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"Welcome to the Lighthouse, the world's last bastion against the encroaching darkness. If you're here, you understand the gravity of the situation. The world as we know it has come to an end."
Rick Stoner[src]

The Lighthouse is a massive bunker built in case of an apocalyptic-level event, constructed and equipped by S.H.I.E.L.D. under the command of Rick Stoner, and located under a lighthouse in Lake Ontario, New York. It was abandoned from 1972 until late 2017, when it became S.H.I.E.L.D.'s primary base of operations.

In an alternate timeline where Earth was destroyed, the Lighthouse survived and ended up in space, bound to a chunk of the Earth's crust by Gravitonium, The Lighthouse fell under the rule of Kasius and his Kree Watch, who subjugated the humans and Inhumans who sought refuge there. Phil Coulson and his team time-traveled from the prime timeline to this alternate timeline in the year 2091, where they freed humanity from Kree rule and destroyed the Lighthouse.

In an alternate timeline created by the Chronicoms, the Lighthouse was used by S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA as the launching pad for Project Insight. Following the Destruction of Project Insight in 1976, the facility was abandoned once more, until it was used by Deke Shaw six years later as the headquarters for the Deke Squad.


Early History

Project Reclamation

"History says S.H.I.E.L.D. abandoned this place in '72."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The actual lighthouse under which the bunker was built

The Lighthouse was built as a bunker underneath Lake Ontario commissioned by S.H.I.E.L.D. Official, General Rick Stoner during the Hydrogen Crisis in the 1970s as part of Project Reclamation. The bunker was equipped with the best technology available during that time period. By 1972, as the Wave Crisis had ended, S.H.I.E.L.D. abandoned the Lighthouse[1] and the facility was not even included by Nick Fury on his list of S.H.I.E.L.D. facilities in his Toolbox.[2]

Housing Fugitives

Leo Fitz's Mission

A Chronicom named Enoch eventually discovered the existence of the Lighthouse. After escaping imprisonment from the United States Armed Forces, Lance Hunter and Enoch helped the fugitive Leo Fitz arrive at the Lighthouse to hide. Also running from law enforcement were Polly Hinton and the Inhuman Robin Hinton. As Enoch and Fitz questioned Robin to give them the whereabouts of the missing S.H.I.E.L.D. team, they grew frustrated with her unresponsiveness. Eventually, Robin made the prediction that Fitz was meant to save their lives, which was why he was left behind. Fitz got the idea to hide weapons and gadgets in a wall on Level 3 for his team in the future. However, in order to join his team in the year 2091 Fitz entered a Cryo-Freeze Chamber provided by Chronicom technology. Afterwards, he was brought on-board a Chronicom Vessel and was sent to orbit a distant planet for 74 years.[3]

Return to the Present

S.H.I.E.L.D. return to the present day Lighthouse

"It worked. It takes you through time, but to the same place. I've been here before with Enoch. We made it."
Leo Fitz[src]

After traveling through the Time Di'Alla in the year 2091, agents Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, Melinda May, Jemma Simmons, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Leo Fitz, and Daisy Johnson were all teleported into one of the upper levels of the Lighthouse. Arriving disoriented, it took a little while for the team to figure out whether or not they were in the future or the past. When Fitz recognized the room from before, all the agents were relieved that they were out of the clutches of the dystopian future.

When they turned on the lights, an automatic recording of General Rick Stoner began playing in which he explained the origin and the purpose of the Lighthouse. From that, the team was able to figure out that it has been completely forgotten about and is the best place to hide.

Deciding to tend to her team's wounds, Simmons began treating Mackenzie and Rodriguez while Coulson decided to stay with an unconscious Daisy Johnson. May and Fitz decided to search for any leftover S.H.I.E.L.D. equipment that can be used by them.

When Johnson woke up, she was initially distraught because she believed that she will cause the end of the world. Coulson then comforted her and convinced her that he needed her alive and in the present.

In the storage level, May and Fitz were looking for weapons when they discovered three different Monoliths being stored. As they questioned its origin, a Chronicom named Noah interrupted them and said that their origin was unknown. Once explaining his identity, the agents felt safer around him but began interrogating him. Noah then explained that no one in the world knows about this bunker and the location of the monoliths. He then decided to lead them to a room in which he monitors all potential threats.

Explaining that Chronicoms monitor potential cataclysmic events and only interfere when necessary, he informed them of the active Kree Orb in St. Louis. Realizing the implications of the active orb, the team gathered and planned how they will retrieve it. Johnson decided to stay behind and act as the tech support while the rest of her team decided to go and stop the orb from transmitting its signal to the Kree. The team left to go find a cloaked Zephyr One and fly to the St. Louis Aerospace Facility through a secret tunnel that leads to a small town named River's End.

Johnson used Noah's computer to set up an alert to see if her team will be spotted by the authorities. She realized that her entire team was America's Most Wanted fugitives and that all policemen will most likely recognize them. After she set up the alert, she received one that said that Deke Shaw has been spotted in the custody of River's End Police Department.

Initially asking Noah to retrieve him, Johnson became frustrated that as a Chronicom, he refused to help. She then decided that she would go rescue Shaw herself, and left the Lighthouse to make sure he didn't snitch on the S.H.I.E.L.D. team.

After rescuing Shaw, they returned to the Lighthouse. They were soon contacted by May demanding coordinates for a safe place to land for immediate medical attention. The Zephyr then entered the bunker through a tunnel in the water that opened up to a landing bay. Once inside, Simmons began performing surgery on a recently amputated Yo-Yo to make sure she didn't bleed out.

With the Kree Orb in their position, Noah, May, and Fitz decided to store it in the storage level with the three monoliths. As May and Fitz discussed Yo-Yo's condition, Noah made the observation that the Kree Orb was actually heating up instead of cooling down. Realizing what this meant, Noah yelled at May and Fitz to get out of the room while he attempted to cover the explosion right next to the monoliths.[2]

Rift in Space-Time

Violent Manifestations

The explosion of the Kree Orb destroyed the three Monolith's creating a Rift in Space-Time. This rift opened a portal linking a different dimension - The Fear Dimension, a dimension that could manifest on a person's fear and physically project them. The rift from the alternate dimension created recreations of a Kree Warrior, Lash, Hive, a Life-Model Decoy of Jemma Simmons and Mike Peterson as a response to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents fears.

After the explosion, Leo Fitz sent D.W.A.R.F.s into the room to scan and observe the damage. When he viewed the rift, the drone was attacked by a recreation of Lash. The rift created shifts, in reality, for example, it turned Level 27 into a seemingly outdoors forest.

While looking for medical supplies for Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Quake and Deke Shaw ran into a Kree warrior who attacked the two until he vanished into thin air. After the assault of the Kree, Fitz began to hypothesize about the existence of the Fear Dimension and its ability. After realizing this, Fitz sealed off the lower levels of the Lighthouse to combat the changes. The recreations haunted the team until they were ultimately able to defeat all of the projections.[4]

A Sacrifice

Fitz, in order to close the rift, came up with a plan. With Shaw's Gravity Puck, the rift can be closed with the gravity contracting the effects on space-time. However, part of his plan involved someone from the team may have to sacrifice themselves. Phil Coulson decided to take the risk despite the opposition by others. This created an intense argument between the team and Coulson, in which led to him to express his desire for Quake to lead S.H.I.E.L.D.. The quarrel among the group resulted in Coulson losing his breath and collapsing.

Afterwards Coulson sent Shaw on a mission to recruit Deathlok and other agents from the outside. Once Coulson sent him away, he spoke with his team and he revealed his deal with the Ghost Rider, which will result in his death, much to the anger of his team, especially Daisy.

In the medical bay, a Life-Model Decoy of Jemma Simmons began to suffocate Yo-Yo with a pillow until Alphonso Mackenzie ran into the room and destroyed it.

Now enacting Fitz' plan, Coulson takes the elevator down to the deepest levels of the Lighthouse. He eventually encounters an recreation of Mike Peterson. Peterson begins to hint that Coulson is still being resurrected and his adventures for the past several years have all been made up in his head. As Coulson listens to Peterson, he interrupts him and claims he doesn't believe his claims.

Meanwhile, a Quinjet piloted by James Davis, Shaw, and Deathlok arrives and docks at the Lighthouse.

Now angry, the recreation of Mike Peterson begins to attack Coulson and push him into the rift. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Deathlok who destroys his own recreation. Recreations of Lash, then Vrellnexians, then Hive all appear and are destroyed by Coulson and Deathlok. While the rift closes, Coulson and Deathlok recover from the fight and go back upstairs.

In the elevator of the Lighthouse, Fitz, Coulson and Shaw, all meet up and discuss the anomalies that occurred. Coulson then implies that Fitz is stalling because he is nervous about his wedding. Comforted by Coulson, the three enter a level of the Lighthouse with a forest, and perform a wedding ceremony between Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz.[4]

Search for Gravitonium

Sometime after the wedding, Jemma Simmons and Alphonso Mackenzie visit Yo-Yo Rodriguez in the medical bay. Phil Coulson then soon comes in and informs Rodriguez that Leo Fitz intends to build the best possible prosthetics for her. As they leave Rodriguez, Fitz warns them about the Gravity Containment Device which is barely keeping the Fear Dimension from opening again. He insists on finding more Gravitonium, despite their only lead being Cybertek.

Daisy Johnson then begins to investigate the Cybertek company and finds that several scientists who used to work on Gravitonium are presumed deceased. However, Johnson notices that their death certificates were all signed by the same person, Murray Jacobson, so Johnson presumes that they are actually alive with new identities. Deciding this as their only lead, Coulson, Mackenzie, Johnson and Melinda May decide to find Jacobson while Fitz and Deke Shaw remain at the Lighthouse to work on locating the gravitonium.

As Fitz unsuccessfully attempts to locate the Principia, he eventually ends up having an argument with Shaw after growing frustrated. While Simmons comforts Fitz, Shaw leaves to find some food to lift his spirits. In the storage level, he sees a recreation of his mother, which warns him that he has to leave the S.H.I.E.L.D. team before they hurt him, before being destroyed by another recreation of a Kree Warrior. Shaw manages to destroy the Kree Warrior and is found by Simmons. As they discuss Fitz's behavior, Shaw figures out that the Principia was not sunk, but instead that the Gravitonium took it in the sky.

After receiving the Gravitonium, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team soon returns to use their new tool. Shaw goes to see Rodriguez and Simmons inform them of their return and overhears a conversation in which Simmons pronounces a sentence Shaw's mother used to tell him. Thus, Shaw realizes that Simmons and Fitz are his grandparents, although he keeps the information for himself while further working with Fitz.[5]

Doctor's Orders

On a secluded level of the Lighthouse, a recreation of an astronaut appears meanwhile Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were working in a workshop. They were sharing some banter when suddenly the astronaut had come in, immediately choking Jemma and throwing her across the room. Another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent tried attacking it but was killed before Fitz-Simmons shot the recreation.

In Yo-Yo Rodriguez's recovery room, Yo-Yo was testing a new prosthetic arm built by Alphonso Mackenzie and Fitz. She began to feel uneasy in her room and wished to help the others fight the monsters from the Fear Dimension. However, Mack shut her down for her own safety.

Meanwhile, Fitz gathered Quake, Simmons and Deke Shaw to help him figure out Shaw's Gravity Containment Device. He grew frustrated that Shaw was unsure how it worked. He then suggested that Daisy should go to search for Franklin Hall's notes on Gravitonium, while he leaves with Simmons.

Subconsciously, Fitz had begun to execute a plan in which he was meant to isolate Daisy. After keeping everyone else occupied, he will remove the Inhuman Control Device from Johnson's neck to gain the ability to compress the Gravitonium.

After Fitz-Simmons left the room, Johnson found the coordinates for General Hale's car detail and sent them to Phil Coulson and Melinda May.

In the workshop, Fitz was working on something while Shaw walked in and began speaking to him. Without saying a word, Fitz knocked Shaw unconscious. He then removes his welding clothes to reveal that his "Doctor" persona from the Framework has manifested. He then begins to enact his plan and kidnap Daisy.

Back at the main terminal, Fitz burst into the room demanding that he gets onto the computer. He then begins to lose his temper over not being able to find notes on Franklin Hall's research, which prompts Daisy to comfort him. They are interrupted by an alert that cameras have gone out on Level 10, which Daisy then decides to go and fix it.

Once alone, Fitz is met with his greatest fear, the Doctor from the Framework. The Doctor begins to antagonize Fitz; who is unaware that the Doctor is a hallucination from his own subconscious enacting a plan. The Doctor then claims that his plan is already in motion.

Because more anomalies were occurring, Yo-Yo was about to be moved by Simmons and Mack to a safer location. Before they could do anything, Sleeper Mechs programmed by Fitz burst into the room and told them to not move. After not listening to their demands, Mack gets shot in the leg, prompting Simmons to yell out for Fitz.

After his intense encounter with his subconscious, Fitz came into Yo-Yo's room where they were recovering from their attack. They deduced the robots were not recreations, but most likely programmed by one: the Doctor. They all began trying to figure out what the Doctor wanted, when they suddenly realized that he must want to continue his experiments on Inhumans. Realizing this, Fitz left the room to go find Daisy.

Meanwhile Daisy was attempting to fix the surveillance camera, she was knocked out by a Sleeper Mech which carried her away to a surgical bed. She then woke up to the Doctor beginning to perform surgery on her power inhibitor. After learning what he was doing, Daisy screamed while he continued the surgery.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez came to the conclusion that it is not possible for her to die as long as she's in a time loop. Simmons then came inside and told Mack to not aggravate his injury again, which made her remember Fitz's brain injury and how it can manifest hallucinations. This made her run outside to find Johnson, realizing the severity of the situation.

As the surgery continued, Fitz interrupted the Doctor. He tried to stop the surgery by arguing with the Doctor, which confused Daisy who did not understand what was happening. The Doctor continued to yell at Fitz until Simmons interrupted the ordeal with Shaw following behind.

With Simmons' help, Fitz realized that the Doctor was not an anomaly, rather a hallucination from his subconscious. This is when more Sleeper Mechs came into the room and pointed guns at everyone to insure that Fitz follows through with the operation.

Leo Fitz removing Quake's inhibitor

After the surgery was complete, Fitz gave Daisy the instructions on how to compress the Gravitonium and the Sleeper Mechs deactivated. After their deactivation, Fitz gave himself up for containment and the team closed the rift.

A short time after, Simmons tried to reassure Fitz that his psychic-split does not make him a bad person but ultimately failed. After being unable to discern right from wrong, Simmons left the room to cry in a hallway.

In the hallway, Shaw found Simmons and began telling her stories of his grandparents. Once Shaw told her about his parentage, Simmons remained speechless and then vomited.[6]

The Search for Phil Coulson

Johnson's Leadership

As they were investigating where Hale had taken Coulson, Johnson and Melinda May figure out Hale's allegiance to HYDRA. As Daisy began to give up, May decided to visit Leo Fitz in his cell for insight, even though he was still recovering from his psychic split. Fitz studies the documents brought by May and suggests to be taken out of his cell for a few hours to help them.

Leo Fitz argues with Quake

Johnson bursts into the cell and refuses Fitz's request. An argument erupts over Fitz's earlier actions, and chaos ensues. When Fitz claims that it was the only way of protecting the world from the Fear Dimension, Johnson attacks him with her powers and questions his allegiance. After a couple insults were thrown around, Johnson stormed out of the room, leaving Fitz alone. Afterwards, Johnson decided to go find Robin Hinton for advice on how to stop the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Jemma Simmons and Alphonso Mackenzie successfully transplant prosthetic arms on Yo-Yo Rodriguez. They also discuss Fitz's earlier actions and Mackenzie shows his faith in Fitz's true good nature. Mackenzie also voices his concerns about Rodriguez's behavior as she is persuaded she will live until after the cataclysm which destroys Earth, rendering her reckless to a fault.

Following the surgery, Simmons visits her husband in his cell and reveals that Deke Shaw is their grandson, proving that their love survives many ordeals to give birth and raise a daughter.[7]

Sometime after the transplant, Yo-Yo was in a gym using her new prosthetic arms. Mack then walks in on her amazing display of strength and advises her to take her time to get used to the arms. He then offers to perform diagnostics on the arms because he is a mechanic.

Meanwhile, Shaw visits Leo Fitz in his cell and the two discuss the fact that they are related. Although Fitz claimed that he did not see anything from him in Shaw, Shaw declared that he did not blame him for what he did when the Doctor took over. The two bond on how Johnson had become a strict leader since becoming in charge.

In the hallway, Shaw was joined by Simmons, who seeks confirmation that they made it to the future Lighthouse unharmed and without severe injury or disease, which is a comfort to Simmons. Shaw then brings up Johnson's strict leadership to Simmons, who also agrees.

In the command center, Johnson carries out her plan to retrieve Robin Hinton and boards the Zephyr One with May. Shaw and Simmons join them on the Zephyr One, and Simmons asks for the authorization of releasing Fitz to investigate his idea of a HYDRA weapon Hale might be looking for. Before the two leave, Johnson reminds Jemma that Fitz cannot be let out and that Mack is in charge.[8]

The Invincible Three

Once the Zephyr One leaves, Jemma Simmons brings Yo-Yo Rodriguez to Leo Fitz' cell, who also thinks that she cannot be killed as she saw herself in the future. Rodriguez agrees to help Simmons and Fitz to find the HYDRA weapon, although Rodriguez informs that Mackenzie will try to stop them.

Rodriguez then goes to Mackenzie so he can run a diagnosis on her arms. Rodriguez then asks him for the permission to release Fitz, but Mack refuses. The two then began to argue about their respective fates based on the time loops. Mack ordered Yo-Yo and Fitz to remain at the Lighthouse, which caused Yo-Yo to storm off. Therefore, Simmons and Rodriguez decide to perform some experimentation in front of Mackenzie.

Once Mack gets to Fitz's cell, the two enact their plan. Simmons fills four beakers, three with water and another with a toxic chemical and declares that she will drink three of them. Both Mackenzie and Fitz tried to stop Jemma carry out her dangerous plan, however, Simmons drinks the content of two beakers and remains unharmed. When she drinks the third, however, she falls on the ground, seemingly poisoned. Fitz, demands to be released so he can find some drugs to save her, which Mackenzie agrees. However, it turns out to be a part of Simmons' and Rodriguez's schemes, as the latter uses her power to lock up Mackenzie in the cell and Simmons reveals that she is actually all right, much to Fitz's relief. Nevertheless, Simmons tells him that one of the beakers was indeed toxic.

Now ready to retrieve the weapon, Fitz, Simmons and Rodriguez leave the Lighthouse with an auto-piloted Quinjet with the intent of investigating the possible locations of the HYDRA weapon.[8]

Saving Deke Shaw

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The Search for Gravitonium

A Sleeper Agent

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Invasion of the Confederacy

"You may be noticing that the Lighthouse is going into lockdown mode. This is not a drill. The Lighthouse is keeping us safe. All exits, including the hangar, have been sealed to protect us from any outside intrusion. Which is good, 'cause there is currently a sizeable alien spaceship overhead. Oh, and due to a technical malfunction, the Lighthouse thinks we're under nuclear attack, so we may be trapped inside for 15 years... ish."
Phil Coulson[src]

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Gravitonium Infusion

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Breaking the Loop

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Arrival of Sarge's Crew

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Taken Over by Chronicom Hunters

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Alternate Universes

Destroyed Earth

Last of Humanity

Lighthouse in a apocalyptic universe

"It's called the Lighthouse. Back when Earth was round, this was an underground survival bunker."

In an alternate 2018, Glenn Talbot absorbed Quake and her powers, which allowed him to rip the Earth apart in search for more Gravitonium. This then forced the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on Zephyr One to go to the Lighthouse for survival.[9]

Four years later, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, and Melinda May were all trying to figure out how to maintain the Lighthouse's air filtration systems. Pessimistically, Simmons and Fitz both believed they were doomed to exist in a time loop for all eternity while May held out hope. May and Simmons both agreed that the invention of a time machine should be their priority, which led Fitz to reluctantly agree to help design it. Afterwards, Robin approached the group and attempted to give Melinda a drawing to remind her how to get home from 2091. May told her that it wasn't the right time, and she held onto the drawing for another 70 years.

The Kree arrived at the Lighthouse to oversee the day-to-day operations. They brought water, air, and all the basic necessities for basic survival in space. One day, Robin and May were walking through the Lighthouse when they heard Yo-Yo yelling at people to get out of her way. She was planning on attacking the Kree with a Kree Battle Axe. May tried to persuade Yo-Yo to not risk her life, but she decided that living in enslavement is not worth it. Robin then began telling a prophecy about how Flint will help Mack one day, which caused Yo-Yo to snap and reveal that Mack had already died and Flint hadn't been born yet. Yo-Yo then left for the elevators to attack the Kree and was soon enslaved to act as Kasius' personal seer.[10]

One day, Robin prophesied about the death of Jemma Simmons and told Fitz, who became extremely distressed. He then brought her to May so he would not have to listen to her anymore. May then encouraged Fitz to continue to design the time machine, which he denied because of his hopelessness in the cause. May tried to calm Fitz down, but he felt that there was no escaping the time-loop.

Because of Robin's difficulty sleeping, she called May over to help calm her down. May stopped what she was doing on her desk and cuddled with Robin. Robin began confessing that she didn't want her abilities; but May said that they will always be together. They never have to say goodbye because of the time-loop they exist in. Robin then told her that she has seen how her team can "get back home," to which May responded that now wasn't the time for that prophecy.[11]

Enslaved Society
"You think the Lighthouse is a prison? Sweetheart... prison would be nice."
Deke Shaw to Daisy Johnson[src]

After the destruction of the Earth, a large group of humans survived in the bunker but were soon enslaved by a group of Kree, known as the Kree Watch. They brought water filtration and breathable air to the Lighthouse, so the inhabitants would depend on them for their survival. The Kree would assert their rule over humanity by forcing them to wear Metrics, a mechanical device that tracked their movements and forced them to comply. The Kree Watch was under the command of a Kree named Kasius, who would also enforce his rule by performing rituals known as a Renewal where the inhabitants are forced to kill the poorest among them. They are forced to follow the rule of "A Life Spent, A Life Earned."[12]

Kasius would frequently take the Inhumans who lived on the Lighthouse and have them fight in the Crater to display their abilities as an auction for intergalactic bidders. He also instituted a system where all Inhumans were mandated to go through Terrigenesis at the age of 18. They would also control the Inhuman population with an Inhuman Control Device, which allows the Kree Watch to suppress their abilities.[13]

Occasionally, the Kree would take some humans to personally serve them. They would consider this a great honor, but the people were typically brainwashed into submission.[12]

Some inhabitants of the Lighthouse, known as The Old Ones, or the True Believers began to pass down legends of "Quake, The Destroyer of Worlds" and how she was responsible for destroying Earth. They listened to their prophet, Robin Hinton as they passed down their beliefs for generations. They would also tell stories about how a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the past would return one day to liberate humanity and save the world.[13] Among the True Believers was a man named Virgil who believed in the prophecy.[14]

One popular place for the inhabitants of The Lighthouse is the Exchange, a place popular for trading and gathering among the civilians.[12]

Infestation of Roaches

A group of Vrellnexians managed to break into the third level of the Lighthouse from the surface of the Earth. Ever since, the Kree have sealed it off from the rest of the Lighthouse. The Vrellnexians managed to kill everyone who had entered the restricted area.[14]

Arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Lighthouse Orientation

After being abducted by the Chronicom anthropologist named Enoch, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez were teleported with a Time Di'Alla from the prime timeline to the Lighthouse in an alternate 2091. The first to arrive, Coulson landed on the third level frozen in time. When time resumes, a breached window of the station begins to aspire the air before its closed. Coulson then encounters two inhabitants of the Lighthouse, and one of them mysteriously recognizes Coulson as and Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The other inhabitant gets ferociously killed by a Vrellnexian and Coulson and Virgil flee. Virgil then explains that he has come to fulfill a prophecy to save humanity before getting knocked out by a recently teleported Mack. The three then flee the room.

On another side of the third level, Rodriguez arrives into a corpse-filled room with a masked-Simmons, and first attacks her before recognizing her. While inspecting the bodies, Coulson and Mack enter the room with an unconscious Virgil. The four begin discussing their circumstances Virgil wakes up and explains that they were all legends in history. After telling the prophecy; Virgil is killed by a Roach and the team flees before being cornered in a hallway. Luckily, Johnson appears and kills the Vrellnexian, saving the team. Once they were all safe they began searching the level for answers.

At the breached window, Deke Shaw floats into the room from outer space and begins searching the level before encountering an injured Melinda May. The two fight before Shaw incapacitates May with a Gravity Puck. He then implants a Metric into her arm and takes her away.

The other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then find the room in which May and Shaw were previously in and discover a computer programmed in English, making them believe they could send a message to Earth. They begin to make a plan before they were interrupted by the Kree Watch.

Deke Shaw rescues the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

Coulson, Simmons and Johnson were taken to a cell where two Kree were stationed outside. They were in the middle of a conversation before Shaw enters the room with May. Shaw then bribes the guards to let the team go. Outside, the four overpower Shaw. Simmons and May then head down to level nine to find the Trawler. Coulson stays to interrogate Shaw, while Johnson goes to find Yo-Yo and Mack.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez and Mack were brought to a room for torture and. They were repeatedly beaten by the Kree guards before being rescued by Johnson. The three then kill the two Kree. After killing the Kree, they begin searching the computers, and they discover that they have time-traveled to the post-apocalyptic Earth.

On level nine, May and Simmons find and enter the Trawler. They then fly it out of the bunker, and realize they are in the future. While Coulson was interrogating Shaw, he had also discovered that they had time-traveled.[14]

After Simmons and May return from their flight, they reunite with Coulson and Shaw. They then begin to postulate ways to time-travel back to their own timeline but remain confused. Simmons, Coulson, and May then decide that they must blend in with the rest of the inhabitants of the Lighthouse in order to survive. While navigating the Lighthouse, the four ran into Tess, an inhabitant worried about Virgil. After learning of the circumstances of his death, she agreed to carry on his mission of protecting the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents by paying Shaw to continue to help them.

Shaw then joins Yo-Yo, Mack, and Johnson to bitterly help them hide the bodies of the dead Kree guards. They dump the Kree in a room on level three with the hopes of the Vrellnexians would eat the evidence.

Meanwhile, in an elevator, Tess explains to Coulson, May, and Simmons that the circumstances of the apocalypse are mostly a mystery, but there was some cataclysmic event and soon after the Kree showed up and erased all historical data and established their rule. They then arrive at the Exchange and realize their grim reality. Coulson and Tess then decide to search Virgil's room for any information, while Simmons and May remain in the Exchange.

Together, Tess and Coulson encounter Grill, the taskmaster of the Salvage. He questions them about the recently used Trawler, and learns of Virgil's death.

Once Tess and Coulson arrive at Virgil's room, they discover his journal which was used as a flight-log.

Meanwhile Simmons and May are in the Exchange, the Kree Watch decides to provide extra food for the most vulnerable inhabitants. Soon a fight breaks out over rations and one of Kasius' servants gets stabbed during the commotion. Sinara then kills the man responsible for her Kree Spheres. Simmons then proceeds to give the bleeding servant medical care, which attracts the attention of the Kree by breaking their rule of no saving lives. They then proceed to take her in to interrogate her.

Once Johnson, Rodriguez, Mackenzie, and Shaw reunite with May, Coulson and Tess, they learn of Simmons' fate. Tess and Shaw then begin to privately question whether or not if the prophecy made by the True Believers could be true.

The team then decides to steal a Kree Tablet, and to tail Shaw to figure out what he is hiding.

Johnson follows Shaw through a secret door and discovers his clandestine Framework program. She is then pulled into the program with Shaw unwillingly.

Kasius is introduced to Jemma Simmons

In Kasius' Suites, Simmons is forced to shower and present herself to Kasius. He then begins to express his fascination with her, and how she learned her medical skills. She lies to him and claims she works in Processing, but he notices the lack of Metric on her arm and becomes increasingly suspicious of her. Kasius then decides to hold another Renewal in the response to increasing resistance in the Lighthouse.

Coulson and his team then begin their plan to retrieve a Kree Tablet. Coulson begins by turning the valve and releasing hot steam to draw the attention of the Kree. While they are preoccupied, Yo-Yo uses her super-speed to retrieve the tablet without them noticing.[12]


The Kree then begin enforcing a Metric inspection for the upcoming Renewal, which prompts the team to panic and trade their loyalty to Grill for helping them to install Metrics.

When the Renewal begins, those chosen begin scrambling for weapons planted by the Kree Watch in the Exchange. This forces May and Tess to flee, and head towards the Salvage to unite with the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, at the Salvage, Grill manipulates the Metrics on Coulson, Yo-Yo, and Mack so that they are magnetically trapped on the wall. He does this to guarantee his safety during the Renewal. A man named Holt who owes a life then bursts into the Salvage looking for Grill for payment. Right before Holt is about to shoot Coulson, May arrives and disarms him. As May and Holt fight, Tess manages to steal his shotgun and kills him before he kills anyone else.

During the Renewal, Reese returned to Kasius' Suites scarred. However this upset Kasius, because he no longer looked perfect, so he could not represent him. As a result, he decided to make Sinara execute Reese and brainwash Simmons as his new Servitor.

After the Renewal had ended, the Kree entered the room to finish inspecting Metrics. Tess and the S.H.I.E.L.D. team are then left to dispose of Holt's body and fully integrate into the Lighthouse.[12]

Intergalactic Bidding

The Lighthouse was visited by numerous intergalactic beings in order to buy new Inhumans for them work as slaves. One such buyer was Lady Basha who bought Abby, an Inhuman with body density manipulation.[15]

Arrival of Leo Fitz

Leo Fitz arriving under the alias of Boshtok

Leo Fitz, who recently woke up from his seventy-year cryosleep, returned to the Lighthouse to rescue his friends. At the time of his arrival, Kasius was hosting an auction for his Inhumans and many wealthy aliens were present at the party. He posed as Boshtok, a wealthy Space Marauder alongside his new found ally Enoch.[13][3]

During the party, Enoch explained who the notable guests of the party were; first was Lady Karaba, then Senator Gaius Ponarian. After scanning the room, Fitz noticed his girlfriend Jemma Simmons on the other side of the room, posed as a servant. After approaching her from behind, he proposed unknowingly that Jemma was temporarily deaf. Afterwards, Kasius interrupted their conversation and Fitz was forced to return to his Boshtok persona.

Fitz then tricked Kasius into giving Simmons her hearing back by demanding that his needs are meant to be met. Jemma was soon sent away to see was reaped from the harvest, which left Fitz with Kasius. Kasius then explained his process for creating more Inhumans to sell at his auctions. Fitz then expressed the desire of buying the Destroyer of Worlds in an auction, much to Kasius' disbelief.

During the dinner between the wealthy aliens, Daisy was speaking to Ben about her plans for a rebellion. At the dinner table, Fitz exposed Kasius' tactics and how he controls his human population with Renewal's. During their meal, Kasius mentioned how they will all enjoy an upcoming fight to the death, and how one of his Inhumans will not make it through the night.

The first battle was one between the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May and Ben, the telepath. When May entered the room, she immediately recognized Fitz among the alien audience. As May and Ben fought viciously, Fitz and Kasius spoke about their respective fathers. Ben ultimately beat May, but May was able to get help from Ben who telepathically asked for Fitz' help.

Upon the balcony, Fitz told Kasius to let May go to the surface to be killed by the Vrellnexians. Kasius agreed and then sent May to be fed on by the roaches.

After the battle, they began to start the auction for some Inhumans. As the auction went on, Kasius declared that Ben was treacherous and deserved to be executed. Sinara then murdered Ben with her Kree Spheres, much to Daisy's horror.

Reconvening after the auction, Daisy and Jemma spoke about their bizarre circumstances and they decided to make a plan. They decided to make a move during the next arena battle when Daisy's inhibitor was turned off.

Outside, Enoch warned Fitz about the arrival of Kasius' widely-feared brother, Faulnak. Fitz then angrily approached Kasius and demanded he received the Destroyer. After scoffing, Kasius left him and Enoch was able to give him a weapon in secret.

As all the aliens gathered to the arena, Faulnak and Kasius reconvened. Faulnak then suggested that Sinara should in the arena, and Kasius reluctantly agreed.

After Daisy had knocked Sinara out, Fitz and Simmons attacked Kasius' guests present and rescued Johnson from the deathmatch. As they made their great escape, Simmons proposed to Fitz, without knowing about his proposal earlier.[16]

Terrigenesis Ceremony

Vicar begins another Terrigenesis ceremony

Flint, a 16-year-old inhabitant of the Lighthouse was selling scraps for tokens; he approached Grill to sell his only knife, and was able to use the tokens to buy himself an orange. After arriving at the Exchange, Flint was taken by the Kree Watch to pass through the Terrigen Mist for Kasius' profit. After finding out the Kasius has been breeding Inhumans to sell, Coulson, Tess rushed to Yo-Yo, and Mack with urgent news about the ceremony, aware that Flint was chosen.

At the ceremony, Tess comforted Flint by hugging him acting reassuring him that everything will be fine. The Kree then released the Terrigen Mist, and the only one that began Terrigenesis was Flint. As he transformed, Yo-Yo Rodriguez left the Exchange and used her powers to kidnap Flint after his transformation. Flints disappearance led to the confusion and panic of many residents of the Lighthouse.

The Kree Watch soon began a manhunt to find Flint. This led to Yo-Yo, Mack, Tess, Coulson, and Flint all being forced to steal the Trawler and escape the Lighthouse. As Tess looked for the Trawler keys, the Kree stopped her accusing her aiding the new fugitive. The Kree evidently didn't believe Tess' lie, as it led to her public execution at the Exchange.

Back in the Salvage, Flint complained about not having his powers yet. Yo-Yo then recounted her story about discovering her powers at first. During her story, Grill interrupted them by magnetizing their Metrics so they would be stuck on the wall.

After finding out his Trawler pilot was taken to the surface, Grill interrogated the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents about where they came from and who they actually are. Phil Coulson told him the truth, but Grill met him with disbelief as he didn't believe in the prophecy. He then started to electrocute all of them through their metrics, which caused Flint's powers to activate. Flint then began to create a boulder with his mind, and kill Grill with it.

As Mack and Coulson searched for Tess, they discovered her body hanging in the Exchange and they were forced to flee.[16]

Kree Family Drama

Faulnak takes command of the Lighthouse

When Faulnak arrived to purchase the Destroyer of Worlds, the agents had already fled the Kasius' Suites. Kasius' brother continuously mocked him for his repeated failures and also blames him for the escape of the Destroyer. Because of Jemma Simmons, Kasius sustained a cut on his face which turned into a scar much to his contempt; Faulnak, on the other hand, believed the scar should represent honor. He then ordered his best warrior, Maston-Dar to hunt the Agents down because he believed Kasius was too weak to pursue them.

Kasius and Sinara met in the corridor in his Suites', and Sinara disapproved of his weak-will when confronted by his family. Kasius then reassured her that this is all part of his plan, and begged her to continue working for him.[17]


As Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, and Quake were making their escape from the Kree, they had to stop and regroup after Johnson sustained a head injury. Suddenly, the Silencing Implant in Simmons' head started creating a painful ringing in her ears which disabled her. Fitz immediately began treating her and trying to remove the implant however, a Kree interrupted them forcing Daisy into combat. After Daisy had knocked the Kree unconscious, the three fled the room, taking one of the Kree tablets with them.

In a hallway, Fitz was leading the way to the Chronicom Vessel he arrived in. Suddenly, the ship is blown up by the Kree Watch, much to the distress of the trio. While attempting to escape through an elevator, Maston-Dar cut the power which then locked the group in it. They then were forced to escape through the elevator shaft.

After the death of Tess, Kasius kept publicly executing citizens of the Lighthouse to draw out Flint. Because of this, Coulson felt it was no longer safe for him and his team there and hence, plot to leave the Lighthouse and escape to the surface in the hopes of finding some help.

After scanning the elevator that The Destroyer of Worlds had escaped from, Maston-Dar killed an innocent man after demanding information from him. However, before he can kill the second bystander, he noticed that the agents had escaped through the elevator shaft and decided to pursue them.

Meanwhile, Flint began to feel guilty because of all the carnage that followed his escape. He then decided to demand the location of Tess; the information left him very upset, which left Mack to comfort him. Mack then encouraged Flint to use his abilities for good and to help people.

In Kasius' Suites, Faulnak and Kasius were browsing human weapons. Faulnak then claimed that firearms were for those weak people who required safety; he then said that he preferred a blade and continued to belittle Kasius for his misplaced priorities. The two then began to argue about a battle in which Kasius and Sinara had to flee to survive. The battle led to Kasius' banishment and he was then forced to run the Lighthouse.

Daisy, Fitz, and Simmons all arrived on a maintenance level where they inspected the pipes, noticing the different temperatures. Fitz then opened a metal panel that revealed the Gravitonium that fuels the artificial gravity in the Lighthouse. They were suddenly interrupted by Maston-Dar, who began firing at them with an assault rifle. He ended up shooting Fitz, and Simmons and Daisy were forced to comply with his demands. However, Daisy pushed Jemma to the side and attacked Maston until she managed to slip away with the rest of the team.

In the next room Deke Shaw was waiting for them, which infuriated Johnson. Shaw then pledged his allegiance to S.H.I.E.L.D. and recommended that the group followed his lead. Reluctantly, the group followed him because of the encroaching Maston-Dar.

Fitz alongside Simmons, Johnson, and Shaw then arrived at the Salvage Yard only to learn that the Kree Watch was still hunting them. Mack then decided to look for Flint, who had already vanished with the intent to right his wrongs.

In the Exchange, Flint used his abilities to turn a small group of pebbles into a sharp rock. He then impaled the Kree with the rock and fled the scene. Sinara then snuck up on him and knocked him out, with the intention of drawing out the agents.

Johnson then walked into the Exchange, offering herself as a distraction. Suddenly Mack and Coulson arrived and assaulted Sinara and Maston to buy enough time to escape.

Flint then began using his abilities to barricade the Salvage Yard doors with boulders to keep him and the agents safe. They, with the help of Shaw's Gravity Puck, escape to the Trawler Dockyard and Coulson alongside Fitz, Simmons and Shaw leave the Lighthouse via the Trawler. Flint, Rodriguez and Mackenzie decided to stay back in order to save the residents of the Lighthouse from the tyrannical Kree.

While on the pursuit, Sinara murdered Dar with her Kree Spheres and thus to test Kasius' loyalty reported to Faulnak. Faulnak's desire for Sinara as his warrior enraged Kasius leading him to murder his own brother in cold blood.[17]

Kasius' Retribution
The Massacre

After the escape, Kasius gathered an advisor and Sinara to find where the agents are. After figuring out they were on the surface, Kasius sent Sinara to recover Quake dead or alive. In the meantime, Kasius decided to take care of the uprisings caused by some citizens. To control his subjects, he turned off their lights and water to have them give up on the revolution started by Flint.

On the lower levels, Mack, Flint, and Yo-Yo decided to go to the lower levels to recover the weapons left by Fitz before his cryo-sleep. When walking past the Exchange, Gretchen harassed Flint for causing the revolution.

Despite the level being infested with Vrellnexians, the agents arrived at Level 3 to gain an advantage against the Kree. After Yo-Yo scouted the floor using her abilities, Flint began to question their cause. Yo-Yo comforted him but they were interrupted by a Kree who was repelling the Roaches to go to more populated areas of the Lighthouse.

After retrieving the weapons and gadgets, Yo-Yo revealed that the Roaches were gone, which meant they were in more populated areas. On Level 10, the team walked through the carnage until a Vrellnexian shrieked and began to attack Gretchen in the Salvage. Flint attempted to distract the beast while Yo-Yo and Mack shot the Roach until it died. Afterwards, they decided to steal the Vrellnexian repellent so that they can force the roaches out of the level.

After getting the repellent, the team drove all the Vrellnexans into the Salvage and Yo-Yo used her abilities to attach Splinter Bombs to all of them in a split second which killed them all.[11]


Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint united all the residents of the Lighthouse and encouraged them to work together against the Kree Watch. They, with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. tech hidden by Leo Fitz in the Lighthouse, managed to kill the Kree guards as they came to capture them. Kasius, who couldn't withstand the rebellion, revived Tess from the dead and sent her as a messenger to the rebels asking them to worship him as a God. But Tess instead chose to aid the rebels against him.

Fed up with this, Kasius decided to plant Oxygen bombs within the Lighthouse in order to threaten them. He later confronted Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint. While the trio had a conversation with Kasius, the other residents of the Lighthouse used this time to transport the Oxygen bombs to the lowest possible level of the Station. When Kasius blew the place up, he was devastated to know that the humans escaped and left the place in horror.[18]

Return to the Lighthouse

Phil Coulson and his team used the upgraded Zephyr One to return to the Lighthouse. Kasius, who was aware of their arrival beforehand because of his mysterious Seer, sent a trip to intercept the Zephyr. But the agents had already escaped using the Containment Module only leaving behind Enoch/Destroyed Earth. The team split up following their tasks, while Kasius asked his guards to find and kill every single humans on the station. Coulson and his team liberated all the residents of the Lighthouse before setting up the premise where the Time Di'Alla would open.[10]

Kasius' Seer

When Yo-Yo Rodriguez learned some Inhumans were kept captive by Kasius, she decided to go liberate them herself. When she approached a mysterious door, she followed the sound of chains crackling only to find the future version of herself chained and held captive by Kasius. She some deepest secrets and hints of what was going to happen once they left the Lighthouse before she was asked to leave the place before the Kree arrived.[10]

The Final Showdown

Kasius is killed by Alphonso Mackenzie

Mack in search of Rodriguez, arrived at the Crater where he witnessed Kasius kill her in front of him. Devastated by this he engaged himself in a fight against Kasius. But Kasius was able to overpower him easily. Just as Kasius prepared to kill Mack, Jemma Simmons inserted the Silencing Implant into the ears of Kasius distracting him momentarily and giving Mack the opportunity to stab Kasius from the back and kill him.[10]


Coulson asked Flint and Ava to leave the Lighthouse and reunite with Tess who was ready to escape to the surface using the Trawler. Enoch who was on the Zephyr, decided to use himself as a power source to trigger the Time Di'Alla. However, in doing so, he blew himself up instantly killing himself and inadvertently sending Deke Shaw back in time, as well as destroying the lower levels of the Lighthouse. Nevertheless, the agents were all able to make it back to the past in time, and the liberated remains of humanity survived to rebuild as Flint began planning to reconstruct the Earth with his powers.[10][2]

History Altered by Chronicoms

Project Insight

Lighthouse in an alternate timeline

"The launch pad at the Lighthouse. Must be where they're planning to send up the satellite."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

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Deke Squad
"This is a top-secret military facility, not a party pad for you and your friends."
Alphonso Mackenzie to Deke Shaw[src]

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Used by Future S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Design and Layout

Present Layout

The Lighthouse was built under Lake Ontario, New York with the 1970s state-of-the-art S.H.I.E.L.D. technology in order to support the whole of humanity in case of an apocalyptic event. After the Hydrogen wave crisis, the base was abandoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. and ultimately vanishing from their radar.

Basic Facilities

The base was discovered by the Chronicoms Enoch and Noah, who installed a danger monitoring station on level 1.


The base is connected to various nearby localities through underground tunnels. One such tunnel connects it with the nearby town of River's End. The base also has an underwater hangar that can hold a plane as big as Zephyr One.


The Lighthouse has two storage levels. One, the weapons storage on level 30 which contained the three Monoliths and various S.H.I.E.L.D. tech from the 1970s. This level was destroyed when the Kree Orb detonated. The other storage level consists mainly of basic necessities. This level has been multiple times affected by the rift in Space-time creating recreations of the residents fear.

Alternate 2091 Layout

The design of the Lighthouse in the future varied significantly from the present. The base was now located on a massive chunk of Earth overseen by the Kree Watch and supported the lives of the remainders of humanity. The Lighthouse was equipped with Gravitonium to produce artificial Gravity and the station was connected with various outlets that supplied oxygen for the survival of its residents.

Elite Area

Kasius, the overseer of the Lighthouse, renovated few lower levels of the base and equipped it with all comforts. This level was connected to the Gallery, a pavilion overlooking the crater. Kasius would invite his guests to watch the combats held in the Crater. This area also housed many of the captive Inhumans of the Lighthouse. The walls if this area was built using the fine grounded pieces of the Time Di'Alla and this was used by Flint to rebuild it and teleport the agents to the present.


Unlike its present version, the Lighthouse in the future was isolated from the planet and the only way in or out was through massive Spaceships. The Trawler dockyard was a renovated hangar of the present as it could hold the Zephyr One in it.

Residential Area

The upper levels of the station housed the humans. Level 3 and level 10 were the most significant ones. But due to the infestation of the deadly Vrellnexians, the third level was sealed off by the Kree Watch.

Places of Interest

  • The Gallery (alternate future): The Gallery is a pavilion overlooking the Crater. It is used to host Kasius' guests, and to view the battles held at the Crater.
  • The Exchange: The exchange is the common area where the residents of the Lighthouse meet in order to buy and sell necessities in exchange for tokens.
  • The Crater: The Crater is an arena where Inhumans are trained for combat and gladiatorial battles are held to demonstrate their powers before potential buyers.
  • Kasius' Suites (alternate future): The elite administrative area of the Lighthouse where members of the Kree Watch are housed. The suites are far more sophisticated and advanced than any other area in the Lighthouse.
  • The Salvage Yard: The Salvage yard is a waste processing yard formerly owned by Grill. The yard processed the loads collected by the Trawlers to extract their ores. After his death, the yard became a hideout for Phil Coulson's team.
  • Level 3: A sealed off level due to an infestation of Vrellnexians. It is where Fitz hid S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons in the present before he was put into stasis for Coulson's team to find in the future.
  • Level 35: The research and development area of the Lighthouse where Kree scientist experiment on Inhuman DNA and grow human babies. Level 35 is a prohibited zone for the human residents of the Lighthouse.
  • The Trawler Dockyard (alternate future): The dockyard houses specialized space crafts known as Trawlers which are used by the residents of the Lighthouse to collect space rocks and smaller fragments of what was once Earth for their ores.
  • The Basement Storage Facility: The Basement Storage Facility Is where S.H.I.E.L.D. stored 1970s state-of-the-art technology. It is also where the elite invited guests of the Lighthouse were expected to store their nonessential possessions. The Basement Storage Facility is a bunker that was built with extensive fallout shielding making it a secure place to store three Monoliths.
  • Weapon Storage Facility: Presumably establish during Project Reclamation containing various weapons ranging from hand pistols, automatic weapons, and at least on bazooka. After Glenn Talbot's Faustus programming was activated he went to the locker and retrieved a pistol in his mission to kidnap Robin Hinton.
  • Chronicom Monitoring Station: A monitoring station set up by Chronicoms to monitor strange occurrences and various potential threats without interfering with them.
  • Level 27: The level sealed off by Leo Fitz due to the Rift in Space-time. The rift generated a recreation of a forest to manifest in this level. Fitz and Jemma Simmons married each other in this level.
  • Cell Bay: The Cell Bay is the Lighthouse's prison area. After Leo Fitz's psychic spilled has he hallucinated his Framework Personality, The Doctor, Fitz was locked up in a cell in the Prison Area by Quake until his condition improves. He was later released by Jemma Simmons and Yo-Yo Rodriguez. After Sarge's Squad was captured they were imprisoned and interrogated in the cell bay by Rodriguez.


Alternate Universes

Destroyed Earth

History Altered by Chronicoms

Former Inmates

Alternate Universes


Appearances for Lighthouse

In chronological order:

Destroyed Earth Universe:

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  • In the comics, the Lighthouse is an orbital space station built by Hank Pym and Hank McCoy as the headquarters of the Secret Avengers.
  • The actual lighthouse used for the filming of exterior shots was the Portland Head Light, located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.
  • The floors of the Lighthouse are seemingly numbered in increasing order from the top to bottom, as it was originally an underground bunker. However, sometimes the residents of the Lighthouse have mistakenly noted the levels of higher number as "upstairs" instead of "downstairs".
  • In Option Two the latitude and longitude of the Lighthouse repeated by Glenn Talbot correspond to the real-world town of Sackets Harbor, New York located on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario near Watertown, New York.


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