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The Lieberman Residence is the primary household of the Lieberman family in a suburban neighborhood in New York State.


Family Times

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Changed Lives

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Pete Castiglione

Returning home, Sarah Lieberman drove her van into her driveway, unknowingly forwarding the vehicle into an oncoming pedestrian. Panicking, she got out of the van and tried to aid the bearded man despite his protests that he was fine. Allowing him inside, Lieberman offered him coffee and heavily spoke about her husband.[1]

Visiting the house again, Castiglione offered to help in repairing the drainage pipe beneath the kitchen sink, aided by Leo Lieberman.[2]

A Suspicious Visitor

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As the news reported on the reappearance of Frank Castle, Sarah Lieberman and Leo Lieberman watched afraid, while Zach Lieberman pleaded that they make a report. Though the ladies comforted each other, Zach phoned a tip. Later, the Liebermans were visited by Officer Jack. As the man began to question them on the whereabouts of Castle, Sarah and Zach became anxious. Sarah signaled Leo to hide upstairs. Eventually, the two tried to escape Jack.[3]

Return to Family Life

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Appearances for Lieberman Residence

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