"I'll just take my chances. You clowns are not gonna rob my joint. So just take y'all sorry little asses all up outta here!"
―Lillian to Jigsaw[src]

Lillian is the manager of the ReadyQuick Check Cashing who became a hostage during a robbery facilitated by Jigsaw's Crew.


"This is a family business. My daddy fought a world war, built this place from nothing. He'd turn over in his grave if he thought I would let you all just walk in here and take whatever you want."
―Lillian to Jigsaw[src]

Lillian was the daughter of a world war veteran, who was also the owner of the ReadyQuick Check Cashing. Lillian was also the strict manager of ReadyQuick, who at some point had hired Anton Reed.

When ReadyQuick was robbed by Jigsaw and two of his men, Mike and Bobby Jigsaw had demanded Reed to get the manager. Reed brought Lillian in the cashier's side where Jigsaw had demanded for Lillian to press the button to open the door to the money. Lillian refuses to open the door, explaining to Jigsaw how her father had fought a world war and had owned the ReadyQuick and Lillian wasn't going to let some people rob the place. When Jigsaw had threatened to throw a grenade in the cashier's side unless Lillian opens the door to the money Lillian refuses to open the door, calling Jigsaw a dumbass. Reed, who, unknowing to Lillian was actually Jigsaw's inside man opens the door to the money, much to Lillian's shock and annoyance. Jigsaw, Mike and Bobby had put Lillian, Reed and the rest of the staff in ziptie restraints, Jigsaw and his men then leave with the stolen money and Reed.


"Lillian, you're making me kinda nervous. Your behavior, it's erratic, it's irrational. Like you could do anything at anytime without reason. Anybody else getting that same vibe off of Lillian, or is it just me?"
"She's a crazy old bitch."
Jigsaw and Bobby[src]

Lillian was shown to be a strict and fearless manager of ReadyQuick Check Cashing. Lillian was not scared when Jigsaw and his crew had gotten into ReadyQuick and when Jigsaw had threatened to throw a grenade in the cashier's side Lillian had still refused and even had called Jigsaw a dumbass.



  • Father †



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