"Tell me, are you happy with our deal?"
"You bet. Absolutely. I mean, I didn't think we'd get everything packed up but the kids made a game of it-"
"Leave now."
Kilgrave and Lin[src]

Lin is a former owner of Jones Residence who sold it to Kilgrave for a large sum of money.


Jones Residence

Sometime after Jessica Jones lost her family and got adopted by Dorothy Walker, Lin and his family bought the house where she once resided. During his time living there, he refurnished the house.[1]

Deal with Kilgrave

"I want to show you something. This is $1.26 million. I'd like to give this to you in exchange for your beautiful home."
"You can't be serious."
"I am."
Kilgrave and Lin[src]

Upon hearing someone knock, Lin opened the front door of his house. Wondering what Kilgrave wanted, he listened to some small talk before telling him he had to go. Just before he could close the door, Kilgrave placed his foot in front of it and told him that he liked to buy his house. Lin, who had not placed his house on sale, reacted in a negative way to this; Kilgrave then showed Lin $1.26 million, the money he was willing to pay for it. This surprised Lin, who noticed that two houses could be bought with that amount.

In order to find out if he could accept the offer, Lin accepted the real estate agreement and told that he wanted to have it checked by a lawyer. Before Kilgrave left, he gave Lin one condition: he and his family had to move out by the end of the next day.[1]

Moving Out

After checking the agreement, Lin and his family signed it. At first Lin worried if they could pack everything before the end of the day but his children made a game of it. The next day Kilgrave returned to receive the keys. In order to be sure, he asked Lin if he was happy with the deal, with which he was. While trying to start a conversation, Lin was enthralled and ordered to leave. Kilgrave, now alone in Lin's old house, walked to one of the doors and removed a piece of wallpaper covering lines drawn to measure Jessica Jones' height.[1]



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