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"Who puts mayo on a hotdog?"
"Probably your brothers."
―Lila Barton and Clint Barton[src]

Lila Barton is the daughter of Laura and Clint Barton. In her preteen years, she had taken a liking to archery, much like her father. Barton's life was one of the trillions claimed in the Snap in 2018, although she was resurrected five years later in 2023 in the Blip.


Avenger's Daughter

Life at the Homestead

Lila Barton was born to Clint and Laura Barton in Iowa, where she lives in a farmhouse with her mother and older brother, Cooper. Their entire existence was kept a secret due to her father's dangerous field work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. Natasha Romanoff was the only other person to be aware of Clint having a family and became a close friend to them, even developing an aunt-like relationship with Barton and Cooper.[1]

Ultron Offensive

"Did you bring Auntie Nat?"
―Lila Barton to Clint Barton[src]

Barton meets the Avengers

In 2015, when her father returned home with the Avengers, Barton and Cooper excitedly hugged him in greeting. Barton then asked her father if he brought "Auntie Nat" with him, which Natasha Romanoff answered by asking Barton to hug her, too. As her family was formally introduced to the Avengers, Barton approached Thor after he stepped on her Legos and looked at him. She then rejoined her family as they discussed her mother's pregnancy with Romanoff, with Barton happy to be getting another brother.

Barton shows Natasha Romanoff a painting she made

That evening after dinner while Nick Fury briefed the Avengers, Barton presented Romanoff with a painting of a butterfly she made. Her mother then took her and her brother upstairs for bed.

Barton and her brother reading

Days later, Barton and Cooper were reading books on the couch when her father returned home. Shortly after, her mother gave birth to Nathaniel Barton[1], the family relocated to a new farmhouse.[2]

Sibling Argument

"Cooper! Where. Are. My. Headphones?"
"I never had them."
―Lila Barton and Cooper Barton[src]

In 2018, Barton was unable to locate her headphones and accused her brother of misplacing them. Her brother denied it, though Barton pointed out he had them the previous day.[2]

Snap and Blip

Barton being taught archery by her father

"Good job, Hawkeye. Go get your arrow."
Clint Barton to Lila Barton[src]

When her family had a picnic outside their house, Barton, who had taken a liking to archery, was being taught by her father, who had perfected the skill. Her father guided Barton in how to shoot an arrow as her mother called out for what condiment they wanted on their hot dogs, either mayonnaise or mustard. Barton and her father picked mustard, confused on the concept of putting mayonnaise on a hot dog. Barton then took her shot and successfully hit the bullseye on a tree. Her father congratulated her, calling her "Hawkeye". As Barton went to collect the arrow, she disintegrated from the Snap.

Barton is reunited with her father

Five years later, as a result of the Blip, Barton was restored to life, along with her mother and brothers. When her father returned home in a Quinjet, Barton and the rest of her family ran outside to reunite with him.

Barton attends Tony Stark's funeral

About a week later, Barton and her family flew to New York and attended Tony Stark's funeral at Stark's home.[2]

Christmas Holidays

Trip to New York

Barton watches the show

"You know it's fine if you don't wanna watch the show. I mean... I know everyone misses her, but... she was your best friend. It's..."
―Lila Barton to Clint Barton[src]

In December 2024, Barton joined her brothers and father on a trip to New York City a week before Christmas. The family attended a production of Rogers: The Musical, a play that featured a character based on her father. She watched uncomfortably at the over-the-top portrayal of the Battle of New York, before realizing that her father had turned his hearing aid off and was not listening to it.

Barton tells her father she understands how he was feeling

Her father excused himself to the bathroom, and when he did not come back, Barton left the theater and found her father outside. He said he just needed to get some air, but Barton recognized it was hard for him to watch the show since it reminded him of his best friend, telling him that they all missed her as well, and gave him a hug. Her brothers then joined them outside, and the family decided to leave and not finish watching the play.

Barton having dinner with her brothers and father

Her father then took them to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, where they discussed their plans leading up to Christmas Day. Barton's suggestion for an activity she wanted to do was a Christmas movie marathon, while her brothers suggested making gingerbread houses and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. As they finished eating, their waiter approached their table and informed the family that their dinner would be paid for by the restaurant, due to her father's role in saving the city.

Barton and her brother watch the news

After dinner, they went to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree before returning to their hotel room. Barton turned on the television to a NY1 news report covering the recent attack on a black market auction, as well as the sudden reappearance of Ronin. While Barton was amazed by the footage of a ninja saving a dog, she was unaware of the significance this held to her father as he left the hotel for the night to pursue this character.[5] That night, she texted her father asking where had gone too, but he replied that they needed to pack and be ready to leave without him in the morning.[3]

Returning Home Without Her Father

Barton says goodbye to her father

"I really thought you were gonna be home for Christmas."
"Hey, look at me. I'll be home for Christmas."
"Promise me? You promise?"
―Lila Barton and Clint Barton[src]

In the morning, Barton and her brothers were met by their father, who helped them get into a transport car that would take them to the airport. He told them that while he was gone that Cooper was in charge of them. Barton expressed her concern about the activities of her father, to which he assured her that he will be alright, and promised that he would be home for Christmas. He then told her that she was actually in charge of her brothers and that he would see her soon. Barton and her brothers were then driven to the airport and flew home, where they were picked up at the airport by their mother and taken home.

Barton making gingerbread houses back home

Later that night, while Barton was making gingerbread houses with her mother and brothers, Laura spoke to Clint over the phone, who broke the news that he would have to spend another day in New York before he would be home.[3]

Barton listens as her parents speak on the phone

Two days later, her father was still not home. Barton sat in the kitchen as her parents spoke on the phone and became irritated after her mother spoke in German so they would not understand what was being said. After her mother hung up, she told them that their father would not be back for a little while yet, much to all of their dismay.[4]

Family Reunited

Barton greets her father

"You made it. You kept your promise."
―Lila Barton to Clint Barton[src]

On Christmas Day, Barton and her brothers rushed outside as her father finally arrived home, delighted that he had fulfilled his promise. She met Kate Bishop and Lucky, who had been given a place to live there.

Barton sits by Kate Bishop

Barton and her brothers got changed into different clothes and gathered in the living room to open their Christmas presents. Barton sat by Bishop as she opened hers.[6]

Time Heist

Barton in an alternate 2018 timeline

"Lila? Lila!"
"Yeah, Dad? Dad?"
Clint Barton and Lila Barton[src]

In an alternate 2018, Barton was unable to locate her headphones and accused her brother of misplacing them. Her brother denied it, though Barton pointed out he had them the previous day. They were interrupted when Barton heard her father, seemingly calling for her. Seconds later, Barton came downstairs but could not find him, much to her confusion, and then returned upstairs.[2]


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By age 14, Barton appears to be quite mature for her age. She recognized her father's grief over the death of his best friend and comforted him when the play reminded him of her. Clint also places her in charge in his absence, trusting her more than her older brother Cooper. Despite this, she is still a child and enjoys arguing with and teasing her siblings. She values her family and is extremely disappointed at the thought of her father not being around for Christmas Day. She is well-mannered, thanking the restaurant waiter after he told her family the restaurant would be paying for their dinner.


  • Marksman:

    Barton practicing her archery skills

    Barton was trained by her father, a master archer, in wielding a bow. Before the Snap, she was seen nocking an arrow and landing a bullseye on a tree.



  • Bow and Arrow: Before the Snap, Lila was gifted a bow to practice archery in firing arrows outside the house with her father.







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  • In the Ultimate Marvel comics, Clint and Laura's daughter is named Nicole Barton, after her godfather Nick Fury, and instead of being the family's middle child she is the youngest. Nicole, along with her mother and brothers, was murdered by a black ops team that was led in Barton's home by a traitor within the Ultimates, an alternate version of the Avengers.


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