after revealing his identity as Iron Man, who invited her to his mansion in a number of occasions and trusted her enough to let her know most of the access codes.

Lina was contacted by the Ten Rings terrorist group to offer her a deal for obtaining the blueprints for the Iron Man armor; when she refused, they blackmailed her into doing it by kidnapping her son.

Lina managed to break into Tony Stark's Mansion seizing an opportunity when he was out of the house. However, as she tried to enter the basement of the mansion, where all the Iron Man Armors are displayed, she was denied access as she entered a wrong code. J.A.R.V.I.S. announced that if the correct code was not entered within 30 seconds, a complete lockdown of the house would be activated.

Seeing no other way out, Lina stole Betty, Stark's favorite custom-built car. While fleeing in a highway Lina was seen by Stark, who donned his Iron Man Armor in order to capture the thief.

Iron Man recognized Lina as the thief, and when he landed in front of the car, she couldn't stop it in time to avoid him, throwing him inside a toy store.

Lina fled again with the car, calling Naib, her contact in the Ten Rings , but Stark, seeing no other option to stop Lina before she could endanger any civilian, wrecked the car leaving her trapped inside.

In tears, Lina explained to Stark about the Ten Rings and the kidnapping of her son. Stark believed her story, being surprised that Lina had a son, and returned to his house before going to rescue Lina's son.[1]



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