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The Lightforce is an unstable element connected to the Darkforce that lies beneath New Orleans.



When the Roxxon Corporation discovered a peculiar mixture of both Lightforce and Darkforce elements beneath New Orleans, the company constructed an oil rig and city-spanning pipe network across the city. One day, the oil rig exploded and emitted a shock wave that had hit Tandy Bowen, giving her Lightforce-based powers.[1]

Used by Dagger

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Power Image Description
Lightforce Daggers
Dagger can generate light into dagger-like constructs powerful enough to cut through a steel safe.
Lightforce Swords
C&D210 Dagger Lightforce Sword
An upgrade of the aforementioned capability enables Dagger to generate sharp Lightforce swords.
Lightforce Spheres
C&D202 Lightforce Sphere
Dagger can create Lightforce energy spheres powerful enough to take down a moving truck.
Hope Perception
CD105 Dagger Looks Through Hope
Dagger can see the hopes and desires of anyone she touches and, if she desires, can absorb them, leaving them in a dark state of mind.
Combination with Darkforce
The combination of the Lightforce and the Darkforce has different properties. The energy was able to turn many people into Terrors, gave the despair-feeding powers to Andre Deschaine, and divided Brigid O'Reilly into two - creating Mayhem.

Combining their powers, Dagger & Cloak absorbed the leaking energies infecting New Orleans.


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