"Why don't you call his lawyers and tell them I want to give Mr. Fisk a chance to comment on a story that I'm writing about a Marlene Vistain? That's Fisk's mother."
"Shit. He actually had one?"
Karen Page and Lim[src]

Agent J. Lim is an FBI agent assigned by Tammy Hattley to supervise Wilson Fisk's imprisonment in Presidential Hotel.


FBI Agent

Wilson Fisk's Detail

"Garcia was the best man at my wedding."
"Word is Andrews will pull through."
"If you call probably never going to walk again pulling through."
―Lim and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Lim joined FBI as a field agent in the New York City FBI Office under Tammy Hattley's commands. Lim befriended Garcia who had been the best man at his wedding.


Lim's personal FBI file

Together with Benjamin Poindexter, Lim was a part of protective detail of Wilson Fisk who was transferred from Ryker's Island to Presidential Hotel. While on duty, Lim then expressed anger at agents dying in the ambush on Fisk by the Albanian Syndicate, including Garcia. Poindexter noted that Andrews potentially can survive but Lim said that he probably never going to walk what not good news for him. They then visited by Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee who demanded to shut down the cameras in order to privately speak with Fisk. At evening, Lim served Fisk dinner, calling him an "asshole" before leaving him to eat under Poindexter's watch.[1]


Lim and Poindexter checking on Wilson Fisk

In the wake of an assault on Donovan by unidentified attacker in the parking deck, Poindexter and Lim headed to Fisk's penthouse to undertake room check. Poindexter then said Lim to check the bedroom while he searching Fisk's person to ensure that he was not carrying anything that might be harmful to himself or others. Lim then finished bedroom check and informed Poindexter that it was clear. After ensuring that Fisk is clear, Poindexter and Lim left his room.


Lim and Benjamin Poindexter setting a prank

At next mourning, Lim with Poindexter still worked on Fisk's detail while they greeted Seema Nadeem who came to visit his husband Ray Nadeem. Later, hotel staff brought lunch for Fisk and Lim with Poindexter went to check on it. Poindexter then decided to prank on him and took a bite of Fisk's hamburger. Lim laughed and moved Fisk’s fries onto a standard plate before other agents served it to Fisk. They then went to the office to watch at Fisk's reaction on monitors. However, he proceeded to eat his hamburger with a spork which slightly disappointed Lim and Poindexter.


Lim and Poindexter watch over Wilson Fisk

They then were visited by Hattley, Nadeem and Winn, who asked Poindexter to leave the office to take a cup of coffee while he and Hattley questioning Fisk about the ambush on the convoy. In the evening, agents left the office and Lim was the only one who remained to work on detail. Poindexter then gave him money and asked Lim to go downstairs and take a coffee. Lim agreed and left the office while Poindexter watched footage of dialogue between Fisk, Winn and Hattley.[2]

Visited by Karen Page


Lim and Wellers stopping Karen Page

"How did you get up here?"
"I checked into a room."
"This floor is FBI personnel only."
―Lim and Karen Page[src]

While Ray Nadeem returned to the hotel to check agents' profiles, he was greeted by Lim and Wellers. They then returned to their discussion while Nadeem was working. At night, Lim and Wellers stopped Karen Page who went to Fisk's penthouse. Lim informed Page that she not allowed to be there because the whole floor is allowed only for FBI personnel. Page noted that according to Fisk's agreement he entitled to speak to the press but Wellers said that Fisk and his lawyers have to sign off on all press requests and they did not sign off on anyone.


Lim and Wellers apprehending Karen Page

However, Page informed them that she came to write an article about Fisk's mother and asked them to contact with his lawyers. Lim jokingly surprised that Fisk actually had a mother before he and Wellers went to call Donovan and Partners. They gave their permission and agents allowed Page to speak with Fisk. While they talking, Foggy Nelson arrived at the hotel and informed agents that Page is going to kill Fisk. Lim and Wellers rushed to Fisk's quarters and apprehended Page before Nelson walk her away.[3]

Fisk's Wedding


Lim witnesses Benjamin Poindexter's return

"What in the hell-"
"Do yourself a favor. Walk away."
―Lim and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

While Fisk organized his wedding with Vanessa Marianna, Hattley assigned Lim to secure the parking deck. Lim spotted car owned by FBI coming to the entrance and stopped it. He then saw a man in the Daredevil's Suit and pulled his gun. However, a man greeted him and Lim found out that the man was Benjamin Poindexter. Poindexter then approached frozen corpse of Julie Barnes and said that Lim is one of the good ones. Lim was shocked, but Poindexter told him to do himself a favor and go away. Lim refused and Poindexter non-lethally knocked him down.[4]


"That's Agent Lim. He's one of the good ones."
Benjamin Poindexter[src]
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  • Presidential Hotel: Lim was assigned to supervise Wilson Fisk's imprisonment in Presidential Hotel. He worked from an office on the floor owned by the FBI where he watched at Fisk through cameras.



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