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"You're amazing. It's like a skill. Right? You know all the best dishes on every menu. You always order the right amount. Never too much, too little. It's perfect."
Mitchell Ellison to Lily Ellison[src]

Lily Ellison is the wife of Mitchell Ellison.


"Left to my own devices, we'd be ordering Wo Hop every night."
"Nothing wrong with that. This woman does it all. Not only does she run Proxy Magazine, she is an expert orderer."
―Lily Ellison and Mitchell Ellison[src]

Lily Ellison, along with her husband, Mitchell Ellison, hosted a dinner at their home and invited their nephew, Jason, and Karen Page in an effort to set them up.[1]


"When I was eight, they renewed their vows on Long Beach. In front of the whole family."
"Aunt Lily hired one of those planes that write in the sky."
Jason Ellison and Karen Page[src]

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