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Limbani was a criminal associate of Ulysses Klaue who, with Klaue, allied with Erik Killmonger. Despite assisting Killmonger in several crimes including the rescue of Klaue from the CIA, both Limbani and Klaue were eventually betrayed and gunned down by Killmonger.


Work with Killmonger

Stealing Vibranium Weapons

Limbani shooting all of the security guards

Working with Erik Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue to steal Vibranium weapons from the Museum of Great Britain, Limbani went undercover with Klaue as a paramedic. Killmonger poisoned the guide and the paramedics got called in. Klaue and Limbani killed everybody in the room and took the Vibranium.[1]

Rescue of Ulysses Klaue

After Klaue was captured trying to sell the weapons by Black Panther and Everett Ross, Limbani, Killmonger and his lover Linda, broke into to the facility where he is being held. During the escape, Killmonger shot Ross in the back almost killing him.[1]

Betrayed and Killed

Limbani is shot and killed by Erik Killmonger

They all fled to an old junkyard where there is a plane waiting for them. When Limbani was loading the plane, Killmonger told Klaue to drop him off in Wakanda. Klaue refused and Killmonger pulled out a gun and killed Limbani.[1]


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