"Did you bring Auntie Nat?"
―Lila Barton to Clint Barton[src]

Lila Barton is the daughter of Laura and Clint Barton. In her teenage years, she had taken a liking to archery, much like her father. Her life was one of the trillions claimed in the Snap in 2018, although she was resurrected five years in 2023 when it was reversed.


Daughter of an Avenger

Ultron Offensive

Lila lives in a farmhouse in Missouri with her mother and brothers. Their entire existence is kept a secret due to her father's dangerous field work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. Natasha Romanoff was the only other person to be aware of Barton having a family and she become close with them and even developing an aunt like relationship with Barton's children.

When her father returned with the Avengers, Lila greeted him by hugging him. Lila then asked Barton if he had brought "Auntie Nat" with him, which Romanoff interrupted by telling Lila to hug her. Lila then approached Thor and looked at him while he thought about the dream Wanda Maximoff showed him. Lila later presented Romanoff with a crayon picture of a butterfly she drew, which gave Bruce Banner an idea of what Ultron's plans were.

When her father returned home from battling Ultron, retiring from the Avengers, Lila and her brother were reading books. Shortly after, her mother gave birth to Nathaniel Barton.[1]


Hawkeye II

Barton practises her archery

In her teenage years, Lila had taken a liking to archery, much like her father. Lila's life was one of the trillions claimed in the Snap in 2018.

Five years later, when the Snap was reversed by Hulk, Lila was resurrected back to life and later attended Tony Stark's funeral with her family.[2]


  • Marksman: Lila was trained by her father, a master archer, to wield a bow. Before the Snap, she was seen nocking an arrow and landing a bullseye on a tree.






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  • In the Ultimate Marvel comics, Clint and Laura's daughter is named Nicole Barton, after her godfather Nick Fury, and instead of being the family's middle child she is the youngest. She, along with her mother and her siblings, was murdered by a black ops team that was led in Barton's home by a traitor within the Ultimates, an alternate version of the Avengers.


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